Drug War Lies Make Mockery of Our Government 

Drug War Lies Make Mockery of Our Government 
Posted by FoM on January 31, 2000 at 10:48:14 PT
Letters To The Editor
Source: Seattle Times
If not so completely odious, I would find the latest White House drug propaganda scam involving television scripts totally amusing (Drug czar got peek at TV scripts," Jan. 14). I knew there were several good reasons why I refuse to have a television in my home, and this scam is most certainly one of them. 
The continuation of the lies, deceit and mean-spirited drug policies by every administration since Richard Nixon makes a mockery of our government and does a supreme disservice to the citizens, most especially those locked away in the dungeons for choosing to alter their consciousness (indeed, a desire in man as old as mankind itself). Now, the presidential-election circus is upon us, featuring three out of the four major candidates as former users. And, yet, the White House considers it appropriate to spread its fear and lies by bribing television networks to toe its drug-policy line. This is despicable beyond words. Money that could be well-spent on truly educational public-service announcements is instead wasted on honoring the consumer gods. And therein lies the real propaganda: more of everything, including drugs. How can we not be a nation of drug users when, at every turn, we are faced with the corporate-owned media onslaught beckoning for us all to be "users" of any and all available resources? Legalize it. Jeff Weyand, Concrete Related Articles:Editorial: Must See Television, Propaganda - 1/28/2000 Conspiracy for Good is Bad - 1/28/2000 Just Say No - 1/27/2000 War On Our Rights:I am pleased to see that we may finally get to vote on the issue of marijuana prohibition. Unlike alcohol prohibition, which required a constitutional amendment, marijuana prohibition was enacted by Congress in 1937, based on reefer-madness fears and racial stereotypes. Today, nearly 70 million Americans admit to having tried it. Over 650,000 marijuana arrests occur every year. About 85 percent of those arrests are for simple possession - not manufacture or distribution. This is not a war on drugs, but rather a war on our constitutional rights as Americans. The war on marijuana is a colossal waste of our tax dollars and destroys the lives of otherwise law-abiding individuals and their families. I look forward to the day when Washingtonians can look back on marijuana prohibition as a policy as misguided as alcohol prohibition. Regulate it, tax it, and stop arresting those who use it!Jennifer Schleve, Port Angeles Published: Janaury 31, 2000Copyright  2000 The Seattle Times Company Related Articles & Web Site:Washington Citizens For Medical Rights Washington Adds Crohn's Disease To Med. Marijuana - 11/11/99's Running This Joint - 8/11/99
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