Don’t Cite Marijuana as a Gateway Drug

Don’t Cite Marijuana as a Gateway Drug
Posted by FoM on April 13, 2000 at 07:28:16 PT
By David Kimball
Source: Honolulu Advertiser
Operation Green Harvest and the ensuing eradication campaign is a waste of taxpayer money. The government will never be able to completely get rid of pot use, nor the growing of the plants.The use of pot is harmless, though it may curb motivation, as does chamomile tea — that is why it is used, to relax and reflect.
The claim that it is a “gateway” drug is out of place and unjustified. These alleged authorities should use statistics properly. They say that a certain percentage of cocaine users have used pot, and hence pot is the gateway drug. This is a reverse statistic. The correct survey would be to look at the percentage of pot users who go on to use addictive drugs.Why start with pot? The real gateway drugs are sugar, caffeine and pain relievers. No wonder our children and society are hooked on altered emotional states with media ad blitzes from cereal and soda companies.In a recent interview with Eric Clapton, recovering heroin addict, on 60 Minutes, Eric mentioned that his addictive behavior started with sugar at the age of 6. Eradication? Never.Reallocate the monies to the real and addictive problem drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, PCP and heroin.David KimballPublished: April 13, 2000© Copyright 2000 The Honolulu Advertiser, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.Direct Link To The Chasing Smoke Series:Chasing Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War On Pot Articles - Letters To The Editor:Chasing Smoke - Letters To The Editor Have To Stop Fighting War Against Marijuana Reasons Abound To End War on Drugs Hawaii’s Pot War Achieved It's Mission? Articles In The Series:Chasing Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 4 Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 3 Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War On Pot - Day 2 Smoke - Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 1 
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