We Have To Stop Fighting War Against Marijuana

We Have To Stop Fighting War Against Marijuana
Posted by FoM on April 08, 2000 at 09:24:04 PT
Letters To The Editor By Tim McCormick
Source: Honolulu Advertiser
Thanks for Dan Nakaso’s thought-provoking series on the incredible costs and miserable failure of the state’s effort to eradicate marijuana.What justification can there possibly be to continue this insane, unwinnable war? While there is no convincing evidence that criminalizing marijuana has prevented anyone from using it, it is clear that by criminalizing it, we have abdicated any control over its production, sale and use. 
The result has been staggering costs to our community in terms of violence, incarceration and the easy access our children have to marijuana.It’s time to look for realistic ways to address these problems. We simply cannot continue to spend millions of dollars to catch and lock up huge numbers of our citizens for nonviolent offenses such as growing or smoking marijuana. It is costing far too much, and it is not working. Too many Hawaii residents are rotting in prisons when they could be working, paying taxes and taking care of their families.Tim McCormickPublished: Saturday, April 8, 2000 © Copyright 2000 The Honolulu Advertiser, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.Direct Link To The Series:Chasing Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War On Pot Articles:Good Reasons Abound To End War on Drugs Hawaii’s Pot War Achieved It's Mission? Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 4 Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 3 Smoke: Hawaii's 24 Year War On Pot - Day 2 Smoke - Hawaii's 24 Year War on Pot - Day 1 Pictures From The Series: 
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Comment #3 posted by Kanabys on April 10, 2000 at 09:02:53 PT
what would be next?
Let's just say that we got cannabis legalized. Yea for us stoners, right? Well, even though i'm 102% for legalization, the govt could not let the billions they allot for the WOD go to waste. They could not let all their present drug warriors get laid off and the billions go to something productive. No, they would need to make something else illegal, say like caffeine, or tobacco, which they've already started on. NOPE, as much as I'd like to grow my own weed and use it in the privacy of my own home, it may mean a more intrusive type of prohibition in the long run. What a country, huh?
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Comment #2 posted by dddd on April 10, 2000 at 00:30:30 PT
Stoner is right.We are being brutally raped by a monsterous,and deceptive government that is beyond the control of the people.What began as a democracy,has dimented into a demagocracy. It aint pretty...........dddd
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Comment #1 posted by Stoner on April 08, 2000 at 11:55:25 PT
Quit saying this WAR is costing $$$$!On the contrary this DRUG WAR is makingpeople a hell of alot more $$$$$$$$$money!!! Just asin ANY war the winners make ALL of the money!!!You need to study more HISTORY! In this war there are 2 sides:the side that you are harping onabout costing $$$ is the Losing side= the irrosion of the people's rights, the irresponsible waste of theirtax money, the common stoner in jail! The side of the War you have blocked out is the Winning side= Law enforcement,the drug and $$$$$$$$ confications, and of coruse theREAL DRUG KINGPINS THAT CONTROL AMERICA who are makingHUGE PROFITS BECAUSE of the price increace of their product. The GOVERNMENT is raping the PEOPLE!
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