DrugSense Weekly October 27, 2000 #172

DrugSense Weekly October 27, 2000 #172
Posted by FoM on October 27, 2000 at 14:04:28 PT
How To Become a Drug Policy Genius
Source: DrugSense
Looking for specific information on practically any drug related subject? Check out: is a searchable collection of thousands of news articles collected over the last 3 years from media sources around the world by volunteers of The Media Awareness Project (MAP) of the DrugSense organization. Search recent news or other selections including searching the entire archive. 
Search on 3 or 4 words like "marijuana medical McCaffrey". You don't have to put "and" between your search terms and don't use common words like "the" or "for" The search engine ignores them so you get quicker results.Click the Search button and a list of the headlines of all the news articles that contain all the words you asked for will be presented to you. Scan these and click on any that sound interesting. You will then be presented with the entire news article and all the search terms you asked for will be highlighted for easy scanning.Included is the publication's name, date of the article, the Email address for writing letters to the editor (best for recent articles only) the author of the article and more. You can have any or all of the articles emailed to you with a couple of mouse clicks or you can read them on-line.If you use this tool once you will bookmark it and use it often. It may be one of the easiest to use and most complete information resources available on a vast array of drug related subjects.DrugSense also provides a daily synopsis of all drug related news called DrugNews-Digest (we find and archive about 300 articles every week, usually within 24 hours of publication.) This weekly newsletter of the most important developments in the news on drug policy is another way to stay on top of important drug policy news. It is E-mailed to you once a week. A weekly Focus Alert that enables you to take action by writing letters to the editor responding to important news issues, subscribed to. See: and to sign up for or review any or all of these valuable and unique drug policy features. If you want to become a volunteer "NewsHawk" and help MAP by submitting articles you've spotted see: For a huge collection of drug and drug policy related groups and information on specific areas of interest see: excellent array of Drug War Facts complete with citations can also be viewed or For drug war Facts with citations see: a Clock that counts the costs of the drugwar (in dollars lives and suffering) as you watch see: For a more versatile search capability see: a comprehensive alternative to our failed drug policies see: there are hundreds of excellent drug policy URLs, these are an excellent start towards becoming a "Drug Policy Genius." By Mark GreerThe Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc.D/B/a DrugSensePO Box 651Porterville,CA 93258(800) 266 5759Contact: MGreer Issues: 2000 O. Box 651Porterville, CA93258(800) 266-5759 Senior Editor Mark Greer: greer News Editor Thomas O'Connell: tjeffoc Webmaster: Matt Elrod: webmaster Click the link to read all of DrugSense Weekly's News Bulletin:DrugSense Weekly October 27, 2000 #172 MapInc. Archives:
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