Simple: Just Kill the Drug Users 

Simple: Just Kill the Drug Users 
Posted by FoM on July 24, 2000 at 06:20:41 PT
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Regarding, "One toke over the line, sweet Jesus?" In my never-humble opinion, there's a very simple solution to the drug problem. I've long admired the Islamic countries' stance on drugs, their total intolerance of it. Their "problem" with drugs is far less severe than ours for a simple reason; it's punishable by death there. I imagine that adopting such a policy would be very difficult, but it's been proven effective. 
If using drugs means you're going to be executed, as does selling them, you're going to find it a very unpopular vocation very quickly.  Michael May Dope is The Devil's Tool:   Anyone who wants to legalize drugs has never had a teenage son overdose on drugs, or a daughter who has ruined her life and health because of easy access to drugs. Drugs are destroying this country inside and out. It was prophesied in Revelation, "For by thy sorceries (pharmakeea) were all nations deceived. It's as obvious to see as the newspapers and TV. Only drug dealers want legalization. Not the mom and pops.  Jim  Rethinking The Reefer:   You are the first person to cause me to really rethink this issue. You are correct in that there is not a biblical "law" against drunkenness. Most of my reasoning has been purely emotional. As a teen-ager (20 years ago), I would take or smoke anything to try to get away from what I perceived as normality. Of course I was just going along with the rest of the world, instead of rebelling against it. It wasn't until I gave my life to Christ, that I really understood what standing against the "world" really meant. My reasoning on this issue has been based on the fact that if we make marijuana legal for instance, use of it would certainly increase and that cannot be good for society. I have always been against the seizure laws, which obviously violate the Constitution; however the Constitution is not scripture and as God's children (his bondslaves) we have no rights. I will continue to rethink this, discuss it with my brothers and perhaps come to a new conclusion.  Robert Ball  Legal or No?   Fence-sitters like Margaret must accept the fact that legislating moral behavior has never worked. Laws should protect people from the injuries of others, instead of promoting the beliefs of fanatics. What people do to themselves is strictly their own business, not that of meddlers who believe that legalization means "tacit endorsement and approval" of drug use. Prohibitionists should acknowledge that the drug war is a monstrously counterproductive policy and surrender to the evidence that regulating drugs is the best way to minimize drug damage. Continuing an utterly failed paradigm to avoid admitting failure is the ultimate hypocrisy because no one was robbing, whoring and murdering over drugs when addicts could buy all of the heroin, cocaine, morphine, opium and anything else they wanted cheaply and legally at the corner pharmacy. When drugs were legal, addicts held regular employment, raised decent families and were indistinguishable from their teetotaling neighbors. Overdoses were virtually unheard of when addicts used cheap pure Bayer Heroin instead of the expensive toxic potions prohibition puts on the streets. (See: The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs.) Where drug crime was unheard-of we now have prisons overflowing with drug users. Where addicts lived normal lives, we have hundreds of thousands of shattered families. Where overdoses were extremely rare we have tens of thousands of drug deaths every year. The addiction rate is now five times greater than when we had no laws at all and 19-year-olds are the fastest growing group of heroin users. It is absurd beyond compare to continue the dismal failure of drug prohibition just to spare the feelings of self-deluded drug crusaders.  Redford Givens  Nods of Approval?   I have an answer to Margaret and the others who wonder what they can do about drugs, to show that they don't approve, if drugs are made legal again. You can tell people that you don't approve! The answer to a problem of freedom abused, is always more freedom. When the racists march, it is always comforting to see that larger groups show up to air their non-racist views. It will be just as comforting to see Christians lined up to witness to those who show up at pot bars, or shoot smack in the park, to tell them personally, that there is a better way. This is one of the real tragedies of the drug war. It has made good people complacent. "That's the policeman's job, not mine," they say to themselves. Many Christians seem to have forgotten that they are called to witness the Lord's glory themselves, and not to render that which is the Lord's (moral authority) to Caesar, by ceding to Caesar the responsibility of telling people that drugs are immoral. Is it any wonder that Caesar then tries to tell us that something like abortion, is actually moral? The State did not steal our moral compass, we sold it cheap when we asked the state to pass laws and take over the responsibility of telling people that "Drugs are Evil." Now the State claims the right to make all of our moral decisions for us. Please listen carefully to what the Libertarians are offering. They are not offering to give moral sanction to drugs, moral sanctions rightfully belong to the people. No government can ever hope, nor should they try, to tell us what is moral. Instead, the Libertarian Party is offering to free us of the hate. The current "war on (some) drugs" does not just hate the sin. It hates the sinner too, and sometimes, in its blind fury, it abuses the innocent as well, and abuses them terribly. Let go of the hate. End the war on drug-users. Embrace them with love, and kindness, instead of force and power. Many more will accept loving kindness, than would ever respond to brutal force.  Kevin HoustonDirect Link To Above Article: read more articles like this one, visit: Published: Monday, July 24, 2000 2000, Inc.Related Articles:What Would Jesus Do About Dope? Toke Over The Line, Sweet Jesus?
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Comment #15 posted by caleb k on January 06, 2001 at 09:45:45 PT
maijuana bad or evil?
hello my name is caleb and im a smokaholic. i stated smokin a few years. i had no idea what maijuana can do to you. i was 13 when i started to smoke and the effects it had on me were critical. if i would've known that mary jane was bad for your brain i would've waited till i was of age. but i didn't and now i have to deal with short term memory which was there at one point but i have trouble remembering things and school became one of the things i quit for weed. it was pretty stupid and thats something i do regret. your imagination is great when your young but if you start to smoke in you teen -preteen years its gonna fuck with your head. you wont be as smart as you could've been. but you will be insane. marijuana is not a drug and never will be. if it ever was or ever will be a drug it will be a miricle. one of the many differnt pain killas perscribed now days. and its all natural. no chemicals. i think marijuana should've never been illeagalized its a miricle drug and no one not even christians can see it. i can but i believe in my own gods. not only a pain killer but an anti depressant and there are many differnt uses for it but mine is to keep me sane. i recently quit smokin cigerettes and it was tough. if any smoke should be illeagalized is tobacco. i could give a f*** about a cigerette company or how much they are makin of people dyin.the only way we colud cut down people smokin cigerettes is to illeagalize wont stop them and it should'nt be jailtime or anything. maybe a fine. but maijuana isn't half as bad a cigerettes. hate cigerettes. die. why should people goto jail for a plant a part of this world. it was here before allof us what gives us the right to kill it and imprison folks for it. bullshit.any whays the only way pot is bad is if you start to smoke it too early or if your parents smoke it around you when you are will ruin you at an early age but if you are of age its fine. it is a free country right?wrong fuck this nationit is not free goddamm president says it is.he knows ask him, better yet ask him if he will legalize it for the free insted of gettin put in jail for an herb.he'll probly say its evil or somethin. this world is so corrupt.i hate it suicidal it amkes me i will never but i wish i could. anyways back to the bad and evil. marijuana is bad, badass and cigerettes are evil american tradition or not. they will kill you remember that.proposition fuck you
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Comment #14 posted by CD1 on July 25, 2000 at 09:22:24 PT
I love these people who admire the Islamic countries way of justice. I have to laugh at their ignorance. It is funny, but I never hear these same people expressing admiration for Islamic Laws.I have been to several Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia, Pakistan, Oman, Lebanon, Tunisia). I can assure you, that these admirers of Islamic Justice would not be happy in most of these countries. Sure, the justice is swift and harsh, but other freedoms are severly restricted. Not only is drug possession punishable by death, but free speech about religion or government can also earn you a one way ticket to a horrible prison or worse. It has always been my opinion that what has made America great is the bill of rights. Sure it allows people to get away with saying stupid and hateful things, and sure it may cause loopholes that slows the justice system in this country down, but I can assure you, I would rather live here than in a country where ONE religion harshly rules every aspect of life, from the top levels of government on down. Our country needs to distance itself further from these harsh ideas about prisons and justice, not closer. 
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Comment #13 posted by zion on July 25, 2000 at 03:51:31 PT
Back to the future
Why let the state execute drug users? It's so much easier just to encourage the neighborhood to pick up stones and have a public stoning, just like the good old days of the Old Testament. And while we're at it, let's bring back that punishment for adultery. It may be difficult to adopt these days, but it certainly has proven effective throughout history. Our divorce rate would drop significantly and our family courts would be unclogged. Sure, it's not very Christian, but those sheep prefer to forgive people rather than punish people...
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Comment #12 posted by Dan B on July 25, 2000 at 02:24:15 PT:
No Need to Apologize
Romper, I was just making an observation, not trying to put you down or anything. I liked what you said, and I really did like the way you said it. I wasn't entirely certain that you intended for the CAPS LOCK key to be on during that long segment. Thank you for your comments. I think they were necessary and insightful.Sincerely,Dan B
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Comment #11 posted by romper on July 25, 2000 at 00:01:22 PT
Hey dddd thanks for the applause. My apologies to you Dan B for shouting but we may not have to much longer to voice our opinions on this site so I wanted to go out with a bang    While I am here I will also say that for another human being to wish death on a person they don't even know just because they do something they don't understand or think is right just goes to show who the real menace to society is. Peace, it does the body good!???????????        Take it easy dddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comment #10 posted by dddd on July 24, 2000 at 23:07:58 PT
Award are cool,, If there was such a thing,I'd give you the "Best Comment Award",,,the flavor of your angry, romping style is refreshing.Thanks for speakin' out......sincerely.....dddd 
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Comment #9 posted by kaptinemo on July 24, 2000 at 16:52:40 PT:
The Lebanese Disease
Long before the Lebanese Civil War, I used to know someone who came from Lebanon, from the resort town of Zhale. He was a Maronite Christian, by the way. He told me once that it was a saying of his people that it is easier to kill a fool than it is to reason with one. And it seems that that is precisely why so many people died in the Lebanese Civil War; the problem is, everybody thought everybody else was a fool, and the deciding factor got to be how quickly you were able kill your opponent. So much for the 'wisdom' of Islamic 'justice'.The problem is, those who have never been on the receiving end of violence perpetrated by the State never realize how capricious it can be. How many innocent people have been executed in this country? Nobody really knows, but some have. How many have died as direct or indirect results of the DrugWar? Again, no one really knows, but it's a safe bet the numbers run into the thousands. But one thing is certain: *the attitude* of those fostering the DrugWar is every bit as dangerous as any cop's truncheon or service firearm, because it fuels the very acts of violence that the fool in the first LTE favors. Remember Bill Bennett's suggestion that we be beheaded? Or Darryl Gate's opining that we should be taken out and shot, execution-style? That kind of verbal vomit is indicative of people who don't think that the machinery of fascism will touch them, that only the 'bad people' need fear the righteous State. Until they learn too late what a juggernaut they've set loose.Idiots like Mr. May give the rest of Homo Sapiens a bad name.
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Comment #8 posted by DontArrestMe on July 24, 2000 at 15:08:10 PT
Islamic Countries
"I've long admired the Islamic countries' stance on drugs" So what you are saying is that you admire the fact that drug users and dealers are executed in those countries. Do you also admire the fact that they finance their religious zeal with vast fields of opium poppies? Am I the only one who sees the irony and hypocrisy in their stance on drugs and your deluded ramblings thereof?
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Comment #7 posted by Dan B on July 24, 2000 at 14:35:28 PT:
Thanks, Ben Cohn
I'm glad somebody did the research on this one. It seemed rather bizarre to me that such a policy would actually work to do anything except raise public outrage, but I didn't have research to back it up. I'd be interested to know which country it was (you said it might have been Iran, which sounds right, considering their recent measures to take a small step away from their usual fundamentalist tendencies).It's good to hear another voice of reason.
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Comment #6 posted by Ben Cohn on July 24, 2000 at 13:27:59 PT:
Killing is Not Effective
"Regarding, 'One toke over the line, sweet Jesus?' In my never-humble opinion, there's a very simple solution to the drug problem. I've long admired the Islamic countries' stance on drugs, their total intolerance of it. Their "problem" with drugs is far less severe than ours for a simple reason; it'spunishable by death there. I imagine that adopting such a policy would be very difficult, but it's been proven effective. "WRONG! It has proven to be the exact OPPOSITE of effective. One of the Middle East states, I believe it was Iran, stopped executing drug dealers a couple of years ago. Why? IT DIDN'T WORK! They weren't stopping drug sales, they were just killing a lot of people.It is IMPOSSIBLE to legislate morality. No amount of threats, no degree of violence, will stop people from doing what they think is right, or at least in their own interests.The sooner we can accept this as a society, the sooner we can move away from the Fear/Threat/Punishment model of morality, and towards one uses Personal Responsibility as its guiding principle. Ben Cohn
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Comment #5 posted by Dan B on July 24, 2000 at 13:02:30 PT:
Whoa There, Romper...
It's good to hear a voice I'm not so familiar with here. My goodness, though, that was quite a tirade (but well-deserved, if you ask me). I often feel like letting go like that, but my writer's instincts usually kick in at the last minute and make me write something less emotional. That wasn't meant to be a barb, by the way. It's just that writing is a way of life for me, so I'm careful to protect myself somewhat when I write (even though my typos seem to proliferate when I get into a forum like this--I'm a bad typist, and I tend to send off first drafts here).Anyway, it was good to read something written from the gut. Way to go! (but please take the caps off next time): )
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Comment #4 posted by ROMPER on July 24, 2000 at 10:09:21 PT
It seems to me that people just don't understand just how ignorant they are when it comes to marijuana. As far as I know a person can not overdose marijuana. Marijuana is nothing like shooting up or snorting cocain and is far less addictive. So before you go bashing pot smokers get your info straight. It has been proven that marijuana is not even as bad as alcohol or cigerettes but yet people still continue to think that a pot smoker is some homeless bum that can't contribute to society or should I say contribute to the flock of ingnorant sheep that the government has brain washed into believing that is does no wrong and everthing it does is for the best interest of this country.Well it is time for people to open their eyes and look around. The government is all about money. How can we screw our nation today? I know lets throw all the drug users in jail and take their property and ruin a family have childern watch their MOM and POP cuffed and drug off like a couple of serial killers. Now thats what I call justice and the best interest of the american public. What ever happened to love thy neighbor? Lets fill our prisons so full of drug users that we don't have room for rapists,murders,theives,and violent offenders that should be behind bars. Instead of legalizing certain drugs and making money off the taxes and make sure that people have acess to clean needles to prevent diesease control and try to heal the sick addidts and get them off the streets and back on their lets do this : SPEND MORE HARD EARNED TAX MONEY ON JAILS AND NOT AS MUCH ON SCHOOLS AND HOUSING LETS SEND 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS TO COLUMBIA AND START A CIVIL WAR AND END UP SPENDING ABOUT 5 TIMES WHAT WE SAID WE WERE GOING TO AND MAYBE HAVE SOME MORE OF OUR SOILDERS KILLED IN THE PROCESS INSTEAD OF REGULATING DRUGS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY AND MAKE THEM AVAIABLE SO THAT THERE WON'T BE A DEMAND FOR DRUGS FROM A PLACE LIKE COLUMBIA LETS JUST ROB OUR NATION OF ALL OUR CIVIL RIGHTS LETS GO INTO OTHER COUNTRIES AND DESTROY ALL THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED LETS REEK HAVIC ACROSS THE WHOLE PLANET SEE PEOPLE SUFFER AND DIE SEE CHILDERN GROW UP WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS SEE MURDERS AND RAPIST RUN FREE SEE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE STREETS BEGGING FOR FOOD AND SHELTER SEE ALL OUR JOBS SENT OTHER COUNTRIES SEE OUR PLANET DESTROYED BY POLUTION LETS WATCH THE GOVERNMENT GET RICHER BY TAKING MONEY FROM ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO COMPANIESTO MAKE SURE THAT MARIJUANA IS NOT LEGAL BECAUSE IT WOULD KILL THEIR PROPHETS TAKE MONEY FROM ENERGY COMPANIES TO KEEP HEMP FROM BEING LEGAL BECAUSE IT CAN ALSO BE USED AS A SOURCE OF ENERGY THAT WOULD SAVE US MONEY AND CREATE JOBS FOR MORE FARMERS TO PRODUCE IT BUT THERE AGAIN THAT TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM THE BIG OIL COMPANIES WE CAN'T HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE BUT AMOUNG ALL THESE BAD THINGS AND MANY MORE THAT I DON'T HAVE THE TIME OR PATIENCE TO DISCUSS WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T YOU DARE SET BACK IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR ON HOME AND SMOKE A JOINT THAT JUST IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.Come on people open up your eyes realize that we the people are no longer the governments concern we are just a way for them to make money.??????????????      
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Comment #3 posted by freedom fighter on July 24, 2000 at 08:50:44 PT
Ever wonder how Saudi Arab kill
their prisoners..First they inject tranquilizer drug to relax the prisoner and they cut the prisoner head. How ironic that the authorities felt they had to use drugs to relax the prisoner before killing him for using or selling drugs. In these places, the government kills people without any thoughts. They may be drug free but ah so unfree.. The author is more than welcome to move there. No one will miss the author.
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Comment #2 posted by Dan B on July 24, 2000 at 06:48:54 PT:
Part II 
"Only drug dealers want legalization. Not the mom and pops."Wrong. Drug dealers are the last people on Earth who would advocate legalization. It would destroy their profit margins, and the result would be the end of their businesses.It's like saying that Bill Gates parys every night that the federal government will break up Microsoft.With regard to the "mom and pops," does this person realy believe that the more than one million drug war prisoners in this country don't have moms and pops who want desperately for the government to show some mercy and some respect for human life? Does this person really believe that locking people in prisons keeps drugs off the streets? Clearly, this person has spent far too much time listening to his elected representatives, and far too little time researching the issues before shooting off his mouth.I'll talk about one more quotation, then I'll shut up (for now):"...the Constitution is not scripture and as God's children (his bondslaves) we have no rights."This person has a sick, demented perception of the God of Christianity. I have known far too many people with this same perspective; it is one reason why I've stayed away from church for so long. They are what I call "holy doormats." They honestly believe that God wants all Christians to just lay down and let everyone else walk all over them. Generally, they get this perception from preachers, whom Christ called "false prophets," who are all to happy to do the walking.Not that you needed me to expose these folks as the kooks they are, but I wanted to get my 2 cents in. Okay, 4 cents.
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Comment #1 posted by Dan B on July 24, 2000 at 06:36:16 PT:
Kill All Drug Users, Eh?
"I've long admired the Islamic countries' stance on drugs, their total intolerance of it. Their 'problem' with drugs is far less severe than ours for a simple reason; it's punishable by death there."Hmmm. Okay, say we make all drug use punishable by death. I guess the next step is to place police outside all pharmacies to shoot people as they come out. And maybe we can have cops going through everyone's groceries, too. "Lookie here, Bob. This guy thinks he can get away with buying coffee! Doesn't he know that caffeine is an addictive, mind-altering substance?" Bang!"Wow! This is really brazen--this guy has a carton of cigarettes! Doesn't this woman know that these things can kill you?" Bang!"What's that, kid? A can of Coca Cola? Don't you know that this stuff contains caffeine, an addictive, mind-altering substance?" Bang!Oh yeah, that would be great. This guy needs to grow up.Stay tuned for Part II
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