Malawi-Crime MALAWI'S Drug Queen Gunned Down!

Malawi-Crime MALAWI'S Drug Queen Gunned Down!
Posted by FoM on February 06, 1999 at 14:14:11 PT
The drug war does kill!
BLANTYRE, Malawi A renowned drug queen has been gunned down in the Malawi commercial capital, Blantyre, in an apparent revenge killing, Police spokesman Oliver Soko said Saturday. 
Soko said in an interview the police are yet to piece together the reasons for the execution-style Friday killing but underworld sources told PANA the woman, Fannie Soko Phiri (known as Big Mummy in the underworld), was killed by underground operatives after a deal gone sour. A South African national Big Mummy was, according to Soko, married to a Malawian businessman. Underworld sources say Big Mummy was at the head of a drug trafficking cartel which specialised in international marijuana peddling. Her cartel was supplying the contraband mainly on the South African and European markets although some of it found its way to the USA, the sources said. Big Mummy, according to the sources, was notorious at fleecing small-time operatives who bribeb their way at police roadblocks on their way from the central district of Nkhota Kota, Malawi's growing field of the drug, to transit centers in the southern region boarder district of Mwanza. "Apparently she short-changed some big guns who couldn't take it laying down," said a reknown dealer in Blantyre. Word is that when Big Mummy learnt that her suppliers were not too amused with her tactics and were baying for her blood, she fled her residence in a relatively low-density township of Kanjedza to a sprawling high-density shanty town of Makheta. But her never-say-die pursuers tracked her down, caught up with her at a bottle-store and killed her in cold-blood in full view of other patrons, according to eyewitnesses. Felix, her teenage son, told PANA the family was not aware of the motive behind the execution-style killing. Asked about the allegations of her connection with the underworld, he said: "We've heard about these things but we can't really be sure of anything at the moment." Police, according to spokesman Soko, are yet to make any arrests. Marijuana, locally known as chamba, is the most popular drug in Malawi. Although officially banned and despite constant raids and destruction of chamba fields by the police, a UN Development Framework report released late last year indicate that the drug is under cultivation in at least 156,000 hectres of land in Malawi. 
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