$635,000 Worth of Marijuana Seized! 

$635,000 Worth of Marijuana Seized! 
Posted by FoM on March 04, 1999 at 22:50:52 PT
In Buena Park Bust!
In one of Buena Park's biggest marijuana busts in half a decade, police said they seized $635,000 worth of the drug, as well as several weapons and $60,000 in cash. 
 Police are investigating possibility of larger operation after finding 142 pounds of drug, 4 guns and $60,000 in cash.   Seven people were questioned Tuesday and Wednesday in connection with the bust, officials said, but no names were released while the investigation continued.   "We are looking into the possibility that this is part of a bigger operation," said Sgt. Ken Coovert, public information officer for the Buena Park Police Department. "Those arrested included people from Haiti, Jamaica and a New York resident."   The marijuana was wrapped in fabric softener and sprinkled with pepper to hide the odor, Coovert said. The 142 pounds of the drug were found in two vehicles and a house in the 7000 block of 9th Street. It had been elaborately bound up in packaging and labeled to addresses across the nation, he said.   Narcotics detectives had been staking out the house for several hours before they saw a car leaving the premises. When they pulled it over and searched it, they found 76 pounds of marijuana, Coovert said. Police found about 60 pounds in another vehicle that was stopped a short time later.   Detectives then searched the house and found four loaded weapons, including three semiautomatic handguns and an assault rifle with a sawed-off barrel. Several more pounds of marijuana, scales and $60,000 in cash also were found in the house.
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Comment #2 posted by Jenny on December 05, 2000 at 11:00:10 PT
Happy places
I think they should legalise Marijuana, because when people get high, they are a lot happier and they're would be a lot less violence. It would be a lot safer then ciggerettes and drinking. It would lessen the addictions of drugs these days. Less people would be in jail for slangin' cause selling pot would be a certified job. Over all I think the world would be a better place.
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Comment #1 posted by patrick on April 05, 2000 at 04:29:08 PT:
marijuana legalisation
I know their is a major problem in society with drugs and at school i have done many projects on this. i think that the best option is to legalise the drug "marijuana" so the people who want to take drugs at raves and partys can do something legal. people will always do drugs and people know this so they make their own to make money. nearly anybody can grow their own dope so if it is legalised it would be a major offence to grow it (the same as ciggerettes), the government can grow low potent dope and sell it in pouches and joints to the is a story for you: my best mate that i sat with and talked to every day at school was growing "blow ya" and when i mean it was blow ya i mean it. well him and his dad were i think. it took them 8 months to grow their plants and ended up with just over 47 Kg. now his dad is about in his early 50's and used to spew at his son if he stood out of line, so my mates and myself would never think that his old man would know what dope was. in the end they got busted and this is how we found out. the moral of this story is that if they didn't get busted they would have made a truck load of cash and live happily ever after, this is a good reason to legalise so people dont do this.thank you for hearing me out, yours sincerly PATRICK.
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