Echelon: Ears on You? 

Echelon: Ears on You? 
Posted by FoM on July 14, 2000 at 07:17:56 PT
We're listening
Source: WorldNetDaily
Echelon, the supersensitive snooping network operated worldwide by the U.S., with British assistance, is based at Menwith Hall Station, England. It uses major downloading posts at the Joint Analysis Center, Molesworth, England, and Bad Abiling Station, Germany, as well as other sites around the word. "The military downlinks only have access to military related information, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and these places,'' an intelligence source tells us. 
"However, at the (National Security Agency and the White House), they have links into economic intelligence that gives the U.S and England incredible power over the global economic status and overall picture of the European financial markets.'' The U.S. government does not acknowledge the existence of Echelon, a vacuum for millions of telephone calls, faxes and e-mails. Its satellites and ground-base listening posts home in on communications based on "hearing'' key words or certain telephone numbers. The powerful Echelon has been in the news this year. A former Canadian intelligence agent claims it eavesdrops on average citizens and creates files on the innocent. Paris has begun an investigation to determine if the Americans and Brits are using Echelon to spy on French companies. The National Security Agency, this country's electronic eyes and ears, briefly broke out of its secrecy shell in March. In a letter, the NSA assured members of Congress that it does not violate U.S. law by intercepting domestic communications. Still, some in the intelligence field with whom we spoke are not so sure. Said a second intelligence source, "It is quite an incredible system and it clearly has the capability to monitor line-to-line telephone conversations as well as cellular phones. It can also derive specific information from anything in a microwave transmission to a simple computer message. It is used primarily for national-level strategic intelligence collection. However, I am not unconvinced that economic data is not collected by this system.'' Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough are national security reporters for The Washington Times. Legislative Action Center direct news submissions to: news worldnetdaily.comPublished: July 14, 2000 2000 News World Communications, Inc.  2000, Inc. Related Article & Web Site:Echelon Watch ACLU Launches Web Site On Global Surveillance System
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