Pa. Attorney General Calls on Date Rape Drug!

Pa. Attorney General Calls on Date Rape Drug!
Posted by FoM on March 08, 1999 at 10:03:31 PT
to be made schedule I controlled substance!
HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher today called on the General Assembly to add the date rape drug known as GHB or "Liquid X" to the list of Schedule I controlled substances, allowing law enforcement agencies to crack down on its use. 
Fisher also requested action to prevent the illicit sales of its dangerous precursor drug, GBL, otherwise known as "Blue Nitro" or "Renewtrient." "Give my narcotics agents the legal tools they need to arrest those who illicitly make this notorious date rape drug," Fisher testified before the state House Judiciary Committee. "GHB has now surpassed Rohypnol, also known as roofies, in the number of times it has been used to commit rape." According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, GHB has been involved in more than 20 sexual assaults. It has also been involved in more than 3,500 cases of abuse, including 600 overdoses and 32 deaths. In Pennsylvania, at least eight individuals have experienced life- threatening comas following ingestion of GHB in 1998 alone. In March, five young people from Bucks County ingested GHB they had purchased over the Internet; all were hospitalized with life-threatening comas. In May, a 16-year-old Centre County girl overdosed on GHB. In July, two Penn State students were rushed to the emergency room after ingesting GHB, both faced life-threatening side effects including seizure and coma. Last April, police raided a clandestine drug manufacturer near Indiana University of Pennsylvania and seized thousands of doses of GHB. GHB was sold as a diet drug until abuse by body builders forced the Federal Food and Drug Administration to ban the drug in 1990. Clear, odorless and nearly tasteless, the powerful depressant is considered a new "date rape drug" because it can be slipped into a person's drink without being detected. Once ingested, it has a paralyzing effect on the victim and can cause short- term amnesia. "Sexual predators who would use this drug to disable their victims can easily obtain its ingredients and recipe on the Internet," Fisher said. "This is another reason why it should be declared a controlled substance. We need the legal tools to combat this dangerous drug." Fisher said that GHB is currently unregulated by the federal government and the Commonwealth as a controlled substance. However, he noted that 22 states have already criminalized this drug. In September, 1998, Fisher petitioned the Pennsylvania Department of Health to list GHB as a controlled substance and place it in the most restrictive category, Schedule I. Fisher is still awaiting action from the Secretary of Health. One of GHB's precursor chemicals, GBL, has also become a popular drug of abuse. Although over 80,000 metric tons of GBL are sold every year by chemical companies for use as floor stripper, circuit board cleaner and other legitimate uses, it is now being sold by illicit operators as a substitute for GHB. The chemical has the same deadly effects on abusers as GHB. Illicit operators are setting up web sites and selling GBL as a dietary supplement, sex enhancement or sleep aid under labels like Blue Nitro, Renewtrient and RemForce. Last year, a Florida woman overdosed and died from the GBL sleep aid Renewtrient. GBL has caused life-threatening side effects in at least 55 people, including 18 young people in New Jersey. In January, the FDA issued a voluntary recall of products containing GBL. Fisher asked the Judiciary Committee to list GBL under the Non-Controlled Substances Reporting & Registration Act. This will require manufactures and web site operators to register with the Department of Health. Manufacturers will also be required to obtain from the prospective buyer a photo driver's license and a signed statement providing a full description of how the substance is to be used. Fisher said this will cause illicit operators to stop selling GBL, because they will not want law enforcement to know what they are selling or how to find them. This will also help prevent Pennsylvania's children from purchasing GBL over the Internet or at the local hardware store. "I want to stop this dangerous drug from getting into the hands of Pennsylvania's children," Fisher said. "Our children should be able to use the Internet to help them with their schoolwork, not to purchase deadly chemicals."
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Comment #4 posted by Jerry on February 29, 2000 at 12:01:40 PT
Renewtrient saved my life
If I had not started taking Renewtrient last fall I'd probably be in the grave by this time. I was drinking alot and sleeping in everyday until 3pm. I lost my job and was very depressed. I found Renewtrient and my life turned around depression! Could careless about alcohol and my social life has sored ever since. I don't believe this product is the problem it's stupid people who use them. If the government did't try to silence everything before people could educate themselves there would be less problems. Oh yeah ..they say stupid people shouldn't vote, nor should they try to take Renewtrient or GHB for that matter.
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Comment #3 posted by apes on January 24, 2000 at 19:02:54 PT
hey i would really would like to know the makings of ghb, for thing, so yeah if you know please e-mail me soon!
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Comment #2 posted by sammy on December 28, 1999
 at 09:51:49 PT:
helped me
renewtrient helped me from stop drinking, and abusing drugs, 2 thumbs up for renewtrient, stop talking shit about it!!
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Comment #1 posted by aLfus on November 23, 1999 at 19:53:48 PT:
where can i find the original recipe, i need it for a report.. (i had to pick somethign form the news and it was on the news two days ago)please email me if u found it at youaiibite aol.comthanks
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