Stop The Helicopters: 5/9 Vote in Senate Committee

Stop The Helicopters: 5/9 Vote in Senate Committee
Posted by FoM on May 04, 2000 at 22:12:02 PT
Rapid Response Team
Source: DRCNet
Say No to Drug War Funding for Colombia's Abusive Military.We write you today on a matter of great and urgent international importance. Colombia's armed forces have been implicated in gross human rights abuses through their covert association with Colombia's underground paramilitary forces -- also known as the "death squads."
Yet through the dishonesty of drug czar Barry McCaffrey and some members of Congress, our government is preparing to send $1.7 billion of drug war funding to Colombia, the majority of it to go to the brutally corrupt army, much of it in the form of expensive high-tech Blackhawk helicopters manufactured in the district of one of the members of the committee that passed the bill.The package has already passed the House, and is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, May 9th. Please visit: to send a free e-mail or fax to your two Senators and to find out their phone numbers to call.Funding this drug war bill will make American taxpayers complicit in the torture and murder of peace and human rightsactivists, labor organizers, anyone who stands up for the basic rights of all human beings in the troubled nation of Colombia. Yet it will have no impact on the availability of drugs in the US, anymore than the wasted billions spent over the last two decades.So please take two minutes today and visit: before the Senate Appropriations Committee takes its vote on Thursday. Please follow up your e-mail with a phone call, using the numbers the web site will provide, or through the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And please tell your friends so they too can stand up for justice and sanity.To subscribe to DRCNet's weekly newsletter and action alert list, visit and enter your name, e-mail address and state in the "quick-signup form to the right. To unsubscribe from DRCNet, send e-mail to listproc with the words signoff drc-natl as the message (not the subject), or e-mail listhelp for assistance.DRCNet needs your support! DRCNet: drcnet drcnet.orgPlease visit our registration form at: to make a donation on our encryption-secured credit card form or enter your name, address and pledge amount to print out and send in with your check. Or just send checks or money orders to: DRCNet 2000 P St., NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20036, or call your credit card info in to (202) 293-8340 CannabisNews Articles On The Drug Reform Coordination Network:
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