Pro-Pot E-Mail Threatens White House

Pro-Pot E-Mail Threatens White House
Posted by FoM on February 25, 2000 at 18:59:43 PT
By Richard Zitrin 
Source: APBNews
The Secret Service is investigating an e-mail sent from a high school here that threatened to blow up the White House if marijuana was not legalized, authorities said today. Special Agent Paul Magalski, head of the Secret Service's Indianapolis office, said federal authorities are taking the threat seriously because it was directed at the White House, although a local sheriff's official said the e-mail obviously was a mischievous act. 
"There's probably no doubt this is a prank," Hendricks County sheriff's Deputy Scott Tyler told "The e-mail was received [Feb. 7], and we're sitting here on the 25th and nothing's blown up. All of these [threats] are taken very seriously, though, until they're investigated." Tyler, director of safety for the Mill Creek Community School system in this town about 20 miles outside of Indianapolis, said the e-mail definitely was sent from a computer in Cascade High School. Sent from Pro-Pot Site: Authorities investigated the hard drives on the school system's more than 600 computers and determined the threatening e-mail was sent from one of six computers, he said. Investigators now are reviewing attendance records before interviewing students to try to pinpoint a suspect, Tyler said. The threatening e-mail was sent from a Web site: promoting the legalization of marijuana. The Web site contains a petition that, when filled out, is automatically sent to the president, vice president, their wives and 353 members of Congress, according to the Web site. Tyler said the threatening e-mail said: "Legalize marijuana. If you do not, I will blow up the [expletive deleted] White House. ... Have a nice [expletive deleted] day." The e-mail was signed "Billy Bob" and gave an Indianapolis address, he said. Becoming Commonplace: U.S. Capitol Police contacted the Secret Service office in Indianapolis about the e-mail, and the Secret Service, in turn, asked sheriff's officials to investigate the case, Tyler said. Magalski said if a suspect was found, the U.S. attorney's office would decide whether to file charges. Threats against the White House or president are punishable by up to five years in prison, he said. Online threats are becoming commonplace, he said. "It happens more frequently than a hard letter being mailed to the White House with today's technology and the availability of the Internet," Magalski said. "We're finding more and more threats being sent by e-mail than we had in the past." Clayton, Ind. ( Published: February 25, 2000ęCopyright 2000 APB Online, Inc. Richard Zitrin is an national correspondent: richard.zitrin APBnews.comRelated Articles:Cannabis Dealers Trade On Internet Say They are Powerless To Halt Seed Sales On The Web
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Comment #3 posted by Hempster on February 27, 2000 at 14:50:59 PT
Violence is generally not considered a solution but ...Our country was born of defiance and bred on violence ...I will say no more ...If you can find "Ecotopia" or "Ecotopia Rising" by Ernst Callenback look for the "Cancer Commandos."
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on February 25, 2000 at 22:34:12 PT
My Thoughts
Hi kaptinemo, I knew it was just a matter of time too. I don't feel comfortable talking about this but it is not going to help with anything. It will only bring harm to those of us who are really trying to do something productive and bring change. Laws are made because people just don't know how to practice self control so we all suffer.Peace, FoM!
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on February 25, 2000 at 20:33:27 PT
Another ruse
It figures something like this would happen sooner or later. But the question arises: is this the act of a fool on our side, or a cop trying to discredit us? Either way, someone is trying to give us a black eye. Given the very real threat of the Anti-Meth Bill, this is exactly what the antis like to see: the Internet used for purposes which the Anti-Meth Bill is supposed to curtail. A nice neat self-fulfilling prophecy justifying their actions.A word to the wise: never hand ammunition to an idiot with an empty weapon. The antis have nothing in their intellectual arsenal to match our arguments, and they know it. So they will always go for the low blow. I wouldn't put it past them to use this kind of sophomoric stupidity as making threats against the White House to cause them to lobby harder for the A-M Bill. Enough said.
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