Helicopter Crew Makes Impression 

Helicopter Crew Makes Impression 
Posted by FoM on April 27, 2000 at 20:42:41 PT
By Dawn Schuett, The Post-Bulletin
Source: Post-Bulletin
The crew of a Minnesota Army National Guard helicopter travels with lots of survival equipment when it's on a mission in the war on drugs.Flares, a strobe light, a mirror, a fishing net and a bar of pure magnesium are some of the tools found in a vest worn by each crew member.
"Of all the survival equipment I have, what do you think is the most important?" Sgt. First Class Kelly Fisher asked fourth- and fifth-graders Wednesday at Rochester's Harriet Bishop Elementary School.A couple students in the crowd guessed the answer before Fisher could reply."Your brain," they said.That's exactly right, Fisher told the students as he reminded them their most important piece of survival equipment is also their brain, and they shouldn't mess it up with alcohol or other drugs. Fisher, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Bob Vetscher and Chief Warrant Officer 3 B.J. Voute flew a UH1 helicopter from St. Paul to visit Harriet Bishop and Jefferson Elementary School. The Minnesota Army National Guard has a fleet of helicopters used to assist law enforcement officers in the fight against drugs. But the helicopters also fly to 250 to 350 Minnesota schools every year to educate youngsters about the dangers of drugs.Fisher said the visits are often done in conjunction with local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs offered by local law enforcement agencies."We get the anti-drug message to them, but we don't push it on them," Fisher said. Much of the presentation is about the helicopter's abilities and the equipment and skill necessary to operate it. Students say the helicopter is an impressive thing that grabs their attention."It was cool," said 11-year-old Yanni Peng, a fifth-grader at Harriet Bishop. Yanni's classmate, 11-year-old Jeff Budnik, said the helicopter's parts and big engine are amazing.Once the helicopter and its crew delivered the anti-drug message at Harriet Bishop, their departure left a group of students waving good-bye.NewsHawk: Rainbow April 27, 2000Copyright 2000 Post-Bulletin Company, L.L.C. CannabisNews Articles On Helicopters:
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Comment #1 posted by dddd on April 28, 2000 at 04:21:01 PT
One of the real weird and strange things about the drug war,is all the good people who are involved in law enforcement.They are doing their jobs,and are supporting families,and are being used as tools,by what I call,"The Evil Empire". No matter what they really think,they are paid to advocate the twisted agenda,and biased views of the people who sign their paychecks. If your kids,and family depend on a check from the "Evil Empire", to exsist,then you dont have much choice but to stand behind the views of your employers.It could almost be described as mandatory mind control of the most underhanded and devious variety............dddd
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