Outaouais Police Construct Special Cannabis Cabin

Outaouais Police Construct Special Cannabis Cabin
Posted by FoM on April 17, 2000 at 07:33:23 PT
By Aaron Sands, The Ottawa Citizen
Source: Ottawa Citizen
MRC des Collines police in West Quebec are building a home for their marijuana. Overcome by the potent smell of all the marijuana they've seized in recent months, the police force has acquired the regional government's approval to construct a special cannabis cabin, to be used for storing marijuana, bongs, pipes, scales, heat lamps and other drug-related paraphernalia confiscated as evidence in MRC territory. 
MRC territory covers 2,000 square kilometres and seven rural municipalities: Chelsea, Cantley, Val-Des-Monts, La Peche, Pontiac, Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette and L'Ange Gardien. "If we seize a lot of marijuana, we can't just put it inside the police station," MRC des Collines police Deputy Chief Denis St-Jean said. "The smell is terrible and it makes people feel funny. One little bag has a strong smell to it. Can you imagine a full truck of marijuana? We have a lot of hydroponic labs and we need a place to put all this stuff." Lieut. Roger Leblanc agreed. "The smell is very strong," Lieut. Leblanc said. "We can't keep marijuana inside the station." At its March 16 meeting, MRC des Collines regional municipal council called for tenders for the construction of a five-metre by six-metre shed, which will be built behind the police station, located at 7 Edelweiss Rd. in Wakefield. The lowest bid was accepted yesterday. MRC des Collines warden and Chelsea Mayor Judy Grant said it's high time for such a shed. "It will be a shed to keep stuff in," Ms. Grant said, adding the construction "shouldn't be too expensive." "We forgot to build it when we built the police station three years ago." Deputy Chief St-Jean said the shed, which will be constructed of wood and covered with beige vinyl siding, should be completed within the next two months. After a marijuana bust, a portion of the confiscated drugs is typically sent for laboratory analysis while the majority of the stash is quickly destroyed. Smaller samples will be bagged and kept in vaults inside the new shed. "We have to wait until the court proceedings in the drug cases are over until we can destroy the evidence," Deputy Chief St-Jean said. The force will also use the new structure to store stolen goods with strong smells, such as lawnmowers, snowblowers and other items containing gasoline and oil. To keep thieves away from the valuable stash, security around the shed will be tight. Located behind the police station, next to another shed that's full of stolen property, the building will be equipped with an alarm system and two locks and monitored with cameras. "Even if someone is able to get in, they will not find the drugs," Deputy Chief St-Jean said. "The marijuana will be kept in vaults. The cruisers will be parked right beside the shed." Police cited a need for the shed because of the increasing amount of marijuana they're finding. So far this year, they've busted six sizable hydroponic labs in the area. Last year, 23 drug busts were made. Lieut. Leblanc said with the summer months approaching, the amount of marijuana flowing into the station could be overwhelming. "Especially in the summertime, when we do all of the fields, there will be a lot more of it," he said, adding the extensive selection of open fieldshas made marijuana cultivation a lucrative venture. "Sometimes people will plant it on a farmer's land and the farmer doesn't even know it's there. We're talking about acres and acres of open fields. It's well-done, it's well-hidden." Published: April 17, 2000Copyright 2000 Ottawa Citizen Related Articles:Bloc Quebecois Renews Sovereigntist Vows Store To Test Open Sale of Medicinal Pot
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Comment #2 posted by Kanabys on April 18, 2000 at 10:49:57 PT:
Well, I don't particularly like the skunk's smell, but sativa is divine!! Hey, anyone wanna plan a raid??
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Comment #1 posted by mungojelly on April 18, 2000 at 10:13:06 PT:
the smell is terrible?
"The smell is terrible and it makes people feel funny." -- Oh come on, Monsieur Pig Officer, have you no taste whatsoever? Did someone force these people to smell marijuana & then give them electric shocks? I mean, lying about the health effects of pot, or lying about its effect on the mind, that's one thing. But do they really have to deny that it smells good? 
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