McCaffrey, Johnson Debate Drug Policy

  McCaffrey, Johnson Debate Drug Policy

Posted by FoM on April 23, 2001 at 12:07:00 PT
The Associated Press  
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican  

The nation's former drug czar says New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is entitled to his opinion on the drug war - but he's not entitled to his own "facts." Barry McCaffrey and Johnson, appearing Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," repeated the opinions they've expressed in the past - Johnson saying America's drug war is a failure, and McCaffrey contending the United States has made great strides in combatting drug abuse by putting hundreds of millions of dollars into treatment and education programs in addition to law enforcement. 
McCaffrey told moderator Tim Russert his office contacted Johnson's office to see where the governor got his information about drug law reform, "and the answer was Rolling Stone." McCaffrey said drug use had dropped 50 percent over the last 20 years, which Johnson disputed. The governor, who is advised on the issue by a number of drug advocacy groups, including the New York City-based Lindesmith Center, urged people to do their own research over the Internet. Johnson said the United States should follow such examples as Holland and Switzerland, which have decriminalized or legalized some drugs. He touted a program in Zurich, Switzerland, where addicts get free heroin in clinics. "I would not want to model myself after the Swiss experiment," McCaffrey responded. "It was a disaster. It's disgusting what they've done." McCaffrey and Johnson squared off in March on CNN's Inside Politics, with McCaffrey blasting Johnson for "irresponsible thinking" in pushing for changes in the nation's drug laws. On Sunday, McCaffrey pointed out that most of the drug changes Johnson pushed in the 2001 Legislature did not pass. "His package failed in his own state," he said. "He's got to listen to the people in his own state. His own prosecuting attorneys denounced him on this issue." But Johnson - who said 1.6 million people are arrested a year on drug-related charges - said it's clear the nation's drug laws must change. "We can't continue to arrest and incarcerate this country," he said. Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM)Published: April 23, 2001 Copyright: 2001 The Santa Fe New MexicanContact: letters sfnewmexican.comWebsite: Should Marijuana Be Legalized Articles - Governor Gary Johnson 

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Comment #30 posted by bombastium on April 25, 2001 at 04:42:23 PT:
April 25
(...) rigid, inflexible ideologies seem to have a way of being apparently impossible to change, right up until they do (...)— from Comment #22 posted by jorma nash on April 24, 2001Hi!I've been following with ENORMOUS INTEREST what you guys have been writing, namely the recent thread on the likelihood of sudden change in DrugWar politics.And today being April 25, I feel almost obliged to join in. You see, I'm Portuguese, and in Portugal April 25 is "Freedom Day", a national holiday. The point here being that I can't think of a better example of jorma nash's view than than what the April 25 Portuguese holiday celebrates.In April 24 1974 (I was 23 at the time), Portugal went to sleep living in a fascist regime, complete with official press censorship, secret police, outlawed parties and unions, etc., plus three simultaneous colonial wars going on in Africa. This regime had been in place for 48 years, and although signs that the status quo was doomed were everywhere, the fact is, believe me, April 24 1974 was just another day — there was no indication whatsoever that any kind of significant change was imminent in Portugal. Much less overnight change.But that's what happened. To put it succintly, before the next day, April 25, was over, the people who had been up til then in power in Portugal were in prison or fleeing the country, and the political prisoners or exiles of the previous day were the new leaders of the country. This was the start of the "carnation revolution" that brought western style democracy to Portugal. (I would say that none were more surprised by the events than PIDE, the regime's secret police.)So I'm very happy to be here as a living witness that radical change can indeed happen literally overnight! Indeed, that's the way change will happen if it's not allowed to be brought about any other way.My view is that we've already won, as much as antifascist exiles and prisoners had already won in Portugal long before April 25 1974 — that doesn't mean that the death spasms of the mighty dinosaur still won't wreck great havoc among the little mammals...
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Comment #29 posted by nl5x on April 24, 2001 at 19:19:19 PT
more-on mccaffreys lies
Thanks for the crossfire link fom.McCaffrey's errors are not limited to a few isolated incidents, but span a wide range of issues over a period of years. For example9. Editorial: Saying Goodbye (and Good Riddance) to a Drug Czar
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Comment #28 posted by zion on April 24, 2001 at 18:42:01 PT
Keeping the faith
I tend towards the pessimistic side much like the esteemed dddd, however the comments in this thread have been quite thought-provoking. It has fostered a genuine sense of optimism within myself that maybe this insane War on Cannabis Users could truly "snap" in the blink of an eye. Kaptinemo, I sincerely hope and pray that this is the real dawn of a new age and the tower of Babylon is about to crumble. A lot of damage has been done to our sacred liberty in this country and only a "snap" could slingshot it back into place.Trusting Jah and keeping the faith,-z
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Comment #27 posted by FoM on April 24, 2001 at 17:59:32 PT
Transcript: CNN CrossFire
Transcript: CNN CrossFire: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?Pubdate: Fri, 20 Apr 2001Source: CNN (US)Show: CNN Crossfire 19:30Contact: Crossfire cnn.comWebsite: Jake Tapper, Tucker CarlsonGuests: Gary Johnson, Robert MaginnisCopyright: 2001 Cable News Network, Inc. A Time Warner CompanyActivists gather in Washington to fight for the legalization of marijuana. Why has one prominent office holder joined the fight for legalization? ANNOUNCER: Tonight: Activists gather in Washington to fight for the legalization of marijuana. Should pot be legal, and why has one prominent office holder joined the fight for legalization? From Washington, CROSSFIRE. On the left, Bill Press; on the right, Robert Novak. In the CROSSFIRE: Republican Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico; and Robert Maginnis, Family Research Council vice president. Transcript: CNN CrossFire: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?URL:
What's New
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Comment #26 posted by jAHn on April 24, 2001 at 11:18:22 PT
To All of The *mists in this thread
 I find it very relieving to see that some of you posters feel that we're making change possible right from this site. Well Done--Well Done!!I can only agree to say that Libertarian thoughts tend to forge "what's cool" in the mainstream. Not totally, just in very short-handed fashion. You know, and I'm sure that you can tell when the anti's get most of the play on these shows, abbreviation. The Liberal Press people have a tendency to grab the Major Media's attention with certain issues and smear them into their close-minded faces. Thankfully, censorship is no longer a big Trend!'Cause the Independant Press is Growing. And with Growth, ultimately comes A "bigger voice box"- to yell as loud, if not louder, to the many millions of Deranged, misguided, pimped-for-life "Americans." Think I'm "far out in left field?" Open your mind to the Liberal Press and the Credibility it has potential for. Watch the news after you've read/skimmed through many varied topics, including the "Konservatist" rags...  Notice the difference in "Coverage?"Try it some time---It's like a New Drug! Notice where the influence comes from?Keep your eyes to the prize and NEVER SHUT UP... it's what people wanted with Alcohol/Liquor...and it's what they want with Cannabis... Good thing we have True, Genuine, Humane and Community-Minded Folk such as: 1)Jack Herer 2)Woody Harrelson 3)Dr. Lester Grinspoon 4)Louis Armstrong (r.i.p.-Still with me!) 5)Dr. Ethan Russo to name a Few, on our side, fighting for the Good of Goodness...Thankfully, once again... The Bright people who post here, as I seem to find myself most Grateful for- every differing day- constantly fill my utter-most-confidence in the words that come from you! Thanks for Lending the Help, although you may be unaware. As kaptinemo stated, I feel the same, Lots of us are tired of simply being treated like a criminal because of the simple, indifferent fact that Us cannabis tokers are Treated WORSE than the people- and at Greater Numbers- than the folk who were Sacrificed- for heresy- by The Spanish Inquisition!!!  Hopefully we won't need a tragedy as Hughmongous as The Holocaust to show that "We're Not ALL Criminal-Minded!" I really have confidence that the atmosphere is changing. It feels the same when any new Administration is in the Shite House. What makes me the most Pessimistic, since the Media/Corps. that REALLY elected the new, Conservative administration, is the Perpetuated Truth that Situation doesn't really change---just the light that its' covered under. Life feels like its' getting a little brighter.---hope I'm right, 'cause I can't F**King Wait to Meet up with you all and ask, "Who wants to light?"  this Oz-full-Spliff?Pass it around for EVERYONE!!!  This is what's going to have to be done in Washington, D.C....  A Massive "Lighting of the J!"  A pass-it-round circle. Mouth pieces included for 21st Cen. hygienic-care, of course!  Think of the Gathering that'd attend...The appearance in Pictures... America has so MUCH potential...why don't people just   Come Together?
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Comment #25 posted by kaptinemo on April 24, 2001 at 09:03:42 PT:
The importance of morale
'Esprit de Corps'. Sisu. "Fighting spirit" "Gutter-devil"It's got a lot of names, but always the same meaning.If I didn't believe that eventually we will win, I'd have quit trying long ago. But since coming 'here', I've learned a lot. I've 'met' a lot of truly decent, hard-working, ordinary everyday people, some in person. People who never once deserved the epithet of 'criminal'. And people who are damned tired of being treated as such.Every revolution starts with the words, "I won't". 'I won't' continue to be a good little sheep. 'I won't' quietly acquiesce to wrongdoing, no matter who says it's 'legitimate'. 'I won't' stand idly by while the sick and dying are being incarcerated for using a relatively harmless plant. "I won't be a party to State sanctioned murder of innocents!"Every post made here by someone who previously lurked is a plus. Every post that answers a pathetically intellectually outgunned anti that has the temerity to show up here and fart their rhetoric is a plus. Every post that causes someone to realize that their liberties are on the corporate auction block, to be sold to fabulously wealthy Brookes Brother's-suited versions of common pimps at the highest price, by 'their' own (Judas Goat) public servants, and stirs them to action, is a plus.It shows the antis that we are indeed alive and kicking...and aiming those feet towards something they consider as vital as their 'family jewels'. Namely, their legitimacy as organizations. Just bringing these formerly sacred cows out into the light (where people can see for themselves how disease-ridden with corruption and arrogance they are) and then asking if we should continue to support them when they haven't made a single appreciable dent in the drug trade since their inception causes otherwise uninterested people to wonder. And start asking the same kind of questions that we have been asking all along.And you want to know something? Our very presence is discouraging to them. They now see us as a threat, a very serious one. Don't believe me? Then look at this: of the DEA are griping about George Soro's support for Prop215...and are trying to get him deported! They are scared spitless of democratic initiatives, telling each other the American people are stupid for voting for them...and they are advocating suspending the Constitution to go after us! Don't take my word for it, go look for yourself.Would they be so scared to write this on a public site if they didn't think we have a chance? Nope; they'd try to do what they were previously able to do for so long...studiously ignore us. We are having an impact, people!I've said all along that the smarter antis know the jig is up, and are trying to play rearguard. They try to sound like the font of sweet reason in shifting their dialogue from (growling guard dog) "Lock the b*****ds up!" to (speaking softly and gently) "Treatment, treatment, treatment!" so they can continue to make money from their beloved WoSD. And continue to try to apply their jackboots to our throats.But the play is about over, and time for the masks to come off...and all those people who luke-warmly supported the DrugWar are starting to see what their tax dollars have bought. Namely, trigger happy fighter jocks (such brave men, firing on an unarmed puddle-jumper!) shooting and killing innocent women and children. Like Jorma, I tend to believe we will not see a long denouement but a short, sharp break. There's simply too much pressure building up, now. Critical mass is approaching...and I wouldn't want to be an anti standing in the blast zone when 'enough' finally does become "ENOUGH!".Hang in there friends; this is not a false dawn like we had in the 70's. Their time has come and gone. It's our time, now.
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Comment #24 posted by dddd on April 24, 2001 at 07:01:11 PT
Dan,I hope you didnt get the idea that I was suggesting youare overly optimistic from my #14 ramble....;"Enuff of the positive,and on to the negative;"was meant as a seperate rant commentary,after I commended your observation....I have a wandering and somewhat akward style.As for optimism and pessimism,,There are times when either or both are appropriate.I personally prefer the pessimistic outlook.I expect the worst.It's much safer thanexpecting thing to be good.....The pessimist,who expects the worst is able to maintaina brighter outlook,because if things go bad,like you thought they would,then you getthe satisfaction of being right,and you can say,"told ya so",to all the cheery optomists.If things turn out great,then you are happy to be wrong,and you can join the optimistin celebration of good......The optimist,however,who entertains fragile and iffy hopes,willeventually come around,and see the wisdom of pessimism............As for me,personally,,,,,,,I'm a Bi-optipest,,or a uni-poptimist...,,and an offtopicist....Keep on keepin' on.......dddd
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Comment #23 posted by Anonymous on April 24, 2001 at 06:55:00 PT
snap, crackle, pop
"o there's my prediction: the WoSD will continue to seem to be untouchable, and will finally and suddenly snap with a speed that will surprise even us."It will be America herself that snaps, not merely her drug war. Because Americans value their drug war more than their freedom, more than their very lives. Plain facts are not enough, nor will the face of decline and disaster be enough to dissuade Americans from their drug war. It is psychologically impossible for America to give up her drug war.When the American psychology snaps - the psychology that arises from unchallenged economic and military dominance - then Americans' unquestioning confidence that their own morals are always wiser and better than other's morals will "snap" and the drug war will snap. This will happen when a foreign power coalition clearly demonstrates to the world, as for example by the ejection of the American navy from the Pacific, that America is no long First and is no longer all-powerful. If American people allow the same patriot poseurs to remain in power, then those leaders will go to war and lose in major way - not in a small way as in Vietnam (a loss ), Desert Storm ( a draw )or Korea ( draw ) - rather than give up their doomed psychology of military and moral hegemony. The "writing on the wall" is imperceptible to Americans until their heads are slammed against it. Dumb.
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Comment #22 posted by jorma nash on April 24, 2001 at 05:58:06 PT:
and ANOTHER another thing
to Dan B again: who accused you of being 'overly optimistic?'not me.Dan B: "At times, I get so overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of the war on drug users that I have to force myself into optimism just to function properly."i could have wrote this myself. i try to post my optimistic comments, but keep my pessimistic comments to myself.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dan B: "When I say "soon" in the above quotation, I do not mean to suggest "overnight.""everybody's probably seen (and perhaps getting sick of) my customary sig line - the hummingbird flying to mars comment by the was made three years before the end of alcohol prohibition.also consider the collapse of the Soviet Union,i'm led to believe even the CIA had no clueabout it a week before it point being: rigid, inflexible ideologies seem to have a way of being apparently impossible to change, right up until they do.think of breaking, say, a pencil in apply greater and greater pressure,nothing seems to be happening, the pencil doesn't really bend,until suddenly it snaps.i think the WoSD will be the same way.fortunately, the prohibitionists will be too pig-headedto tone down their ideology in the face of shifting public opinion,and so they will be completely there's my prediction: the WoSD will continue to seem to be untouchable, and will finally and suddenly snap with a speed that will surprise even us.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~not even a year ago, back in my lurker days, i used to dread coming to this site,to find out what the latest tragedy in the WoSD, i look forward to coming here,to find out who is the latest official or columnistto come out against the war....things are changing faster than we sometimes realize, i think.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ there is no such thing as false hope. 
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Comment #21 posted by jorma nash on April 24, 2001 at 05:23:04 PT:
and another thing...
just watched the short clip:the moderator concludes with"thank you for a civilized debate"and i agree it pains me greatly to say any kind word about McCaffrey,but at one point he mentions heplans to endorse reform of NY Rockefeller laws.(if we can believe him.)wow, if even the former Drug Czar is admittingthere is such a thing as 'too far'the insanity known as Rockefeller's days are surely numbered.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the moderator asks McCaffrey's opinion about the War on Drugsand he quickly trots out his cancer metaphor...tell the non-violent people who wake up to see semiautomatic weapons thrust in their childrens faces that it's not a war.tell the survivors of the Peru plane crash it's not a war.1.6 million prisoners taken every year, but it's not a war.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dan B (back at comment #12) seems afraid he's rambling on too long...are you kidding? i considered that expert ramble on as long as you like.
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Comment #20 posted by JJM on April 24, 2001 at 04:54:55 PT
Drug War IS Treason
If you follow Barry McCaffrey's statements closely, as I have you'll notice a pattern. On one side of his mouth, he claims that marijuana users need "treatment" for their substance abuse, on the other side of his mouth, he suspends debate whenever challenged with facts, ignores peer reviewed studies that conflict with his personal opinions about pot, admits he knows nothing about bongs, and is quoted as willing to see a journalist in jail if he turned out to be under the influence. McCaffrey would rather see your kids on Prozac, Ritalin, tobacco and alcohol than smoke a joint."Backpedal" Barry wants you to believe he is a righteous, moral individual crusading against the evils of drugs. But he continually ignores or suppresses the truth about cannabis. The truth is cannabis never killed. School shootings almost invariably involve legal prescription drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. It is time to expose WoD as fraud, because DRUG WAR IS TREASON
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Comment #19 posted by Dan B on April 24, 2001 at 04:33:24 PT:
On Being Overly Optimistic
I realize that I can be over-optimistic at times (for example, "This is the kind of incremental victory that will soon lead to a massive overhaul of America's destructive drug policies"). Allow me to explain:At times, I get so overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of the war on drug users that I have to force myself into optimism just to function properly. I have a tendency to get quite depressed about all of this, and I have to focus on the positive in order to muddle through.When I say "soon" in the above quotation, I do not mean to suggest "overnight." But, I believe that the media's current focus on the war on drug users will serve to further our cause among the general populace. People--some, but not all--will be stunned out of their complacency and begin to question the motives and reasoning of their government. But the government will refuse to listen. And there will ultimately be a revolution.I am not certain what shape the revolution will take, but I am convinced that it will occur. It may take the shape of public protests on the order of the recent WTO and Summit of the Americas protests. It may take the form of a massive turning-out, through recalls and votes, of political incumbents who favor current drug policies. It may take the form of an armed rebellion. And it may encompass all three of these, and more. One thing is certain: it will happen.As the government continues to subvert the will of the people, the people will revolt. But I believe that "We the People" are stronger than "They the Government." Keep the pressure on; we are slowly winning.I believe that our job here is to remain vocal, keep sending out those letters to congresspersons and newspapers, and keep pushing this issue into the faces of all Americans. I believe we will, in the next few years, approach critical mass on this issue, and when we do, expect the drug war to crumble under the weight of public pressure . . . whatever form that pressure may take.Dan B
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Comment #18 posted by jorma nash on April 24, 2001 at 04:30:57 PT:
The nation's former drug czar says New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is entitled to his opinion on the drug war - but he's not entitled to his own "facts."HA!oh, yes, barry, let's get into a debate about what the 'facts' really are, mr. netherlands-has-four-times-as-many-murders-as-US. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"There is as much chance of repealing the 18th Amendment as there is for a hummingbird to fly to the planet Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail."------------Morris Sheppard, the congressman from Texas who co-sponsored the original legislation, in 1930.(alcohol prohibition ends: 1933)
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Comment #17 posted by The GCW on April 24, 2001 at 04:11:27 PT
Don't wait
Rambler, right on...Folks, don't wait till you get busted to start to speak out. It may give more credability to the cause to speak out now.
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Comment #16 posted by Rambler on April 24, 2001 at 03:19:12 PT
Us Guys
Marijuana loves barr sez;"If you guys can make this shit legal, please do it... not for the sake of Barry McScary, but for the sake of the millions who are suffering..."The problem is that we need more "guys" like you to join usin our quest to "make this shit legal".  I mean we appreciatethe encouragement and all,but as long as people who know thetruth,but are too sheepish,or chicken to join us in speaking out,and doing what we can,then things will not change. There are far too many wimps out there,who think that us "guys"are going to handle this shit for them.We need all the "guys" we can get.  Wake up! join the struggle.Become a warrior for freedom and sanity.  Speak out!  Dont be shy!
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Comment #15 posted by marijuana loves barr on April 24, 2001 at 03:02:40 PT
barry is very very sick.he brings "kids" in this to try and justify the illegalization of marijuana. What an IDIOT!Even if marijuana KILLED people, it should still be legal, but I've NEVER heard of it killing ANYONE, except for these one people, but that came from an UNcredible source, and I choose NOT to believe it. (it did not come from an anti, though)Anyway, it makes me sick to think that marijuana is SO NICE, that it would even make barry feel good. I wish it would just give him a bad reaction or something, so when he smokes it, it will do everything he's ever said it would do, but to him, instead of the imaginary people in his head.Barry should get some fucking respect for this god damn natural plant that is here for us to do whatever the FUCK we want with! I'm getting so sick of this stupid fucking drug war, and to tell the truth, it's NOT a war. A war is something you can win. There's no way to win this thing. The government has jumped us and tied us up and now ther'ye gonna use us until we have nothing left. If you guys can make this shit legal, please do it...not for the sake of Barry McScary, but for the sake of the millions who are suffering...Why does it even have to be legal?Why can't we all just say "NO MORE!"Why can't we just start a revolution and get EVERYONE who smokes weed to overcome all the idiots who are overcoming us right now?When will we wake up and take REAL action against all these theives? I can't see it EVER happening. If it DID happen, the world would be SUCH a better place, that it would seem almost "too good to be true"and when life is that good, it would get boring.We need the evil government here as part of the balance that keeps us from getting sick of the good things. Anyway, if you don't believe what i'm saying, then just take a minute to think about all the bad things that happen to you, and then think of where they originated, and you'll see that 99% of our problems come straight from the government. 
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Comment #14 posted by dddd on April 24, 2001 at 01:51:23 PT
Proffessor DanB
 Dont ever "shut up"!You make many outstanding observations.Among them is;  >" The press is obviously getting huge bumps in viewership when they address drug policy issues;"I never really thought about it,but it's true.More and more people arecurious as to how the new administration will approach the issue.Hopefully,this will prove to be a beginning to the end of drug war insanity.........Enuff of the positive,and on to the negative;...Recent events do not makethe forecast too bright,when it comes to any realistic reform of drug policies,In fact,,just the opposite seems more likely.These Republicans,,and Democatsare going to continue with the corporate gang-bang of the Americam majority.First the "Power Crisis" fake out,next,,just watch,,in the next few month,theprice of gas will go up to about $2.50 or $3.00.The public will be primed upfor the fiasco,by the corporate medias national captive audience show....Therewas a big refinery fire tonight in LA.All four networks local news included a"warning",that this could cause gas prices to go up........Just watch,,,Thisgovernment is out of control.It answers to no one,unless they got the CASH,or FAME,to play in the big I'll shut up......dddd
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Comment #13 posted by New Mexican on April 24, 2001 at 01:29:31 PT
McCaffrey is working for us...
by making stupid remarks and personal attacks that are un-convincing. It's as though his feces reject gravity andeminate semi-unconsciously. Has anyone noticed the physical/facial phenomena. Excuse me, but Barry and bush are so repulsive, such death culture 'winners', I have to wonder what fate they have to look forward to politically.(Dan Qualye as the next George Bush) Gary Johnson is a manof common sense and contrasts' sharply with any 'anti' he has debated. The best thing is he's a maverick republicanand gives cover to weak-willed demos (except B.Frank or the Black caucus). His sense of timing couldn't be better, on the heels of Traffic and news revenues boosted from the good ratings as pointed out here earlier. We're here, we're stoned, we're not going away!
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Comment #12 posted by Dan B on April 24, 2001 at 00:45:27 PT:
Thanks, nl5x
I didn't get a chance to see Meet the Press earlier, so I was glad to see a link to the video clip you gave us here.I did watch Governor Johnson's visit to Washington Journal this morning, and I was extremely impressed with the following:1. He was allowed to speak for almost an entire hour.2. The commentator was fair and nonjudgemental (this is a rare quality for television, as we all know).3. Every single caller was in favor of Governor Johnson's message. This sends a powerful signal to the people watching that we are not some "fringe" group--that we are, indeed, in the majority.4. Governor Johnson was articulate and self-effacing. He did not set himself up as a hero--just a guy who wants people to know the truth. The only people suggesting he is a hero were the callers, which is as it should be (One of the callers suggested that he should run for president, and Governor Johnson was clearly flattered and a bit embarrassed at the notion).The Meet the Press segment also had several strong points. I think that Tim Russert was fair, for one. I also think that Governor Johnson did an outstanding job of getting out the message, and any truly honest person watching the program would have to concede that all of Barry McCaffrey's comments boiled down to attacking the person. According to McCaffrey, Johnson's entire legislative package was a failure (it was not; Johnson managed to pass six of the twelve measures he and the panel suggested--a remarkable achievement given the political climate on this issue), Johnson's office said he received his information from Rolling Stone (Johnson said he spoke with several different officials from Holland and Switzerland, and he has made it very clear that the information is on the Internet), and that Johnson was making up his own facts (coming from McCaffrey, that's a compliment. If I were Johnson, I would have turned around and said that if I were playing fast and loose with the facts, I learned it from McCaffrey). Johnson is not a politician (the only office he has held is Governor of New Mexico), and he doesn't appear to have a great deal of experience with debate. Still, I think that his charm combined with the key points he continues to address in each of these television appearances will go a long way toward educating people about the truth.Let's face it: for many people this is a very emotional issue. Many who agree with prohibition have lost friends and family to drug overdoses, for example, and many of these people understandably blame these deaths on the drugs rather than the laws that create situations in which people die from drug overdoses (inconsistent quality, adulterations, unregulated distribution). Governor Johnson is taking the time to say, "Look, the drugs themselves are going to be there. What can we do, then, to reduce the chances that they will cause harm?" I think this approach will bring many people around to the truth because they will finally hear what the government has suppressed for so many years now: drugs can be a problem, but a bigger problem is the way our country has chosen to deal with drugs. Johnson's recent blitz of television appearances suggests that this is an issue that has finally hit its stride. Everyone in the press seems eager to talk about drug policy, and many are slowly coming around to the idea that change needs to be made. The press is obviously getting huge bumps in viewership when they address drug policy issues; otherwise, they wouldn't be so eager to air these ideas. This isn't just the "Flavor of the Month." I think these issues will continue to attract increasingly large audiences, and I think that it will not go away until some positive changes are made (and for a while afterward). In the sense that it is an issue that has finally met its stride in the mainstream, drug policy is this generation's abortion issue. One more thing (I know--I'm going on forever): the transcripts from the episode Hardball with Chris Matthews (found elsewhere on C-News) in which Johnson was a guest did not do justice to the tone of the piece. Matthews was decidedly in favor of Joe Califano's position, true, but he seemed to be somewhat swayed by Governor Johnson's message as well. This is the kind of incremental victory that will soon lead to a massive overhaul of America's destructive drug policies.Okay, I'll shut up now.Dan B
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Comment #11 posted by SuperSToner on April 23, 2001 at 20:25:09 PT
This guy is a loose screw, blinded by his own lies, i really dont understand how any one could hold a office such as drug czar. This man refuses to face the truth, his numbers are way off and i am glad his ass aint in control no more Gary Johnson is a much greater man for havin the balls to bring this issue public and i really think that he is one of few politicans who i would like to see stick around. If only he had more support from other policticans
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on April 23, 2001 at 20:02:29 PT
Hi nl5x, Thank you that makes seeing these so much easier. I would have missed the one you posted. 
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Comment #9 posted by nl5x on April 23, 2001 at 19:30:06 PT
small clip from meet the press
McCaffrey and Johnson talk drugs
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Comment #8 posted by FoM on April 23, 2001 at 18:22:58 PT
Video - Governor Johnson on Washington Journal
Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if this link will work for very long so I recommend viewing the video fairly quickly if you are interested. Monday, April 23, 2001Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) WatchWashington, DCLength: 1 hr.
What's New
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Comment #7 posted by legalizeit on April 23, 2001 at 16:34:22 PT
Great debate
I just caught the debate while channel surfing Sunday morning. It was great! The thing that stuck out in my head was McCreepy refuting Johnson's assertions about successful European drug models by suggesting he refer to NIDA and DEA information. That's like saying, For truthful information on chemical pollution, refer to the records at Monsanto, or, a religious person saying, "To prove that the contents of the Bible are true, refer to the Bible." Textbook example of circular reasoning. These organizations have a vested interest in prohibtion, and will be either disbanded or severely curtailed once prohibition dies once and for all. Of course they will stretch the truth to justify their continued funding.I liked Johnson's statement, "[Legalization] is going to happen, no question. But do we want to wait another 80 years for it to happen?"
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Comment #6 posted by dddd on April 23, 2001 at 16:32:57 PT
Classic McCaffrey
 I watched the Meet the Press item.Governor Johnson made alot ofgood points,but Barry really put on a dazzling display of false statements,and twisted statistics.It was sickening.....But the most disgustingastonishment came,when the former czar was asked about the murderof the mom and baby in Peru.He made the usual mildly apologetic comment,and immediatly followed it up with some assinine blurb about drugs killingtens of thousands of Americans every year.It was the typical,classic,insensitivesweeping the murder under the carpet,,and unfortunatly,that's where thisMURDER will end up,as it gets buried and obscured by the media,amidst"conflicting"reports of what actually happened.......ddddisgusted
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on April 23, 2001 at 15:10:27 PT

Governor Johnson on MSNBC
I just received a phone called and was told that Governor Johnson is coming up on MSNBC. I hope some of you see this and catch the program. Thought I'd pass it on!
What's New
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Comment #4 posted by JT420 on April 23, 2001 at 14:25:43 PT

The stuff he expects us to believe w/o thinking...
>Come on. Looking to the DA's office for opinions about the Drug War is like asking the oil companies if we should develop a water-fueled car. You will never get a straight answer out of someone who is financially married to the issue you are asking about.That Mccaffrey expects people to buy that as a reason for continuing the drug war really shows how stupid and/or inattentive he thinks Americans are. 
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Comment #3 posted by Dankhank on April 23, 2001 at 12:56:33 PT:

Evil Liar
Is it possible that McCraperty never went to Europe as a normal person? some would say that he was NEVER normal.Where has he been?I have lived in Europe and travelled there alot so I KNOW that he is full of Bovine Fecal Matter.The Europeans must be laughing their collective asses off to hear this killer suggest that he has made even the tiniest dent in the problem he claims to have improved on.Yes he is a killer. Witness the reports of the battle he "won" against unarmed, retreating Iraqis TWO DAYS after Desert Storm was OVER!!!!! General ... you do pertty good against helpless folks, like the sick and infirm who just want to use marijuana to live peacefully. F*cking Bully, you are ...So he is disgusted by the Swiss model regarding Heroin? I am disgusted to think that HE thinks that HIS disgust has any bearing on the matters at hand. So F*cking What???I am disgusted by Gen. Barry McCraperty. Can he not disappear from here?go the f*ck away somewhere else ... Go to Slobodan Milosevic, you and he make a pretty pair, Take Gnewt with you, he looks like he is a cousin of Slobodan, anyway ...Take Bob Barr with you. the list goes on and on ...All you evil people just got the f*ck out of the land of the free, since you think freedom is only what YOU want it to be ...Go the f*ck away ... We are disgusted by you all .....
hemp n stuff
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Comment #2 posted by kaptinemo on April 23, 2001 at 12:35:15 PT:

An old military saying
Which I am sure McCaffrey is more than a little familar with:"Opinions are like a**holes; evrybody has one, and they all smell.McCaffrey will, until his dying day, continue to mouth what amounts to opinions. And strenuously avoid the facts:Fact: The number of children using cannabis increased.Fact: The US experienced the highest number of incarcerated individuals of any democratic nation.Fact: The quality of illicit drugs rose, the quality increased, and the prices plummeted. Fact: On the West Coast, during one interdiction operation, officials seized over 2 Billion dollars of illicit drugs, property and cash. Within 2 weeks, the street price, instead of rising precipitously (as the DrugWarriors are forever expecting to because of their efforts) actually dropped. And the purity and quantity remained the same. Hardly an indication of success.And all of this happened on his watch.With facts like these staring him in the face, no wonder he tries to substitute personal attacks and vague generalities for open debate and intellectually honest discourse.To do anything else is to entertain the idea that he has failed. Not a great way to end a career...especially when you want to 'double-dip' and get a new job:(I can just imagine the job interview: Mr. McCaffrey, I see that you used to be the DrugCzar. Tell me: did you win the War on Drugs? Did you complete the tasks that you were originally hired for? How would you describe you management style? Did many of your people (70%!!!) leave because of it? Finally, what impact did you have upon the situation that you were hired to solve?(0%)See what I mean? as much a seeming reductio ad absurdum this sounds, Barry can only look to more of the same kind of questions he so gracelessly dodged when he was sucking on the Fed teat.
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Comment #1 posted by jAHn on April 23, 2001 at 12:22:21 PT

Gov. Johnson Silenced the Mad Dog.
I enjoyed watching the Hon. Gary Johnson turn Barry McCaffry into the Space Cadet that he is! I thought it was entirely funny when Gary Johnson started to talk about the Dutch and Swiss Methods/Policies... "mad Dog" was nodding his head Like he was agreeingBut then... When asked about his "opinon/fact" he Blurts out the Name calling and slipped back into his Prohibitionist Shell that safeguards him to tout Crap like, "Get tough on Marijuana...for the Kids' sake." Any Intelligently thinking, humane individual can tell you and point to the very fact that was conclusive to the Prohibitionism of Alcohol/Liquer---Legalizing the substances! Taking the Criminality and Malignancy that is derived from Harsh-Draconian-style Penalties that only apply to Some of the Population, namely the Poor of the Eastern/Western coasts...and NOT the center. Why Not?Why   Not?
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