Drug Use Prevalent on U. Tenn.-Chattanooga Campus

Drug Use Prevalent on U. Tenn.-Chattanooga Campus
Posted by FoM on January 14, 2000 at 22:37:30 PT
By Eric Bradley The University Echo 
Source: U-WIRE
Although an informal survey of students indicates that up to 42 percent may have used illegal drugs in the past two weeks, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga's chief law enforcement officer says he thinks most drug use occurs off campus. "I do not see drug use on campus to be as high as the survey would indicate," said Chief Dale McNeely. 
The use of drugs off campus is something McNeely and his officers have little control over, he said. The chief was responding to statistics from an informal survey conducted Nov. 4 in and around the University Center. Students were asked if they have used illegal drugs in the past two weeks. The survey of 50 students was completely confidential and the students polled varied in gender, age and race. According to the survey, marijuana remains the drug of choice, with 19 out of 50 students, who admitted to using drugs in the last two weeks, admitting they smoked pot. Hallucinogenics, such as LSD and mushrooms, were a distant second. Eight of the 50 students asked said they had used hallucinogens. Six students said they used pharmaceuticals obtained illegally. Two students of the 50 said they had used speed and two said they had used cocaine in the last two weeks. "I am not surprised by the results," said Donna Cooper, a certified substance abuse counselor in the counseling and career planning center. Cooper attributed the use of drugs mainly to peers and the newfound freedoms of college and life away from family. But despite the informal survey, there have been no drug-related arrests on campus this year. McNeely said with the low number of arrests and the "unmaskable odor of marijuana," it is difficult for a student to use many drugs on campus. The first week in November, RAs were given a class on drug recognition where marijuana simutabs were burnt. This makes it easier to deter the use of drugs on campus, McNeely said. Students in the survey would not comment about possible drug use, or reveal their names. However, several students did say they believe that most students smoke pot. "It just helps me unwind," was a common response. Many students defended their use of marijuana, arguing that it was less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. The university offers a drug awareness week every year and faculty is on hand daily to council and assist students who have drug problems. The meetings with counselors are held in complete confidence and students with drug problems are encouraged to seek help, Cooper said. Updated 12:00 PM ET January 14, 2000(U-WIRE) CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(C) 2000 The University Echo via U-WIRE  Copyright  1995-2000 Excite Inc. Related Articles & Web Site:Students For Sensible Drug Policy GWU Students Describe The Highs & Lows of Drug Use-11/02/99 U. Officials Note Rise in Use of Marijuana-10/11/99 Johnson Comes to Washington - 10/08/99
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