DrugSense Weekly, January 19, 2001 # 183

DrugSense Weekly, January 19, 2001 # 183
Posted by FoM on January 19, 2001 at 17:08:44 PT
Aiding And Abetting Republicans? - Harry Browne
Source: DrugSense
The Republicans never run out of excuses, never run out of reasons you have to vote for them, never run out of ways to betray you and still expect you to support them.George W. Bush didn't make a single proposal that would make government smaller, less expensive, less intrusive or less oppressive. But we were told we had to vote for him; otherwise, Al Gore would destroy Western Civilization as we know it.
Let's defend a bad nomination. Now that he's been elected, George Bush has demonstrated how little he cares about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by choosing for his Cabinet Republicans who have long careers of promoting big government.One of the worst choices is John Ashcroft for attorney general. Ashcroft is a drug warrior of the first rank, a man who believes your constitutional liberties must take a back seat to the government's futile effort to stop some other people from taking drugs. But the Ashcroft nomination has run into opposition from Democrats and left-wing groups who object to Ashcroft's anti-abortion beliefs, and who say he's a racist because he voted against confirming a black judge. So the Republicans ask us to come to Ashcroft's defense -- regardless of your feelings about him -- in order to support George Bush and prevent the lefties from intimidating him.As columnist Bill Murchison put it, "Because letting Ashcroft down at this point -- irrespective of his merits, which in fact are considerable -- would amount to hanging a 'kick me' sign on the presidential derriere. It wouldn't be the last time someone took him up on the offer."In other words, let's continue the pattern of having an attorney general who disregards the Constitution -- if it's necessary to ward off the evil leftists. And while we're at it, let's show George Bush we'll support his mistakes as strongly as his achievements (if there ever are any). Let's Also Defend Bad Laws:Then there was the aborted Linda Chavez nomination. Chavez was accused of taking an illegal alien into her home. Once again, we were told we must circle the wagons and support the Bush selection -- or else the Democrats will know they can walk all over him.In this case the argument was that Chavez was acting as a humanitarian -- helping a battered, homeless woman. Mona Charen has contrasted this situation with the problems Bill Clinton's nominees had in 1993: "Chavez's situation is being compared to that of Zoe Baird, President Clinton's first nominee to head the Justice Department. But Baird was found to have been an abusive employer who was clearly taking advantage of an illegal alien couple. She was paying them a pittance and forcing them to work long hours. She paid no Social Security taxes for them." So the Republican Chavez was acting out of good motives; the Democrat Baird was bad.No mention is made, or will be made, of the libertarian principle that none of this should be the province of government -- that the government shouldn't decide whom you can take into your home, that the government shouldn't decide what you must pay someone who works for you, that the government shouldn't force you to pay taxes into a fraudulent retirement scheme, that it's no business of the government what you and a consenting adult agree to. Instead, Republicans were defending Linda Chavez by implying that these governmental intrusions are important, and that Linda Chavez abided by them faithfully.What should you do? So who should you support in these skirmishes? Neither. You don't have to join either side. These aren't your battles, so don't get sucked into them. If freedom is your goal, don't be sidetracked by petty disputes between the entrenched parties -- each trying to use anything available to score points off the other. Whether or not George Bush wins these initial scuffles, government is going to get bigger, more expensive, more intrusive and more oppressive. Save your energy and your emotional involvement to fight for what you really want -- greater liberty, much smaller government, and a return to the Constitution -- not for what George Bush, the Republicans, or the Democrats want. Harry Browne was the 2000 Libertarian presidential candidate. More of his articles can be read at: & The views above do not necessarily reflect those of DrugSense or any other organization or individual.Click the link to read all of DrugSense Weekly's News Bulletin.DrugSense Weekly, January 19, 2001 # 183 Weekly, January 12, 2001 #182 Weekly, January 5, 2001 # 181 MapInc. Archives 
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on January 26, 2001 at 18:51:14 PT:
DrugSense Weekly, January 26, 2001 #184
A Little Format ChangeBy Mark Greer, DrugSense Executive Director As you may have noticed, we have decided to change the format of the DrugSense Weekly Newsletter a little. Beginning with this issue, we now lead with our "This Just In" section of significant news clippings, too fresh for analysis, followed by the "Weekly News in Review". The "Feature Article" has been moved toward the end of the issue.We hope these changes highlight and improve access to the most important news and insightful analyses.As the drug policy news was very heavy this week we are only offering this abbreviated version of the Feature Article in this issue. As always your ideas and feedback on these modifications are welcome. DrugSense Weekly, January 26, 2001 #184
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Comment #4 posted by NiftySplifty on January 20, 2001 at 19:14:56 PT
Pass one over here, dddd...
I happened to see a headline "George W. Bush 43rd President".'s just sickening.Here is a link for all those who want to end the Republocrats' reign of terror. It deals with a pending case to be taken to the Supreme Court ending the unfair stranglehold on the electoral process.Thanks, again Harry Browne.Nifty...Esta noche, cena Pancho.
Real Campaign Reform
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Comment #3 posted by dddd on January 20, 2001 at 03:46:11 PT
agree & disagree
Robbie is right on.The masses who are upset by the coup of 2000,should let their voces be heard.I heartily agree......But when it comes to; " It is not saying you wont supprt G Dubya,",,,that I have a problem with. Al Gore,and the imperial media,tried to say stuff like,"let's rally around our new prezident",,,words like "healing",and "uniting",,,"coming together as a nation",,acceptance,,,,,WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!...I will never support this idiot imposter ,Alfred E. Newman,,Howdy-Doody,f**king phony puppet treasonous A__hole.He's a spoiled,crooked liar,who bought the election with money,that he is now paying off with the Ashcroft strongarm installation,and numerous other corporate favors to come.He is a false patriot. I am usually kindof a polite,balanced person,,but this episode in an already disgusting corrupt government,is unavoidably repugnant,and eminently disturbing....I cant believe this is actually happening without riots in the streets...I'd love to go out and protest in a semi peaceful manner,,but rubber bullets,and tear gas are most unpleasant.For the dissident citizens who want to voice their displeasure,the capitol is gonna be like Red Square in Moscow,1976.,,,If you insist on speaking out,you will go to jail....No explanation,,Zero tolerance.The "Battle in Seattle,and the primarys broke the public in to the new age of brutal law enforcement events.When corporate interests are involved,,only supporters,or very shy protesters are allowed.This inauguration is definitly a corporate gig.Those who dare to protest,are true patriots with some real balls.I will be with them in spirit.....By the way,take note of the near complete absence of national media coverage of protesters.The most news you will see about protesters,will be stories of how they;"got out of hand",,or,,"were throwing bottles at the police",,or breaking windows,and lighting fires... This is going to be an infamously historic weekend.I'm just gonna get out a lawn chair,and double up on all medications,,,and pretend I'm not really freaking out..........with the proper medications,,one does not need to pretend they are not freaking out. ..................ddddP.S.Robbie;I hope you know my intent was not to trash part of your comment,,it was just a starting point.My somewhat hysterical rambling was not aimed at you in any way......................Happy Inauguration Day Everybody!.........What a wonderful day for this great country.This new era of cooperation and compassion....If I was a medical Doctor,I would prescribe myself some Paxils,and Valium,with a Ritalin,washed down with a sixer of bud,and a pint of vodka,,,,,,,but I'm not a medical doctor,,so I will prescribe myself a fragrant and robust sleef of prime heavenly fresh Indica.......this is gonna be a tough weekend
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Comment #2 posted by Pancho on January 19, 2001 at 23:10:57 PT
Harry Brown
Harry Brown said it best at the Freedom Rally in Boston last September, "If by some miracle I am elected President in November, the first thing I will do as President, is release all the non-violent prisoners on drug charges from our jails." and "How can you vote for Bush or Gore, when both of these men want to treat you like a criminal?" Those words were enough to win my vote and continued support. Harry Brown in 2004. 
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Comment #1 posted by Robbie on January 19, 2001 at 17:47:32 PT:
J 2 0
Whoever you are, wherever you are (in the US, of course) tomorrow is the day to voice your dissatisfaction in the course of events resulting from the the 2000 Presidential campaign. It is not saying you wont supprt G Dubya, but that the whole process needs reformation, and we as American citizens must speak to that principle.There are protests all over the US. Try to make it to one of them. Keep America American.
List of events at
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