Drug Testing in Construction May Be Model

Drug Testing in Construction May Be Model
Posted by FoM on April 30, 2000 at 14:22:27 PT
By The Associated Press
Source: Pioneer Planet
A random drug testing program billed as a national prototype is under way for thousands of construction trade workers in southeastern Wisconsin.The drug testing plan covers 7,500 construction trade workers and an undisclosed number of nonunion office workers at companies in Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties.
About 30 union carpenters and at least one nonunion manager participated in the first test last week after they were selected at random by computer. They are notified through their employers and given a few hours to report for testing.``Everybody who was supposed to be there was there, and it went smoothly,'' said Ed Hayden, executive vice president of the Allied Construction Employers Association in Brookfield.The union-management agreement calls for urine, blood and breath tests for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. Results of the testing, done by a Pewaukee lab, are confidential.Workers who test positive are guaranteed 30 days of unpaid leave for substance-abuse treatment and can return to work if they pass a new test.Those employees who decline treatment may be suspended or fired. Published: Sunday, April 30, 2000  2000 PioneerPlanet / St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer PressDrug Policy Forum Of Wisconsin Drug Testing Articles & Archives:
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Comment #7 posted by danny stricker on January 24, 2001 at 08:19:11 PT:
send me info
I am very interested in how to get around "things" when i am on the job site. I partake in "things" daily.Please send me all the info you can about this subject.p.s. keep on tokin'your website rocks man!!
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Comment #6 posted by 215 rules on May 01, 2000 at 08:36:17 PT
piss tests
Drug testing is the equivalent of the yellow jewish star the nazis made the Jews wear. It identifies people who would not stand out. In Germany they could not tell if you were a Jew without the star and now it does not matter if you do your job well. Drug testing is obviously a war against marijuana, since it lingers far longer than any other drug. Read the book DRUG WARRIORS AND THEIR PREY by Richard Lawrence Miller for a picture of what they would like to do to us. They are creating the underground ecomony. I have not had a straight job in 22 years and one thing is for sure. I'm not taking any stinking drug test for a job. Grow on. Along with my medical marijuana script I have here in California, I have a script for marinol is case I am in a car accident and I am forced to take the test..
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Comment #5 posted by cerebus on May 01, 2000 at 00:14:32 PT
truth is drug testing costs employers more money than it porportedly saves. the aclu has released a report saying exactly that. never mind that u can get out of work friday do cocaine smoke crack drop lsd and drink yourself into a stupor and pass a drug test monday morning in almost all likely hood but smoke a joint that friday and your skrewed. truth is on the job you shouldnt get high some jobs i definately dont want my doctor smoking or drinking before he cuts me open. but ive worked plenty of places and if a person is coming in high on alchol or whatever repeatedly and constantly most people can figure that out and if they do then by all means if someones gettin drunk or high on the job by all means let that worker go. but because a person works for an employer they only work for that employer 8 hours a day. sonce when does the other hours of your day factor into your job? does employment mean ownership? i know plenty of straight people that blow off work goof off surf the web make calls all day on the company phone. they focus on drug testing claiming that people that use drugs miss more work bull. if using on the job fine they got a beef and every right. but hey if they own our leisure time now outside work and our weekends then what? and lets be honest there are any number of products on the market that mask or flush thc from your urine not to mention other substances. its entirely possible and relatively easy to beat any drug test if your so inclined. lets be real focus on people behavior actually AT work and get out of our leisure time and our weekends ive never signed a contract with a company that said they had any right to own that and thats what drug testing does. 
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Comment #4 posted by J.C. on April 30, 2000 at 23:39:26 PT
Random drug testing...
Another attempt for a company to own someone 24hrs a day. Were turning into a nation of lemmings - come now - we are talking about adults. 
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on April 30, 2000 at 17:27:24 PT
A Sad Story On The War On Some Drugs
Hi Everyone,About 6 or 8 weeks ago my husband was called in for a random drug test. When he was called on the phone I answered and spoke to the lady named Gwen who was a secretary for a trucking company and took care of all the drug testing issues within the company.I got nervy and spoke up on mandatory drug testing and told her what I felt were the problems that I saw with this issue. I scared myself actually when I was talking. She listened attentatively but came back with this.She said you have no idea how many truck drivers climb up into the cab of a truck that are drunk or she said high on marijuana and she said we just can't tolerate that. She said her husband also was a truck driver and resented the random drug testing even though he didn't do illegal drugs. We ended the conversation basically that way.My husband told me that Gwen was killed last week in a car accident where alcohol was the factor. She has left 5 children, was 25 years old and get this her husband was the cause of the accident, driving under the influence of alcohol, and will be charged with vehicular homicide.Just another sad story in the war on some drugs.Peace, FoM!
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Comment #2 posted by freedom fighter on April 30, 2000 at 16:59:05 PT
As a carpenter
I have built 350 houses in ten years and smoked every single day.. I know many many carpenters who worked hard every day and smoke everyday.Wish I could break into Pewaukee lab and steal the info and release it to the PUBLIC..ANY AMERICAN WHO TAKES PISS TEST TO GET A JOB IS NO LONGER AN AMERICAN. IN MY BOOK YOU TAKE PISS TEST, YOU HAVE COMMITTED A TREASON AGAINIST US CONSITUTION..As an American Carpenter, I promised you I will never take piss test. I will not build anything if anyone ask me to take the Pee test! As a Deaf American Carpenter, I am very MAD!
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Comment #1 posted by fivepounder on April 30, 2000 at 15:47:58 PT
our sick governmert
How many carpenters are now going to go underground and grow weed. The stupidity of our governmen fnows no end.
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