The Drug Czar and His Secret Tapes 

The Drug Czar and His Secret Tapes 
Posted by FoM on August 27, 2000 at 20:07:29 PT
By Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
Source: Newsweek
September 4 issue — Legendary newspaperman A. M. Rosenthal was speaking freely. “I’m just saying this to you,” he confided to White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey during a November 1996 telephone chat. Not quite.     Unknown to Rosenthal, his conversation with McCaffrey—in which they discussed how to attack financier George Soros for his efforts to liberalize drug laws —was being taped.
   McCaffrey, NEWSWEEK has learned, has made a practice of recording talks with journalists—without necessarily telling them. The existence of the tapes was a closely held secret until this summer, when the drug office belatedly turned over two dozen audiocassettes in response to a 1997 demand for evidence in a lawsuit. (A McCaffrey aide says they were only recently found in a storage closet.) The drug czar insisted in a deposition that the tapes were made “with the permission of both parties.” But that was apparently not always the case. “I don’t recall anybody telling me they were going to record this,” Rosenthal said. Anita Manning, a USA Today reporter also taped by McCaffrey, said: “This is just creepy.”    It is legal in the District of Columbia for one party to tape a conversation without the consent of the other. But did McCaffrey also tape government officials or foreign leaders? “Absolutely not,” said his spokesman, Bob Weiner. The taping, he insisted, was limited to press interviews and was done solely to ensure that the drug czar wasn’t misquoted. But by failing to notify some reporters, he conceded, the office “may have screwed up.”    September 4th Issue  Source: Newsweek (US)Copyright: 2000 Newsweek, Inc.Contact: letters newsweek.comAddress: 251 West 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019Website: Articles & Web Site:The Soros Foundation Network the Drug Czar Skirting the Law? for Dollars - Salon 
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Comment #5 posted by freedom fighter on August 28, 2000 at 18:09:17 PT
One Lucky man
Would'nt you say? One Lucky man
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Comment #4 posted by Frank on August 28, 2000 at 18:04:31 PT
Czar and his respect for law and Liberty.
Well the accused war criminal is at it again. It looks like he may have committed a serious criminal act. He should be brought before a grand jury and the crime investigated and indited if the grand jury finds wrongdoing. If tried and convicted for his crime a lengthy prison term would be in order to keep criminal such as this off the streets. Remember “Zero Tolerance”. 
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on August 28, 2000 at 05:03:40 PT:
You'd think he'd learn
Seeing how the Lewinsky Affair, only the most renowned of Klinton's 'bimbo eruptions', got started with tape recordings made surreptitiously, you'd think Barry would be a lot more careful. But hubris is contagious; Barry got a bad case of it from his boss. And now, if it comes to light, and the Reps get a sniff of it, it will not look too good for Gore, having this snoop plotting to use government resources to overturn the democratic process in the US.It's yet another example of why Klinton chose Barry; Barry was *used* to circumventing the democratic processes in Third World nations South of the border on a daily basis. That's what the School of the Americas is all about. Bad habits like this are really hard to break; he must have felt he could do the very same thing here and get a few more medals pinned on his chest. It's nothing special, just a democracy, right? He did it all the time before; why shouldn't he do it now? Barry has violated his oath of office. He has been attempting to subborn the very thing he swore to uphold. In short, he has engaged in sedition against the people of the United States.And it is all on tape. I hope that bipedal Rottweiler that runs the Justice department doesn't wait 7 years to send the US Marshals over to Barry's office to get the evidence - like she did with Waco. 
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Comment #2 posted by observer on August 27, 2000 at 21:25:53 PT
Want Those Tape Transcripts!
I sure hope those transcripts come out soon! Those Soros strategy conversations should be illuminating. As were these ONDCP Drug Warrior anti-Soros strategy pep talks:Fighting Cheech & Chong MedicineJuly 26, 2000 at 21:56:00 PTBy Daniel Forbes Source: Salon Magazine
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Comment #1 posted by rainbow on August 27, 2000 at 21:11:23 PT
This guy is a little tyrant
He does not think anything is wrong. It is a typo, oversight, just a mistake, oh we have a constitution? This guy has got to be fired. If I did any of the things he is doing I would be fired, but then I don't work for the grandest of liars Klinton.Rainbow
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