Costs of Drug War 

Costs of Drug War 
Posted by FoM on February 10, 2000 at 20:29:18 PT
Letters To The Editor
Source: San Francisco Examiner
It was very refreshing to read your editorial scolding our government's subtle effort to discourage American drug use through the cleansing of the scripts of network television programming ("Gen. McCaffrey on prime time," Jan. 16). The quiet, Orwellian nature of our government's latest effort in the drug war reveals a sinister wickedness that rivals the propaganda techniques of Nazi Germany. 
This chilling effort to brainwash the American citizen is more subtle and sophisticated than the laughable "Reefer Madness" that began the anti-drug hysteria unleashed on my grandparents - but no less wicked. The leaders of America on both sides of the aisle click their heels with zeal as they blindly force us to suffer this march of folly known as the war on drugs. Tragically for all Americans, this "war" has proven to be more unwinnable than Vietnam. It has produced more casualties, wasted more money and generated more tragedy than Vietnam ever could. Yet only a brave few, such as New Mexico's governor, dare to ask publicly the obvious question: Since this effort will never work, what should we do now? The byproducts of this war should make every American ask the same question. These include the blind acceptance of asset forfeiture (a form of tyranny that had it occurred 230 years ago would have certainly led to bloodshed), and the incarceration of more people than in any other country in the world, free or otherwise. Recently I asked my Washington representative why he supported the war on drugs. Rather than answering my question, he sent me a form letter full of wildly incorrect facts and finished by telling me that he and 20 other Republican Representatives had a plan that would "create a drug-free America by 2002." This incredible statement reveals the delirium that our current leaders envision for the successful conclusion of this tragic "war." We could spend $25,000 on every child in K-12 with the money we waste on this "war" we can't ever win. Build schools, not prisons. Sam C. Toll Sacramento Published: February 10, 20002000 San Francisco Examiner  Page A22 Related Articles: Hollywood Defends White House Drug Script Review Must See Television, Propaganda Conspiracy for Good is Bad - 1/28/2000
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