War Declared On Drug Cartel

War Declared On Drug Cartel
Posted by FoM on December 10, 1999 at 08:08:29 PT
Source: Calgary Sun
As Mexican authorities unearth the remains of bodies across the border near Juarez, Mexico's attorney general vowed to use evidence found to break up a powerful Mexican drug cartel.
The Carrillo-Fuentes drug cartel is one of Mexico's most powerful drug-trafficking organizations."Our goal is to dismantle the Juarez cartel and to indict all members of the cartel," said Attorney General Jorge Madrazo.Madrazo was in Washington this week to meet with federal officials, including his U.S. counterpart, Attorney General Janet Reno.The Juarez cartel was led by the late Amado Carrillo-Fuentes who died in 1997 after undergoing plastic surgery.Despite his death, the Carrillo-Fuentes organization remains in business, trafficking cocaine, heroin and marijuana into the U.S., drug officials say.So far, eight bodies have been removed from graves unearthed on the grounds of a ranch near Asencion, 64 km west of Ciudad Juarez. The bodies have yet to be identified, but are believed to be victims of a drug battle among several drug-trafficking organizations, Madrazo said.The eight bodies found were male, ranging in age from 35 to 50.Results of preliminary lab analysis indicate that the men died between 1994 and 1996, Madrazo said. Published: December 10, 1999Related Articles:Mass Graves in Mexico May Affect D.C. Debate - 12/07/99's Power Corrupts Efforts To Control Drugs - 12/06/99 Drugs Or Expect More Mass Graves - 12/06/99 Massacres Reflect Failure of US War On Drugs - 12/03/99 
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on December 11, 1999 at 09:40:45 PT
War without end...Amen?
Again and again and again...round and round we go.No amount of religious fervor or moralistic posturing will destroy the economics of the situation. Attempts to control the drug trade via passing laws against it have all the effectiveness of trying to legislate gravity out of existence. But still, the politicians, the police, the judges, the policy wonks, they still mouth off that they *can*.And thousands die because of their wrongheadedness. As the philosopher Goethe put it, "The masses are only respectable when they fight." And the first place to fight is at the polls. 
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Comment #2 posted by Doctor Dave on December 10, 1999 at 10:02:32 PT
Endless War
..."Our goal is to dismantle the Juarez cartel and to indict all members of the cartel," said Attorney General Jorge Madrazo...If Madrazo could even accomplish what he indicates as his goal, doesn't he realize that another group will quickly move in to occupy the lucrative market? The government may claim small skirmish victories, but the War On (some) Drugs is an expensive lost cause. Expensive in terms of economic cost, police corruption, loss of personal liberties, and loss of faith in law enforcement.Doctor Dave"A nation that makes war on huge numbers of its own people can never truly be free."
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Comment #1 posted by Sledhead on December 10, 1999 at 09:38:55 PT
Body Count
I thought there were hundreds, according to their reliable informants. Probably eight people trying to cross the border as illegal immigrants. Happens everyday in the desert. Probably counted each piece of bone they found as a separate person. And the propaganda war continues.
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