Picking on Cal 

Picking on Cal 
Posted by FoM on September 04, 2000 at 10:56:17 PT
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 Regarding your article about Cal Thomas, what is with your attacking the guy? I go to WND because I am a conservative and really do cherish this place where I don't have to be subjected to the Marxist, mainstream media. I find it very upsetting that you would pick on Cal Thomas, a great American. 
Instead of writing negative articles about Mr. Thomas, why don't you write articles condemning the Marxists that make up the left. And how about Al Gore when he gave his speech to tobacco farmers, saying how proud he was that he harvested tobacco. Then it became politically correct to demonize the tobacco industry and Al Gore flip flopped as usual and became anti-tobacco. What about Al Gore and his family's connections to communists. Do you think the American people know that Albert Gore and his family was bought and paid for by communists (Armand Hammer)? And how about Al Gore Sr. being a segregationist? How about that? Look at the voting record regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Who supported it and who didn't? Al Sr. didn't and Bill Clinton's mentor, William Fullbright, didn't. But what does Al Gore Jr. do. He went around the country saying that his father lost his Senate seat because he backed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is an out and out lie. Mr. Miller, why don't you write stories uncovering all of the hypocrisy of the Marxists that make up the Democrat Party?  TIM CASE  Just ... Never Mind   Cal Thomas is typical of the finger-pointing hypocrites running America's lunatic drug crusade. Never mind the contradictions and duplicity involved in drug prohibition. Never mind that it's the most destructive and useless policy we have. Never mind that drug prohibition has never worked for anything, anywhere, anytime. Never mind all of this because people like Cal Thomas want to persecute minorities by incarcerating blacks for "drug crimes" at a rate 14 times that for whites. Drug prohibition provides the moralistic framework for Cal Thomas to play Jim Crow games without appearing to be an overt racist. If Cal Thomas had a few working brain cells he might remember that alcohol prohibition caused a national disaster unequaled until our lunatic drug war went into high gear a few years ago. He might also remember that Eliot Ness and the revenuers never put the booze barons out of business. Repeal and a regulated market for adult alcohol use did that.  REDFORD GIVENS  If Hashish, Why Not Tobacco?   The article, "Drug policy and my pal, Cal" by Joel Miller was one of his best yet! What drives the insane and violent war on some drug, using people and all the rest of us, is the fundamental dishonesty, hypocrisy, and immorality of those who support exempting tobacco and alcohol -- the two most deadly drugs -- from the drug laws. Here are three questions every politician and law enforcement officer needs to answer: 1. How is the public interest, health, safety, and welfare served by the exemptions of tobacco and alcohol from the Controlled Substances Act? 2. What is the rational basis for the exemptions of tobacco and alcohol from the Controlled Substances Act? 3) What are the scientific and medical uses of alcohol and tobacco as approved by the federal government? After we get answers to these questions we can have a conversation about what a sane, rational, just, fair, honest, peaceful, consistent, constitutional, workable drug policy would look like, compared to our current national drug policy.  TOM BARRUS, PHARMACIST  Dope Makes You Dopey   Drugs should not be illegal because they are damaging to the body. They should be illegal because they are debilitating. Even people with plenty of money end up useless as drugs consume their whole lives. People of less means go into crime to buy their fix because they can't hold down a job. Even if legal they would not be free. Unless you are supporting another form of welfare. Rescue missions and similar programs and ministries are full of people whose minds are gone -- mostly because of drugs. These people aren't committing crimes because they don't have enough brains left. But, they are all receiving Social Security and welfare checks. Why don't you address this aspect of the problem? I am interested to see how you will trivialize it. You make it sound as though if we just legalized drugs all of the problems would go away.  MIKE YOUNGER  O Ye of Little Faith   Thank you for putting drugs and Christianity into the right perspective. I have been a Christian for 25 years and have always argued with people about legalizing drugs. I was an outsider, a sinner for thinking such things. I printed out your piece, "One toke over the line, sweet Jesus?" It has some very valid points. If we keep discussing legalization maybe some day it will happen and hundreds of innocent people won't die every year accidentally with illegal search and seizure tactics and thousands of non violent drug users will stop serving mandatory sentences while the rapist and robbers go free.  DIANA WOODWARD MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2000  WND Dishes Straight Dope   Kudos to Joel Miller again! His piece on the media, politicians and the exaggerated hype surrounding the drug war was outstanding. The only criticism I could have would be that it was too short. As we enter the new millennium, preparing for yet another war, this time in Colombia, the hype has not lessened. Nor has the ineffective failure of prohibition. Our politicians decry the tragedy of drug addiction yet offer no solutions except to increase sentences for drug-law offenders and funding for bureaucratic prohibition professionals. Folks like drug czar Barry McCaffrey attain levels of personal power that far exceed their worth or effectiveness. Tragedies like the death of Californian Peter McWilliams are brushed off with an "oh, that's sad," ho-hum attitude. reality it is the addiction of our politicos to massive, corrupting infusions of corporate dollars that is destroying the fabric of U.S. families and the rights our founders struggled for at great expense and at great personal risk. "Leaders" like Al Gore and G. W. Bush lack any similarity to our early patriots. In fact, their lack of fortitude borders on cowardice. Personally, I am most disappointed in Mr. Gore. As a Vietnam vet he seems unaware that every day and night in our country almost a quarter of a million veterans are homeless. Nearly 100,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide. And an inordinate number of our half a million drug crime incarcerees are veterans, often for non-violent, minor drug possession charges. While hundreds of thousands die every year in the U.S. due to tobacco and alcohol-related complications, there is no known fatal dosage from cannabis consumption; still, it is consistently demonized by both press and politicians -- with the rare exception of an honest soul like New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. Is there an answer to the hype of our media or the despotism of our politicians? I believe so -- and it is in the hands of sources like WorldNetDaily writers like Joel Miller and, the rarest of breeds, truthful politicians like Mr. Johnson.  ALLAN ERICKSON  Joel Gets William F. Buckleyfied?   I didn't even bother reading your blather this time around. It's time you find another issue worthy of your talent. Thursday, the article listed above yours at WorldNetDaily read. "Teen on Crack beheads 11-year-old" -- or something to that effect. I'm sure you're so defensive or "liberal" or "William F. Buckleyfied" about the issue (drug legalization) by now that you're going to say that the drugs had nothing to do with it (beheading). Get Real. How about the subversion of U.S. sovereignty? Now there is an issue.  RUTH CHOUINARD  Are You Cracking Up, Joel?   Your column Thursday, viewing crack cocaine as a non-problem, is stupid. Know what you are talking about before you write something like this. Whether it is legal or not is a separate issue (in my opinion). It's one of the scariest chemicals of abuse out there. Relapse rates are among the highest. Don't take my word for it. Talk to as many substance abuse professionals (I am one) as you can get to in order to understand what this drug does. You're in fantasyland.  JIM WOLF  Dose of Truth   Re: Media hype article. Great writing and excellent historical content; you should have your own magazine! Why do you think there is so much heat on this subject? I think its because drugs are the only thing you can throw away billions of dollars fighting and still say "WE DID A GOOD JOB!" Who's going to challenge it? It's practically unassailable unless its explained the way you explained it. How many Americans get to read such honesty -- maybe all the ones that visit WND?  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