Readers To Drug Czar: Busted!

Readers To Drug Czar: Busted!
Posted by FoM on April 05, 2000 at 16:22:51 PT
Letters To The Editor 
Source: Salon Magazine
Thank you, Salon and Daniel Forbes, for your article. I suppose the government has every right to indulge in this sort of content shaping, but God bless you for exposing it. When enough people realize what is going on in the name of the war on drugs, perhaps we will realize how un-American it is. 
I actually fear sending this for publication lest some government agency is collecting names for some later drug war traitor round-up. Please keep it up. -- Martin BorsanyiThe more I see the drug czar in action, the more I realize he has no idea what it means to live in a free society. Remember when images of a government controlling its population this way used to be the stuff of stories about Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany?Perhaps the innocent writers can rise up against this disgusting mind-control exercise foisted on an unknowing public by this increasingly dangerous man: Every writer whose work was "sold" to the government without permission in this Orwellian scam should sue for damages. The amount the publication collected in their flagrant violation of copyright law, and perhaps their publication contracts, plus punitives should be just about right.Just don't let me find out Salon is a tool, or my disillusionment will be complete. -- Linda RigelSalon and Dan Forbes continue to get the real news out to America! The "Drug War Gravy Train" has exposed the American media edifice as a rotten façade which needs to come down to expose the rot and corruption within. It's no wonder the truth about the corrupting drug war is so seldom aired. Propaganda, pure and unalloyed, in America, the land of Murrow and Cronkite? What stanchion of our American democratic way of life will this evil Drug War Inc. tear down next? -- Dave MichonIn defending themselves from charges of having let the ONDCP determine their editorial content, many of the editorial staff for the publications receiving money from the ONDCP proclaim that they would run anti-drug-themed articles with or without the ONDCP money.My question then to the ONDCP, spending my tax dollars, is: Why are you throwing money at these publications (and broadcasters) to get them to do something they claim they would do for free anyway? -- Gabriel BerenyIllegal drug use is a major social problem in this country. Our prisons are filling up with drug users and dealers. It may be the job of writers to analyze and criticize government policies they find objectionable, but if Daniel Forbes has a better "plan" to control drug use he should let us know so we can stop sending so many people to jail. This, and not censorship, is the real crime. -- Barney Murrell Readers To Drug Czar: Busted! - Salon Magazine Article: - Letters April 5, 2000Copyright © 2000 Related Articles:The Drug War Gravy Train By Daniel Forbes Paid To Spout Drug War Propaganda - DrugSense Focus Alert
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Comment #2 posted by Got Ya on April 08, 2000 at 10:40:04 PT
Barney Murrel
Barney Murrel is a part of the PROBLEM!He is a Nazi sympothiser and follower!Just as many Germans thought there was a"Jew Problem" in Europe he thinks thereis a "Drug problem" here in the US! Let me ask you this Barney: What drug user has caused a "problem" in your life or anyoneelses life for that matter? If a jew wereto rob me or rape me I would want justicebut if a jew was practicing his religon as my neighbor in the privicy of his own home orrelgious place I would leave him be and TOLERATE Him!
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Comment #1 posted by dddd on April 06, 2000 at 20:25:15 PT
I love these comments! I've often thought about what the first guy said;" I actually fear sending this for publication lest some government agency is collecting names for somelater drug war traitor round-up. " You know these websites and commentaries are monitored,and documented,,,or am I just being paranoid? It seems to me,with all the money the ONDCP and their cronies have to play with,that all such websites,commentaries,and such,,,would be closely monitored,and watched. All this would be justified by considering anyone who is "pro-drug",in any way,,,would be considered an "enemy",in the "war on drugs",and if you are an "enemy",you have no rights to privacy,and this is the justification used to intrude on such things. Am I just being paranoid,or is this a likely scenario?.........dddd
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