Lockney Student Not Forced To Take Drug Test 

Lockney Student Not Forced To Take Drug Test 
Posted by FoM on July 19, 2000 at 10:25:48 PT
By Jessica Raynor, Globe-News Staff Writer 
Source: Amarillo Globe-News
The Lockney Independent School District's mandatory drug-testing policy will not be enforced for the student named in a lawsuit against the district until the lawsuit is settled, lawyers said Tuesday.Brady Tannahill, who will enter seventh grade in the fall, neither will be forced to take the drug test nor will he be punished for refusing to do so, according to a stipulation filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern Division of Texas in Lubbock.
Tannahill's father, Larry Tannahill, refused to sign a permission slip in February for his son to take a school-mandated drug test with 200 other students.The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Lockney Independent School District in March, charging that the drug policy is illegal based upon the Fourth and 14th Amendments against unreasonable search and seizure.ACLU attorney Michael Linz and Lockney ISD attorney Don Henslee said the paperwork filed was a formalization of a gentlemen's agreement made at the start of the case."It saves both parties time and energy," Linz said from his office in Dallas.Linz said now the ACLU does not have to file a temporary injunction or restraining order against the school district's drug-testing policy."There's no real reason why we did it now," Henslee said from his Austin office. "The Lockney school board agreed to the stipulation because it thought it was the right thing to do."The stipulation, an agreement between lawyers on both sides of a case, reads: "The parties hereby stipulate that Defendants (Lockney ISD school board members) will not enforce the Lockney ISD Drug Testing Policy against Plaintiff (Brady and Larry Tannahill) pending a decision by the Court on the merits of this case."Both sides are working to see whether they can avoid going to court for a trial.Henslee said a trial can be costly. Henslee and Linz have until Nov. 15 to file motions for summary judgment if agreements on points of law and stipulations can be made, according to a court order issued by Northern District Judge Sam R. Cummings last month.Letters To The Editor: letters amarillonet.comLubbock, TexasPublished: July 19, 2000 2000 Amarillo Globe-News Related Articles & Web Site:ACLU ACLU Files Suit Against Lockney ISD Drug-Testing Enters Lockney ISD Drug-Testing Controversy Mistreatment Drug Testing Archives:
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Comment #3 posted by Dan B on July 19, 2000 at 23:57:51 PT:
By the way...About that letter...
Just to clear up the intention behind the letter I described below, it also pointed out the irresponsibility of saying that the cause of this man's actions was "drugs" in a categorical sense, rather than addressing the specific drugs this person was taking. 
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Comment #2 posted by Dan B on July 19, 2000 at 18:17:32 PT:
God Bless the ACLU
I live in Lubbock, where this case is being tried/negotiated. It's good to see that this school has finally come to its senses, at least for the time being. In general, the majority people of West Texas do not seem to know how to think for themselves, allowing politicians and religious leaders to think for them. In conjunction with this inability is a need to please everyone, the result being a large portion of the population with passive-aggressive tendencies. And the vast majority have bought into the lies of the drug war, as a recent article on the front page of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal claiming that drugs made a local man kill his parents illustrates. I sent a letter to the editor about this article, stating that it is irresponsible to claim that drugs made this man kill because such an assertion removes personal responsibility from those who use drugs. The man decided to kill, and he used drugs as a scapegoat. I chided them for their lack of journalistic integrity and social responsibility. Needless to say, the letter so far has not been published.As an educator at the university here, I feel that it is extremely important that all of the students who come through my classes learn some critical thinking skills, and learn that it is not only okay, but imperative that they use those skills--that they vocalize their opinions and ask questions when things don't seem right. I believe that if enough educators do what I'm trying to do, maybe the lessons will begin to sink in, and the next generation would be better off than those who raised them.
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on July 19, 2000 at 11:23:30 PT:
Put one right in their fascist eye!
I'll bet the parents of those other students are feeling pretty sheepish right now - as well they should. Because it's sheeple like them that make fascism possible. And do you know what the worst part of it is? These are kids whose parents went through the same kind of curriculum in school most of us now in middle age did. Courses that included Orwell's classic *1984*. They ought to know better. All that Western history, all those civics courses, all those social studies...wasted on them. Because when it comes to the crunch, just like most populations do when confronted with creeping tyranny, they just 'grunt and roll over'.
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