White House Drug Czar Ready to Head Doping Panel

White House Drug Czar Ready to Head Doping Panel
Posted by FoM on August 10, 2000 at 17:04:23 PT
By The Associated Press
Source: Orlando Sentinel
White House drug policy chief Barry McCaffrey says a panel created by President Clinton must develop more effective ways to prevent young athletes from turning to performance-enhancing drugs.``Too many athletes still feel they must cheat to compete,'' McCaffrey said Thursday in a statement issued by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. ``As it stands, we risk creating new records that cannot be bested without chemical engineering.''
He said the new task force, appointed Wednesday, is charged with helping the sports community -- from athletes, parents, and coaches to leagues, governing bodies and international federations -- ``develop a comprehensive and effective approach to this problem.``Most importantly, we must develop more effective ways to prevent children from turning to these drugs.''Clinton established the panel on performance-enhancing drugs in sports and ordered the group to develop better ways for the federal government to combat the problem.``The use of drugs in sports has reached a level that endangers not just the legitimacy of athletic competition but also the lives and health of athletes,'' the executive order signed by Clinton said.A study last year found the rate of steroid use has risen 50 percent among young people of both sexes, Clinton noted.McCaffrey, various federal agencies and advisory boards will make appointments to the panel, which will include a separate group to study the Olympics.``With the Sydney Games just 35 days away, and with only 18 months before the world gathers in Salt Lake City for the 2002 Games, this next phase of U.S leadership is critical,'' McCaffrey said. ``We owe this to all of today's athletes.''McCaffrey added that ``we have begun to make progress ... still, much remains to be done. There are too many gaps -- some scientific and some of commitment -- in existing anti-drug and -doping programs.'' Copyright 2000 The Associated Press August 10, 2000 Washington (AP) (c) 2000 IOC Drug Policy Criticized in D.C. Executive Assails White House Drug Chief CannabisNews McCaffrey Archives:
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on August 11, 2000 at 07:46:39 PT:
Help from 'help'
One of the cultural aspects of Americans since Watergate is an almost subconscious cynicism concerning the value of governments' abilitiy to 'improve' their lives. A tee shirt I saw once summed things up very nicely: A Smiley Face was pointing a revolver in the direction of the viewer, and the caption beneath it said "I'm from the government; I'm here to help you."And yet it is also a uniquely American trait to offer assistance to those we think are in need.The problem begins when the 'help' doesn't help, but causes more mischief than the original problem. All the drug laws of this country from 1914 on have been exemplary examples of what happens when government 'help' makes a managebale siuation completely out of control and far more dangerous than it would otherwise have been. What's even worse is with this kind of 'help' is that in nearly all cases, it is not only unasked for, but unwanted, unwelcome, and totally unwarranted. But government is bound and determined to provide you with this 'help'. McCaffrey's insistance upon offering his 'help' is a perfect example. He is even willing to impose his 'help' upon other nations, be it through buying bombs, bullets, rockets, helicopters, et al with taxpayers money and sending them to Colombia, or 'providing US leadership' on the matter of what international athletes may or may not put in their bodies. I don't know about you, but I can do without MISTER McCaffrey's 'help', thank you very much. It's proven to be too expensive in too many ways to accept.
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Comment #2 posted by dddd on August 10, 2000 at 21:47:00 PT
good idea
How wonderful!Our highly decorated psycotic drug czar,is willing to help out. How would we ever get by without his expertise?...Now I finally see,that the czar is only interested in helping make things better.This kind old veteran is only concerned with helping people. In the same way he helped the suyrrendered,retreating Iraqi troops,he is now helping america,and Americans battle the scourge of drugs that everyone thinks are bad. The czar would do anything to help keep people from doing drugs that are not good drugs. My thanx to the czar.We owe you and all the others in the fourth reich. Now I realize,you are beyond being blamed for anything,because you were simply doing your job,and doing your utmost,to serve your superiors.(oops,sorry,,I forgot that you dont think you have "superiors"). I gotta say,that you,and all those in your realm,,are not Americans,in the same way that real Americans are.You have become a mouthpiece for what I will call "amarikuns".You have some company,,I think they would refer to you as a "henchman". My main question for the "amarikuns",who have declared war on America,and freedom,,is;.."Who the hell do you think you are?" do not even come close to representing the people,,,,you have trampled upon all that America is suppoesed to be....You have made our founding fathers roll over in their graves so many times,that we will soon have to renovate their caskets.....You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!.......but you're not....oh well,,have a nice day...your behavior,and actions make the worst of the "drug kingpins" look like hard feelings......A#*HOLE!..............disgusted dissappointed disallusioned disgruntled..the 4 ds'
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Comment #1 posted by DCP on August 10, 2000 at 20:09:15 PT:
Drugs and Kids
Because of the Drug War it is easy for kids to get steroids from dope dealers. End the Drug War and control the sale of drugs to minors and this problem will disappear, for all practical purposes. Easy access to drugs is the fault of the Prohibitionists. 
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