Report: Club Drugs, Pot on Rise 

  Report: Club Drugs, Pot on Rise 

Posted by FoM on November 26, 2000 at 08:37:27 PT
By Burt Hubbard, DRMN Staff Writer 
Source: Denver Rocky Mountain News 

Overdoses from heroin and cocaine led to a record number of deaths and emergency room trips during the past two years.But just as alarming, the latest report on Colorado drug abuse found that the state's youth are increasingly turning to marijuana and experimenting with dangerous "club drugs" such as ketamine and ecstasy. "You just can never let your guard down," said Bruce Mendelson, director of the state's alcohol and drug abuse division. 
"We need to make sure that we keep the prevention message out there." Overdose deaths from cocaine hit 109 and fatal heroin overdoses reached 135, the report found. In 1999, emergency room admissions for users of both drugs reached their highest level since the state began keeping track of the data in 1993. Last year, 87 out of every 100,000 people were rushed to hospitals for cocaine problems, while the rate for heroin was 41 per 100,000 state population, the report said.Figures on overdose deaths in 1999 were not available.Increased purity of the two drugs may account for the rise in deaths and emergency room trips, Mendelson said.The rise has frightened drug users into treatment, said Eugene Straubner, vice president of the Lakewood-based Cenikor drug treatment program."People tell us they are coming in here because they have seen people die," Straubner said. "They're getting scared because the stuff is too pure."Cocaine use historically has been a major problem in Colorado, but heroin use is on the rise, especially among young adults, Mendelson said. They are inhaling or smoking heroin rather than injecting it, he said."In some cases, the young heroin smokers and inhalers who have an aversion to needles think they can smoke it, get the effect and not get into trouble," Mendelson said. "Well, they are dead wrong."But the drug that troubles state officials the most is marijuana and its extensive use by teens.The report found that the percentage of drug users in treatment for marijuana has risen from 32 percent in 1994 to 43.4 percent during the first half of 2000. Treatment for cocaine abuse was a distant second at 21.3 percent.Teens under age 18 constitute the largest age group in treatment for marijuana, comprising 35 percent. Like heroin and cocaine, the potency of marijuana sold in the state has increased, the report found.One potent variety, dubbed "BC bud," is coming from Canada and selling for $500 an ounce.A federal Department of Health and Human Services study released earlier this year found marijuana usage in Colorado topped the nation, with 8 percent of the state's population using the drug within 30 days of being surveyed.Police agencies have found its usage increasing among high school students."I know that's our number one drug of choice," said Sgt. Atila Denes, spokesman for the Douglas County Sheriff.Denes said deputies have been averaging one marijuana drug bust a week at one high school.Another scary trend is the rising popularity of synthetic club drugs, usually associated with all-night dance clubs called raves, the report said.One of the drugs, known as ecstasy, produces both stimulant and psychedelic effects. It can lead to heart and kidney failures.But ketamine, another club drug, worries law enforcement officials the most."That's a big time focus for us because we're starting to see a lot of raves in Arapahoe County," Arapahoe County Undersheriff Grayson Robinson said.Ketamine is mostly used by veterinarians as an anesthetic. But in high doses it causes a dreamlike state and hallucinations. It can lead to respiratory failure."It's a damn dangerous drug," Mendelson said.Metro area police agencies, including the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office, have reported a rash of break-ins at veterinary offices where ketamine was the only item taken.Outdoor rave parties held in rural areas can draw thousands ranging in age from 14 to 30, Robinson said. About a month and a half ago, deputies found about 10,000 people at a rave at a small airport near Interstate 70, Robinson said.The only good news the report found was an apparent lull in the steady rise of methamphetamine use during the 1990s. Both emergency room trips and admissions to drug treatment facilities were down last year, the report found.Mendelson said he believes the crackdown by police on meth labs had an effect last year. The report said that 57 meth labs were seized in the Rocky Mountain West last spring.But both Robinson and Douglas County's Denes said the lull was short lived."We are still very, very active in methamphetamine cases," Denes said.Straubner said Cenikor has seen an influx of clients in the past year or so. He fears that means both the supply and demand of all types of drugs are up."There seems to be an overall increase in the amount of illegal drugs out there," he said "and there obviously is a fairly large demand."Heroin and cocaine overdoses caused a record number of deaths in Colorado.Contact Burt Hubbard at (303) 892-5107 or hubbardd RockyMountainNews.comSource: Denver Rocky Mountain News (CO)Author: Burt Hubbard, Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff WriterPublished: November 26, 2000 Copyright: 2000 Denver Publishing Co.Address: 400 W. Colfax, Denver, CO 80204Contact: letters Website: Articles:State College Pot Smoking Tops U.S. Rate College Marijuana Use a Growing Problem

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Comment #4 posted by Kanabys on November 27, 2000 at 05:13:44 PT
how can this be?
>>But the drug that troubles state officials the most is marijuana and its extensive use by teens.>>But ketamine, another club drug, worries law enforcement officials the most.   Please explain which drug causes them the most worry. I'm confused!!??>>Mendelson said he believes the crackdown by police on meth labs had an effect last year. The report said that 57 meth labs were seized in the Rocky Mountain West last spring.No, I think it's the realization that meth will burn your ass up in no time that most people get off it and turn to something harmless like Cannabis.
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Comment #3 posted by defenderoffreeworld on November 26, 2000 at 15:21:42 PT:
its quite funny
as a matter of fact. drug use is rising all over the nation, so why not try a new approach to dealing with the problem instead of throwing people in jail and screwing up their lives. otherwise, in little time, half the american youth will be behind bars. the statements that these people make are totally ludicrous and contradicting. 
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Comment #2 posted by mungojelly on November 26, 2000 at 09:32:15 PT:


"the drug that troubles state officials the most is marijuana" -- can anyone say "lack of respect for human life"? And E "can lead to heart and kidney failures"? Sir, you're talking about heat exaustion and dehydration. No one's going to buy that. The lie you're supposed to use for E is that it will damage serotonin receptors and eventually cause depression. I know you don't understand big words like that, though -- why don't you try "make brain go poo-poo." 
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Comment #1 posted by thco on November 26, 2000 at 09:16:41 PT:

prohibitionist jive

See how their cooments are all drug war prohibitionist jive..."We need t' make shaw dat dey be jimmy an' we keep da prevenshun message out dair." "Sucka's tell us they be comin' in in da house becuz they have seen sucka's die," Straubna' said. "They be gittin' scared becuz da stuff be baaaaaad.""In some kinda' cases, da jailbait fix smoka's an' inhala's who have some aversion t' needles think they kin puff it, git da damn effect an' not git into trouble," Mendelson said. "Well, they be wo'm food wrong."But da damn drug dat troubles state officials da most be ganja an' its'estensive 'esploit by teens."I know dat's our numba' one drug o' choice," "Dat's some big-ass time focus 4 us becuz we be startin' t' spot some lot o'raves in Arapahoe County," "It be some mofo sheeeeeit drug," Mendelson said.
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