Drug Czar Weighs In On Drug Treatment Initiative 

  Drug Czar Weighs In On Drug Treatment Initiative 

Posted by FoM on October 25, 2000 at 22:34:24 PT
By Don Thompson, Associated Press Writer 
Source: S.F. Gate 

The nation's drug czar has weighed in against a proposal on California's Nov. 7 ballot that would require treatment instead of incarceration for nonviolent drug users. Proposition 36 threatens California's existing drug treatment programs, White House Drug Policy Director Barry R. McCaffrey said Wednesday in an open letter to actor Martin Sheen. Sheen is honorary chairman of California United Against Drug Abuse, the proposition's primary opponent. 
McCaffrey's opposition four years ago wound up energizing supporters of a successful 1996 California proposition that permitted the use of marijuana for medical purposes, said Dave Fratello, campaign manager for the pro-36 California Campaign for New Drug Policies. ``People really just reject the notion that the top cop for the drug war would tell them how to vote,'' Fratello said. ``By always picking losers, I think he's shown he's out of step.'' McCaffrey said Proposition 36's lack of funding for drug tests, coupled with a ban on short jail sentences, would mean less effective treatment for addicts, and would undermine judges' discretion. He joined other opponents in warning the measure would hurt California's drug courts. The proposition requires treatment instead of jail or prison for those convicted for the first or second time of possessing drugs or being under their influence. Opponents had asked McCaffrey to consider holding a news conference outlining his objections. No such news event is scheduled with less than two weeks before the election, said Jean Munoz, a spokeswoman for opponents. Meanwhile, supporters of the proposal are launching a new 30-second television ad that dramatizes a California drug user going to jail while an Arizona user gets treatment. Arizona voters approved a drug treatment initiative in 1996. Sacramento (AP) Source: S. F. GateAuthor: Don Thompson, Associated Press WriterPublished: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 ©2000 Associated Press Related Articles & Web Sites:California Campaign For New Drug Policy Yes On California Proposition 36 - Video Sheen Addresses Addiction, Ballot Measure The Ballot, My Friend Sheen Joins Foes of Drug Measure Articles on Proposition 36:

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Comment #5 posted by Tom on October 26, 2000 at 11:06:27 PT:

Drug users= Iraquis=drug users

The drug bizzaro wears no clothes... please click on man deserves to answer to The Hague (ironic it's in the Netherlands)
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Comment #4 posted by mungojelly on October 26, 2000 at 10:47:04 PT:

here's something interesting

Notice how the McCzar addresses his letter of opposition to Mr Sheen? He refuses to acknowledge that those who oppose him even exist; he will not even dignify them by sending them a letter explaining his position. Instead he sends all of his letters, makes all of his press releases, has pretty much all of his contact with the outside world with pure yes men. This is how he was able to do a speaking tour of the Netherlands and remain blissfully ignorant of everything about the drug situation in their country. You see, he did not actually speak to anyone in the Netherlands about their drug situation. He spoke to yes men, who told him "Yes Mr McCaffrey sir, the Netherlands' liberal policy on drugs has ruined their country sir, of course it has, just as you would have predicted sir, you're so smart sir, you're right about everything sir, no need to worry your pretty little head about it, sir." 
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Comment #3 posted by fivepounder on October 26, 2000 at 07:11:18 PT

McCaffery = lying pig

What a hypocritical ass. Bye, bye Barry. May we never hear your bs again. Prop 36 is going to pass and once again they will look like fools.
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Comment #2 posted by ripper on October 26, 2000 at 05:25:27 PT


 If Barry is really so concerned about undermining judges discretion, Why isn't he fighting against manditory min. Thoughs laws take all discretion away from judges on sentencing. He's all for mms.  How can he be so opposed to something he supports 100%. Kind of strange don't you think. 
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Comment #1 posted by legalizeit on October 25, 2000 at 23:00:17 PT

Pinhead liar turncoat McCaffrey

A lot of those articles that wish the McDork a fond farewell state that he said when he entered the office that he was going to attack the drug problem in a different way - considering drug abuse (as usual, use=abuse) as some form of cancer deserving treatment rather than incarceration.Why, then, does he oppose this measure? It proposes pretty much what he was touting when his deceitful, caustic Czarship began.At least he's on his way out... and we are winning!
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