Killing Druggies is Bad Trip 

Killing Druggies is Bad Trip 
Posted by FoM on October 26, 2000 at 10:15:58 PT
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Letter writer, William Joseph, wants to execute all drug offenders because he thinks that they are responsible for most crime and violence. Considering the fact that hundreds of millions of people have been declared criminals by U.S. drug laws, it is interesting to note that Mr. Joseph and other self-proclaimed "drug free" supremacists want to exterminate more human beings than Adolf Hitler. In any case, there is an alternative to this Final Solution. 
There is an honorable way to resolve this drug war and all other prohibition wars against freedom. Every person who wants to criminalize honest trade, every person who does not respect the right of individuals to control their own lives (including the right to choose their own food, drink and medicine), should be required to meet on the field of honor (pistols at point blank range) with a defender of freedom. Every person who advocates violence (the law) against peaceful people should be required to meet with a defender of individual rights. This simple requirement would cause all the drug fighters, gun grabbers, illegalizers, Hitler wannabes, and other prohibitionist thugs to disappear. It would be like turning on a light in a dark room and watching the cockroaches run for cover. Why? Because one thing that all fascist idiots have in common is that they are cowards who hide behind the law. Their idea of a fair fight is to point a dozen guns at one head.  RICH ERAMIAN Drug Cop Corruption:  Another excellent column by Joel Miller on the no-win, morally-wrong War on Drugs. I always look forward to reading his down-to-earth, Christian libertarian view. The liberals think tobacco is more dangerous than AIDS, and conservatives think marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco. But only libertarians realize that big government is more dangerous than all of these put together.  TIM K. Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2000 Not Quite Straight Dope:  Mr. Miller, I have read several of your columns on the subject of the drug wars. I find much of what you say very true. Especially concerning the violation of rights and, in particular, the asset forfeiture laws that are abounding everywhere. I am not sure I understand how legalizing drugs would solve the problems. Would they be legal for anyone of any age? If not then it would seem to me you would have illegal dealers still selling to children just as some sell alcohol? You have spoken many times about the problems of Prohibition and indeed there were many, similar to what we see with the drug problem today. However, I have read several articles that seem to show that during Prohibition the number of alcoholics dropped drastically and that for the most part people obeyed the law. Knowing personally the devastation that alcohol can have on an individual and their families, I hesitate to see the same results extended to drug use. The libertarian ideal of freedom for all will only work when all are willing to be personally responsible for their lives. I don't see that in America today. Though I do have some problems with what you write, I must confess you write with intelligence and do seem to do more that spout a party line. I appreciate that even when I disagree.  JIM WALKER  Killer The Druggies:  Selling illegal drugs, doing illegal drugs, trafficking in illegal drugs and murder are all part and parcel of the same illegal business. People kill to raise and manufacture illegal drugs. People kill to distribute illegal drugs. People kill to get the cash and goods to get illegal drugs. People kill to avoid arrest. Every illegal drug transaction has blood on it. Everyone involved is guilty of killing/murder and ought to be executed immediately upon conviction. When this government gets serious about war on drugs, heads will roll from the White House down to the street sweeper and welfare recipient.  WILIAM JOSPEH  Unjust War:  Thanks for constantly shedding light on the failed war on drugs. Just yesterday I was reading Harry Browne's book, "The Great Libertarian Offer," and I almost cried (standing in line at the DMV of all places) reading about the people sitting in jail right now, some with life without parole, who were completely innocent and those who were guilty who went practically free because they fingered someone innocent. What really irked me also was the stories of children of politicians who got off with nothing, one found with 400 pounds of marijuana.  JESSICA JONES Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2000Contact Joel Miller: jmiller worldnetdaily.comWND E-Mail Letters To The Editor: WorldNetDaily (US Web)Published: October 25 & 26, 2000Copyright: 2000,, Inc.Address: PO Box 409, Cave Junction, OR 97523-0409Fax: (541) 597-1700Contact: letters worldnetdaily.comWebsite: Articles - Joel Miller:
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Comment #4 posted by nikki on July 02, 2001 at 20:20:25 PT:
LEGALIZE POT!!!.............its harmless
YO i think this guy knows what hes talkin bout cuz look alcohol does cauz deaths n stuff then there is pot who has it ever hurt?not me or any1 that i knowif anything i think that pot should be decriminalized cuz if it is legalized tha gov't will just tag on some taxes and who can afford that? well not me. i think all tha pot smokers should unite n like do somethingi dont know what excatly but once we find out pot wont seem so badpeace(\___/)420-24-7(='.'=)
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Comment #3 posted by Doctor Dave on October 26, 2000 at 19:51:47 PT
Does this mean George Bush, Al Gore, and Clinton?
Will they be executed? Not that it wouldn't scratch an itch, but is this the way to deal with the problem? Or should this be selectively applied to poor brown and black people, the way drug laws are applied today?Doctor Dave"A nation that makes war against huge numbers of its own people can never truly be free."
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Comment #2 posted by mungojelly on October 26, 2000 at 14:21:24 PT:
alcohol vs marijuana prohibition
It is interesting what is happening now that people are finally being forced to look at the parallels between alcohol prohibition and marijuana prohibition. It is obvious enough, once you look at the facts, that the situations are roughly identical. In each case you have a drug which is used recreationally by a large segment of the population illegalized mostly for moral reasons, with a smattering of health related justifications. In each case you have only a moderate drop in use of the drug, accompanied by vastly increased health risks for those who continue to use the drug, and a huge flow of drug money fueling organized crime and the violence that accompanies it. If anything the distinctions between the two cases weigh on the side of marijuana. Marijuana is dramatically safer: THC overdose is impossible, while alcohol overdose is all too easy. Even illegal marijuana has only a slight risk of containing dangerous contaminants, while illegal alcohol made many people blind, sick, or dead. Marijuana has many medical uses, and hemp has an enormous number of applications. But let us disregard these differences, and merely say that at the very least the two situations are equivalent. We are told to believe that the enormous social costs of marijuana prohibition are offset by the benefit to society of a moderate decrease in the number of people smoking marijuana. In order to logically reconcile this with the undeniable parallel betwen marijuana prohibition and alcohol prohibition, it follows that alcohol prohibition must have been a good idea after all. That is, we would all be better off if we traded in our Budweiser and Jose Cuervo tequila for dangerous moonshine, and brought Al Capone back from the dead to reign once again, if it meant that we would have a few less people getting drunk each weekend. The only way for the average person to allow this whole mess of illogic to exist in their head is to selectively ignore parts of it, or, preferably, ignore all of it altogether. When forced to deal with the whole thing at once, even a person who is normally rational about most issues can end up sounding like a raving maniac. 
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Comment #1 posted by Kanabys on October 26, 2000 at 10:34:47 PT
WOW !!!
This Joseph dude is really whacked, huh?
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