Date Rape Drug Scare An E-Mail Hoax

Date Rape Drug Scare An E-Mail Hoax
Posted by FoM on December 12, 1999 at 08:13:04 PT
By Brandy Warren, College Heights Herald
Source: U-WIRE
Women on college campuses across the nation have been receiving alarming e-mails warning them about a new drug that date rapists are using. The rapist uses the new drug, Progesterex, to simultaneously sterilize and knock out women so that they may be raped and not become pregnant. The e-mail is a hoax. 
"It's an urban myth," said Theresa Edmundson, assistant Health Educator at Student Health Services at Western Kentucky University. Comments and second-hand testimonials have been sent through e-mail to women across the country. The e-mails claim that a horse sterilization pill called Progesterex has been used to rape women on college campuses across the nation. It says the drug is administered by mixing it with alcohol or soda. It sterilizes women so that the woman cannot become pregnant, according to the e-mail. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the American Veterinary Medical Association say the drug does not exist. Experts say the only drug that is similar to the stated purpose of Progesterex is a drug called Estrus, which is used to temporarily prevent mares from coming into heat. The fake e-mails also say that Progesterex usage has been reported at fraternity parties at Columbia University. Spokespeople for Columbia University confirmed there has been no reported use of such a drug at the university. Columbia University spokespeople also checked with other universities and drug education organizations. None of the groups had heard of Progesterex or its alleged use. "It sounded real," said Evansville freshman Laura Ressler. Ressler received the email from a friend and forwarded it to other female friends. "It made me worry about my friends who go to parties all of the time." Although Progesterex is not a real drug, there are several other drugs that are often used in date rapes. One of those drugs is called Rohypnol. Rohypnol's medical purpose is as an anesthetic or sleeping pill. It has recently become known as "the date rape drug." It is used by rapists to sedate their victims. Roofies, as they are commonly called, are dropped into drinks at bars and parties. The drug leaves the victim weak and causes them to lose memories of what happens after the drug is taken. Detection of Rohypnol, now illegal, may become easier. The manufacturers of the drug recently reformulated the drug. In light-colored drinks, the drink will turn bright blue. In a dark drink, the liquid will appear cloudy. Another rape drug is called Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, commonly called GHB. When taken at high dosages, it gives a sedating effect. While college students should be aware of the effects of drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB, they should not worry about Progesterex. Pubdate: December 9, 1999(C) 1999 College Heights Herald via U-WIRE  Copyright  1995-1999 Excite Inc. 
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