Drug Czar: Gringos Can't Compete

Drug Czar: Gringos Can't Compete
Posted by FoM on February 10, 2000 at 21:06:17 PT
Says Latin America, Caribbean Dominate Drug Trade
Source: APBNews
Mexican and U.S. drug traffickers are facing increasing competition from their counterparts in Caribbean and Central American nations, the U.S. drug czar said in a review of trends in the narcotics trade. Mexico remains the leading route for cocaine shipments into the United States, but traffickers in Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Panama are rapidly gaining ground, Barry McCaffrey of the Office of National Drug Control Policy said Wednesday. 
Meanwhile, American drug gangs have been pushed out of the wholesale domestic trade by Dominicans, Colombians and Mexicans. "The gringos just can't compete," McCaffrey said, noting that American traffickers are more easily detected and are less likely to pile up the proceeds in accounts hidden abroad. "The problem with the foreigners is that some kid from Colombia gets a 15-year sentence; that has less significance because he's got $200 million somewhere else." More Cocaine Showing Up Elsewhere: While the top U.S. drug policy officer praised Mexico's efforts to stop maritime cocaine shipments in the Pacific -- the main route for the drug -- he told reporters during a three-day visit here that there are warning signs elsewhere in the region. "There's a lot more [cocaine] showing up in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Jamaica axis," he said. Drug "overflights in Cuba dropped dramatically over the last six months." With U.S. troops out of Panama for the first time in nearly a century, drug trafficking is increasing in that country, which shares a border with Colombia, the region's leading drug producer, he said. Colombian Rebels Protect Shipments: McCaffrey cited the latest intelligence reports to show that drug trafficking is more complex than commonly thought: Leftist rebels in Colombia protect cocaine shipments -- and even coordinate planting the crop and move shipments. But right-wing paramilitary groups who are fighting the rebels also operate cocaine-processing labs, he said. The Colombian government has tried to negotiate peace accords with the rebels by ceding a Switzerland-size chunk of the country to their control -- but the rebels have responded by planting about 35,000 acres of cocaine in that enclave. McCaffrey is here for talks with Mexican leaders that focused on the June 1 implementation of the U.S. "drug kingpin" law, which will allow for the freezing of U.S. assets of foreigners linked to drug trafficking. MEXICO CITY (AP) Published: February 10, 2000 ęCopyright 2000 APB Multimedia Inc. Drug Czar Inspects Mexican Project Search & Archives of McCaffrey Related Articles: 
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on February 11, 2000 at 09:16:03 PT
Another NAFTA fallout
Here's one thing that you'll never hear Ross Perot complain about: all of our drug dealer jobs have now gone south to Mexico courtesy of NAFTA! It's putting our good patriotic American drug dealers out of work! American used to hold the edge in drug dealership, and now because of NAFTA, we are losing our edge. So, c'mon, America! Lets show these foreigners we can still compete! Suppport your local dealers and Buy American!
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Comment #2 posted by Malcolm X on February 11, 2000 at 07:58:29 PT
Racist crap
I guess its OK to keep putting minorities in jail since white people don't deal drugs. Swarthy bastids deserve to be locked up. Why can't they behave like decent white folks? The next time I score I'll make a point of rubbing the makeup off my dealers face so that I can confirm his black skin underneath. I always thought the guy was white -- like every other dealer I've known. Including a white cop...
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Comment #1 posted by mota20 on February 10, 2000 at 23:49:25 PT
drug laws don't and won't work!!!!!!!!
it has been a fact all along in the drug war, but one person or group and another one just takes thier place.AS long as people want something someone will provide it at a profit. peace mota20
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