Editorial: Dishonest Policy 

Editorial: Dishonest Policy 
Posted by FoM on January 21, 2000 at 13:20:22 PT
By Adam J. Smith, Associate Director
Source: DRCNet
This week, The Week Online exposes a story of privilege and position, of hypocrisy in the name of political expediency, of the problems inherent when a leadership class insists upon enforcing an unjust and unworkable policy that they themselves would never, could never enforce upon their own. So Al Gore reportedly used lots of drugs well into his adulthood. That is not the issue, nor should it disqualify him from consideration for the Presidency. Did he lie? Was political pressure put on Newsweek to kill the excerpt, at least until after the primaries? These are interesting questions and the answers will likely sway some voters. 
The most important issue though is this: The American drug war was never meant to be enforced against people of means and privilege. And, if it were, if the children of the rich were being arrested, having their lives disrupted, if their parents' doors were being kicked in, if they were being harassed by the police for their private behavior, if they were being incarcerated for their drug use at anywhere near the rates of America's poor, we would have had a rational and humane drug policy in place decades ago. In 1987, Al Gore, describing the circumstances under which he "occasionally" smoked marijuana in the early '70's, compared it to drinking moonshine during prohibition. The comparison was more appropriate than he let on. Alcohol prohibition was also a failed social experiment. It's impact was seen in an enormous black market, the wholesale corruption of law enforcement and government officials, easy access to alcohol by children, the enrichment of a new class of organized criminals, an explosion of crime and violence, the poisoning of users and a wholesale disrespect for the law. Sound familiar? It is time -- no it is long past time -- for our leaders to begin to speak honestly about our failed prohibitionist drug war. To level with the American people about the multitudinous costs and the paucity of benefits, about the profits in prisons and in arms and in money laundering, about the government jobs and the campaign contributions. But honesty is difficult, with all of the interests involved, after so many years and so many lies. So perhaps the questions of Al Gore's drug use, and George Bush's drug use, and all of the drug use by all of our political leaders should in fact be an issue. Maybe that will allow us to start small, with honest answers to questions about that use. Then maybe, just maybe, we could move forward from there. If you like what you see here and want to get these bulletins by e-mail, please fill out our quick signup form at: editorial accompanies articles appearing at the beginning of this issue, and on our web site at: J. Smith, Associate Director: ajsmith Click the link to read:DRCNet's Weekly Update News: Issue # 122 - January 21, 2000 Article:New Bio Alleges Gore Used Marijuana For Years - 1/20/2000
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on January 21, 2000 at 15:17:47 PT
'Sauce for the goose...
isn't necessarily sauce for the gander.It is said that it is the winners who write the histories. Well, that is not quite the case; it is actually the tame intellectuals of the rulers who provide the rationalizations that the populace of a republic demand for legitimacy. But it all comes down to power, nontheless.The children of the de facto elites never need worry their silver-spoon-fed minds about running afoul of the laws. For there have always been *two* sets of laws; those for the hoi polloi (that's you and me, folks) and those for the actual lords and masters. The descendants of the Robber Barons have done quite well for themselves - and fully intend to stay on top of the economic pyramid. By whatever means necessary. And they prove this every day.The article above is but a crack in the door. Some of those here are old enough to remember the stories of Secret Service officers complaining that the scions of both President Ford and Carter had been smoking weed in the White House... and daring them to do something about it. Kennedys get a slap on the wrist for heroin possession... and no jail time. Need any futher proof? The (thank God, not for long!) present President has had more than a passing aquaintance with all manner of alkaloids. That's why he won't take a piss test... as mandated for all other civil servants.Orwell said it best, in ANIMAL FARM: Some animals are more equal than others.
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