Emery's Visit Rekindles City Lights Past Nostalgia

Emery's Visit Rekindles City Lights Past Nostalgia
Posted by FoM on April 16, 2000 at 19:27:53 PT
By Peter Geigen-Miller -- Free Press Reporter
Source: London Free Press
The 25th anniversary of the City Lights Bookstore brought its controversial and crusading former owner back to London yesterday. An anniversary promotion offering 25 per cent off everything in the store attracted a steady stream of customers to the downtown used bookstore. 
But many friends, admirers and former customers came just to see former owner Marc Emery working behind the counter of the Richmond Street store he owned and operated from 1975 to 1992. Jim Capel, one of the store's current co-owners, said it was great having Emery back. "He's attracted a pretty solid throng of people," Capel said. Emery tilted against the establishment during his years in London with campaigns in support of Sunday shopping and against censorship. He's gained even greater notoriety since moving to British Columbia with a crusade to legalize marijuana, an effort that received recent mention in Time magazine. Yesterday, Emery recalled how he purchased what was then the London Used Book Market from Ernie Rentz in the spring of 1975. "Ernie was great," he said. "He gave me a two-week tutorship to learn the book business and then he sold me this place 25 years ago today." Emery renamed the store City Lights and adopted a logo showing an outline of the New York City skyline. "I always thought that New York represented the centre of all culture and wisdom," he explained. Emery is impressed with London's new Covent Garden Market but notes the city's downtown continues to suffer from too few people living and working there. That's the main reason for so many empty storefronts, he said. His new role is pot crusader and owner of what he bills as probably the world's biggest mail-order marijuana seed business. He also publishes Cannabis Culture magazine and operates, an Internet radio service promoting his views 24 hours a day. Although his marijuana enterprises have resulted in arrest, fines and and seizure of his assets, Emery said Canada is a much more forgiving environment for a pot crusade than the United States. E-mail: newsdesk Published: April 16, 2000 Copyright (c) 2000 The London Free Press,a division of Sun Media Corporation. Copyright  2000, Canoe Limited Partnership. Articles On Cannabis Culture & Web Sites:POT-TV Culture Congress Plans Pot-Info Ban Calculations
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