History is Repeating Itself in Colombia

History is Repeating Itself in Colombia
Posted by FoM on May 27, 2000 at 08:49:46 PT
Letter to the Editor By Kathy J. Phillips
Source: Honolulu Advertiser
Although I have admired some of Denby Fawcett’s TV news reports, I was disturbed by her article "Vietnam reporter wanted to change her life, not history." Like many articles nostalgic for war these days, she masks historical causes and costs by focusing on private benefits. 
A chance to escape a "boring" job, advance a career, pursue a "love affair" should not eclipse the fact that the United States blocked democratic election in Vietnam in 1956 and supported undemocratic and repressive puppet governments. Three million Vietnamese (including two million civilians) and 58,000 Americans died in our war. I found Fawcett’s conclusion especially chilling: "Would I go back again? In the beat of a heart, yes."Who’s heartbeat are we concerned about? The longing for a new war to spice up private lives, especially as a scarcely reported U.S. war in Colombia is now waging?Just as in Vietnam, the United States is supporting a government with known ties to right-wing death squads and with as much involvement with drugs as the rebels are involved. President Clinton is planning $1.3 billion in new aid for 67 attack helicopters to defoliate the country.We already wrought this devastation in Vietnam. Are we going to do it again with no questions asked?Kathy J. PhillipsMentioned Article:Vietnam Reporter Wanted To Change her Life, Not History Saturday, May 27, 2000 © Copyright 2000 The Honolulu AdvertiserRelated Articles:Major Audit Firms Reject Colombia Contracts Anti-Drug Spraying Begins Money - Arianna Huffington A War Without End? - November Coalition Narco-Guerrilla War - Newsweek Worry Colombia Could Become Another Vietnam
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