Libertarian To Challenge Kennedy

Libertarian To Challenge Kennedy
Posted by FoM on May 17, 2000 at 06:30:10 PT
By Steve LeBlanc,  Associated Press Writer
Source: NewsDay
Barring a last-minute Republican miracle, a Libertarian candidate could be the toughest competition Sen. Edward Kennedy faces in November.The challenge would come from Carla Howell, a 44-year-old health care consultant who wants to kill the federal income tax, abolish the U.S. Department of Education and counts marijuana smokers among her most ardent supporters.
Howell already is her party's standard-bearer in Massachusetts. In her 1998 run for auditor, she won 6 percent of the vote, guaranteeing the party official status.``We are a fast-growing party that is gaining strength rather than the two dinosaur parties who are losing people,'' Howell said Tuesday.Political analysts say Howell's chance of victory is extremely remote -- she's taking on not only a scion of the nation's most famous political family, but arguably the most powerful politician in Massachusetts.Even if she fails, she could make history simply by propelling her party into the political spotlight. For that, she can thank the Massachusetts Republican Party.By failing to field their own candidate, the GOP has raised Howell's status from obscure third party candidate to Kennedy's most viable opposition.The sole Republican still in the race, Jack E. Robinson, appears to be falling short of the 10,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot. Robinson said he filed 13,000 signatures, but by the end of Tuesday, only 9,066 had been certified.Already, some Republican activists are giving Howell a closer look.``I would lean toward the Libertarian candidate and I think a lot of other Republicans would do the same,'' said state Rep. John Locke of Wellesley. ``What's the alternative? Either vote for the sitting senator or blank the ballot.''Howell already has cobbled together a coalition of anti-tax activists, gun rights supporters and backers of liberalized marijuana laws. While their pet issues vary, her supporters share a passionate belief that ``small government is beautiful,'' Howell said.Under Howell's vision, the federal government would be responsible for little else than the defense of American soil. Virtually every other program and policy would be abandoned, leaving a government so inexpensive that no American would have to pay personal income taxes, according to Howell.So far, Kennedy has said little about Howell's candidacy. His campaign war chest of more than $4.9 million dwarfs Howell's $138,800.``Senator Kennedy runs for the office of United States senator and not against an opponent,'' said Kennedy spokesman Will Keyser.Wayland,Mass. (AP) On the Net:Howell Campaign: http://www.carlahowell.orgKennedy Campaign: http://www.kennedy2000.orgRobinson Campaign: http://www.robinson2000.comPublished: May 17, 2000Copyright  Associated Press. 
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on May 18, 2000 at 09:47:21 PT
The Pulse of The Marijuana Movement 2000 C.E.
The Pulse of The Marijuana Movement 2000 C.E.When The Government Fears The People There is Liberty, When The People Fear The Government There is Tyranny! Thomas Jefferson Marijuana Grower and Founder of The University of Virginia The First NonReligious College Never has the need been so great to call upon the words of TJ as now when our country is threatened from within by good men so well intentioned yet misguided in continuing the longest war in our history, a war on the appetites of The People of The United States of America and a war on freedom. Jeff Christen-Mitchell For CongressClick the link to read detailed articles by Jeff Christen-Mitchell:
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Comment #1 posted by military officer guy on May 17, 2000 at 16:14:54 PT
vote for Carla Howell...
ok's our chance, looks like we really have a chance toget a Libertarian in office/washington dc...even if she doesn't win, if she gets a good amount of votes, thatcould really start get out there and vote...libertarian 2000....we can win this war...
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