DrugSense Weekly June 16, 2000 #153

DrugSense Weekly June 16, 2000 #153
Posted by FoM on June 16, 2000 at 19:25:20 PT
Yet Another Heroic Casualty of the War on Drugs
Source: DrugSense
Peter McWilliams is dead. The Los Angeles author, publisher and cancer survivor living with AIDS, faced sentencing later this summer to a prison term that would surely have been a death sentence. Details at this writing are quite sketchy but the news archive will surely have follow up articles shortly.McWilliams was arrested in July 1998 on federal marijuana charges, after having given an advance to Todd McCormick, a medical marijuana patient, for a book see: for more details. 
Last November prosecutors got an order barring him from telling the jury that he has AIDS, that marijuana is medicine, that the federal government gives marijuana to eight patients, or that California passed Prop. 215.Stripped of any defense and facing a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence, he pleaded to a lesser charge. Peter was a great author and a hero to the drug policy reform effort. His last interview conducted just last week and aired on 20/20 can be viewed with RealVideo at: A partial transcript with John Stossel and Barbara Walters can be read at: of Peter's outstanding books have been left as a legacy to his great work. All can be read or downloaded for free from his web site News clippings about Peter can be found in the MAP news archive at: is in a better place and those of us who remain to fight for sensible drug polices will miss him and hopefully will fight even harder to finish the job he began. Click to read all of DrugSense Weekly's Update News: MapInc. Archives: Articles & Web Sites:The Medical Marijuana Magazine PeterTrial't Nobody's Business If You Do Mourn Passing of Medical Marijuana Activist McWilliams Passes Away Me a Break Transcript - Medical Marijuana McWilliams On 20/20 With John Stossel Victim Hammered By Pot Charge Me A Break - Write To John Stossel Articles On Peter McWilliams: 
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