DrugSense FOCUS Alert #186 September 28, 2000 

DrugSense FOCUS Alert #186 September 28, 2000 
Posted by FoM on September 28, 2000 at 15:49:13 PT
Urge The Media To Cover Journey For Justice 
Source: MapInc.
For the past several days, a number of dedicated drug policy reform activists have been making their way through Texas in order to publicize the cruelty and absurdity of the drug war. To learn more about the Journey for Jubilee Justice, go to its web site at: http://www.journeyforjustice.orgOver the coming days Vigils will be held around the nation calling attention to prison and drug war issues. 
See for an updated list of times and places. The Journey for Jubilee Justice has received some press coverage and to see some articles go to: but organizers are hoping for even more as the journey comes to a close in Austin on Friday and as other vigils get underway (many on September 29th.) Journey organizers are urging activists around the country to call their local network television news outlets in order to encourage local broadcasts of reports from the journey finale (see the note from Kevin Zeese below).Please use the link below to find contacts for your local network television stations. Call the station's news room and ask if they will be covering the Journey For Justice. Explain that the Journey For Justice is an event that is important to all Americans and to suggest that it be covered in some way. CALL A NEWSROOM TODAY!It's not what others do it's what YOU do PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU DID (Letter, Phone, fax etc.) Please post a copy your letter or report your action to the sent letter list (sentlte if you are subscribed, or by E-mailing a copy directly to MGreer Your letter will then be forwarded to the list with so others can learn from your efforts and be motivated to follow suit This is VERY IMPORTANT as it is the only way we have of gauging our impact and effectiveness. CONTACT INFO:The following site offers links to local television stations by city. Find the network affiliates in your city or town and please give them a call. If your local stations aren't listed at this site, please find the appropriate contact information in a phone book or through a general search engine. great source is See the "Guide to the Media" insert your zip code and you'll have a great list of TV, Radio stations, newspapers etc. in your area (or an area where a vigil will be occurring soon) complete with phone numbers, Email and other contact info.ARTICLE(This message was sent from Common Sense for Drug Policy President Kevin Zeese as he participates in the journey.) Friends: We've appreciated the email messages of support from those who have written -- our virtual fellow journeyers. The Journey for Jubilee Justice arrives in Austin tomorrow and will conduct a workshop at the Mexican American Cultural Center. The workshop will focus on how people can exercise their first amendment rights effectively.You can help us make our events in Austin a national story by calling your local television network and asking if they will be covering it. Below is our schedule or visit Also check to see if their city is one of their 20 vigil cities this weekend. Encourage your station to call their network affiliated station in Austin and ask for video of the event. There is still time to get a last minute inexpensive fare to Austin on Southwest or over the Internet. So you can still join us. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Kevin and JodiScheduleFriday, 29. 2000 9:00  10:30 AM Assemble at the Mexican American Cultural Center to march to the Capitol. 12:00- 1:00 PM Press conference at the Capitol 4:00 - 6:00 PM vigil in front of Governor's MansionSAMPLE MESSAGEThere is a story taking place in Texas with both local and national significance that your viewers should know about. A group of people who have been hurt by the drug war are marching through Texas to protest the harmful policies that have jammed our prisons and denied citizens adequate medication. Some of the participants are confined to wheel chairs but the have bravely traveled hundreds of miles through difficult conditions to illustrate their plight. The Journey for Justice ends in Austin, Texas on Friday and I think any coverage you could provide would be greatly appreciated by viewers. Thank you. ADDITIONAL INFO to help you in your letter writing efforts3 Tips for Letter Writers: Letter Writers Style Guide: TO SUBSCRIBE, DONATE, VOLUNTEER TO HELP, OR UPDATE YOUR EMAIL SEE: UNSUBSCRIBE SEE: Prepared by Stephen Young Focus Alert Specialist Please help us help reform. Send drug-related news to: editor Focus Alert Archive   Media Awareness ProjectPorterville, CA 93258(800) 266-5759 Contact: Mark Greer (mgreer Webmaster: Matt Elrod (webmaster Related Articles & Web Sites:Common Sense For Drug Policy: For Justice: Policy Forum of Texas: Moms Homepage: McCormick's New Home Page: Drug-Bust Critics Taking Journey for Justice Protests Jailings Protest Medical Marijuana Ban Marijuana Users March
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