Hemp TV: CNN's NewsStand, Maine & Med. Marijuana

Hemp TV: CNN's NewsStand, Maine & Med. Marijuana
Posted by FoM on May 13, 2000 at 08:16:58 PT
From D. Paul Stanford
Source: CRRH
HempTV and CRRH are proud to announce that "CNN NewsStand" with Maine Sheriff Mark Dion and CUNY medical pharmacology professor Dr. John Morgan, which was broadcast Friday, May 12, 2000, is now on-line for free viewing on demand using the Real Player. To watch this 11 minute presentation, point your web browser to: to Mainers for Medical Rights for their news release regarding this. Here is what they said:Progressive Maine Sheriff Argues for Medical Marijuana on "CNN NewsStand"Portland - Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion, who was a leader in Maine's successful Ballot Initiative to allow the medical use of marijuana, debated the state's top drug enforcement officer on "CNN NewsStand".Sheriff Dion has gained national attention for his position as one of a few "lone rangers" nationwide, and the only law enforcement officer in Maine, to openly support medical marijuana use for qualifying patients. Dion believes that since voters in Maine approved medical marijuana use at the polls last November, that the state should help distribute the drug to authorized patients. Dion told CNN that the question "was an ethical decision about the nature of dignity and compassion - and not simply a legal one. The law is about making sure we follow the rules.Justice seeks the exceptions. And for me, supporting medicinal marijuana was a journey to that exception."The head of Maine's Drug Enforcement Agency, Roy McKinney, disagrees."Law enforcement shouldn't be involved in the process of handing out any drug," he told CNN. "That's not our business. Our business is to identify and arrest drug dealers." A bill introduced in the Maine Legislature in March by Mainers for Medical Rights would have provided for confiscated marijuana to be distributed by the Drug Enforcement Agency to registered patients.The segment with Dion and McKinney will be followed by a live debate between Sue Rusche, of Families in Action and John Morgan, a physician and pharmacologist who supports the use of marijuana as medicine.Medical Marijuana laws have been passed in eight states and the District of Columbia in the last four years. It remains illegal under federal law. HempTV and CRRH are happy to announce that the July 1999 TV show, Inside Edition, featuring the persecution/prosecution of the Kubby clan is at: 1998 ad for Kubby for governor of California based upon South Park is at: Now you can view the next 20 Messages on Cannabis News by clicking here or going to the bottom of the front page of CannabisNews. I hope you enjoy the new links and the new feature!CannabisNews & Drug Policy Information: Next 20 Articles From CannabisNews: 
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