NORML 2000 Conference Feb. 3-5, 2000

NORML 2000 Conference Feb. 3-5, 2000
Posted by FoM on January 02, 2000 at 08:12:09 PT
NORML 2000 Conference, Washington, DC
Source: NORML
There is nothing wrong with the responsible use of marijuana by adults and it should be of no interest or concern to the government. That's the underlying theme of the 2000 NORML conference, scheduled for Washington, DC on Feb. 3-5, 2000. 
The 2000 NORML Conference will feature a wide range of leaders from the world of marijuana law reform discussing the most current issues, projects, initiatives, and policy developments. You'll have the chance to spend time with old friends and colleagues from across the country, and to make new friends who share your opposition to marijuana prohibition. ACLU President Nadine Strossen will deliver the keynote speech this year; other featured speakers include author and historian Barbara Ehrenreich; Cato Executive Vice President David Boaz, and Harvard Medical School Professor Lester Grinspoon, M.D.Panels on the first day will discuss the media and the war on drugs; marijuana prohibition from the parents' perspective; race and marijuana prohibition; and environmental hazards presented by the government's "anti-marijuana fungus." The second day will be devoted largely to issues surrounding the growing threat posed by drug testing, along with a panel on the legal obstacles remaining that preclude a healthy US industrial hemp industry. The final day will include panels on the medical use of marijuana; the various positive, non-medical uses of marijuana; and ways to move towards a system of legalization.Please join us in Washington, DC and become part of the growing national network of citizens committed to ending marijuana prohibition. Help us send a strong message that it's time to stop arresting marijuana smokers. Conference is co-sponsored by NORML and the NORML Foundation: 2000 ConferenceWashington, DC February 3-5, 2000 Speaker's List:Prof. Sam Abrams, Rochester Institute of Technology Chuck Blitz, Santa Barbara, CA David Boaz, Cato Institute Laure Boutwell, New York, NY Graham Boyd, Esq., ACLU Drug Reform ProjectDennis Cauchon, USA Today Paul Chang, Legalize Ganja Campaign, NORML JamaicaValerie Corral, Wo/Man Alliance for Medical Marijuana Barbara Ehrenreich, author and historian Richard Evans, Esq., NORML Board David Frankel, Esq., San Francisco, CADave Fratello, Americans for Medical RightsDale Gieringer, Ph.D., California NORML Michael Gray, author and journalist Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Harvard Medical SchoolRichard Gross, Internet research assistant Christina L. Hines, M.D., St. Louis, MO Nancy Lord Johnson, Esq., NORML Board Steven B. Karch, M.D., San Francisco, CA Norman Kent, Esq., NORML Board Gara LaMarche, Open Society InstituteMarc Mauer, The Sentencing Project John McPartland, D.O., M.S., University of Vermont R. Stephen Moore, plaintiff, class action law suit Anne Waters Pearson, Pearson Consultants Martin Martinez, author John P. Morgan, M.D., CUNY Medical School Ethan Nadelman, Ph.D., Director, The Lindesmith CenterWilliam G. Panzer, Esq., counsel, Marin County Buyers Club Theodore Pelton, Ph.D., writer and college professor Robert Raich, Esq., counsel, Oakland Cannabis Buyers CollectiveMarsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D., The Lindesmith Center William E. Rittenberg, Esq., NORML Legal Committee Floyd Salas, M.A., novelist, poet and essayist Eric Schlosser, free lance journalist Greg Scott, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Loren Siegel, Education Director, ACLU Michael Shellenberger, Communication Works Edward Shepard, Ph.D., LeMoyne College Deborah Small, Esq., The Lindesmith Center Jay Stamps, computer technicianNadine Strossen, Esq., President, ACLU David J. Strom, Esq., American Federation of Teachers R. Keith Stroup, Esq., NORML Executive Director Allen F. St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive DirectorClifford W. Thornton, Jr., Efficacy Jerome Thorel, journalist Arnold Trebach, Ph.D., President, The Trebach InstituteDan Viets, Esq., NORML Board Chair Don Wirtshafter, Esq., Ohio Hempery Kevin Zeese, Esq., Common Sense for Drug Policy Lynn Zimmer, Ph.D., Queens College
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