Pot Pol

Pot Pol
Posted by FoM on April 04, 2000 at 11:12:18 PT
By Marc-Boris St-Maurice
Source: National Post 
As the leader of Quebec's pro-marijuana political party, the Bloc Pot, I was overjoyed to read your April 1 editorial titled Time to Legalize Pot. Despite all the hope this article generates that the day will come when cannabis is as legitimate as a mixed drink or cafe latte, I am still of the opinion that this is not about to happen soon. 
Granted, some of our elected representatives have realized there is political capital to be gained by taking up this cause. Their motives seem sincere, their reasons are logical, they propose various private bills and yes, they even get their party to adopt an official position. For all the posturing, however, nothing gets done. The real problem is there is no political will to seriously adopt a policy of decriminalization. The powerful industrial and military lobbies that profit directly from marijuana prohibition can generate resistance and prevent more comprehensive legislation from passing. This is compounded by Canada's obligations toward international treaties that require a repressive policy toward drugs. The Bloc Pot sprung on to the Quebec scene in 1998. We ran 24 candidates on the exclusively pro-marijuana reform platform and received almost 10,000 votes. We intend to run in the federal elections as the Marijuana Party. The government had its chance to do something about it. Now the Marijuana Party plans to take the issue straight to the ballot box. Marc-Boris St-Maurice, Founder, The Marijuana Party and the Bloc Pot party of Quebec, Montreal.Published: April 4, 2000Copyright  Southam Inc.Related Articles & Web Sites:Bloc Pot Pot - English Version to Legalize Pot Let's Admit the Drug Law is a Bad Trip Have High Hopes - The Montreal Event by Marc-Boris St-Maurice
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Comment #1 posted by Alexandre Oeming on April 04, 2000 at 11:20:22 PT:
Vive le <<Marijuana Party>>!!!
>We intend to run in the federal elections as the Marijuana Party. Pretty blunt. (no pun intended ... honest) Let's see if the Quebecoise can succeed in pouring logic and compassion liberally over the gasoline-fed fire that is prohibition of MJ. After all, nobody could possibly be as stoopid as us amerikans, right? Right?Out.
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