Pot Holds No. 1 Spot! 

Pot Holds No. 1 Spot! 
Posted by FoM on January 31, 1999 at 06:44:40 PT

Oklahoma City Marijuana use is the most prevalent reason for an employee failing pre-employment and random drug and alcohol tests, according to a recent survey of personnel company owners. 
Eighty-two percent of the Express Personal Services franchise owners reported marijuana smokers are their No. 1 disqualification problem followed by alcohol (10 percent), amphetamines (6 percent) and cocaine (1 percent)."At a time when employers are desperate to find qualified workers, marijuana users are watching their job chances go up in smoke," said Linda Haneborg, a vice president at Express Personnel Services in Oklahoma City. 
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Comment #5 posted by MistaMan on June 12, 2002 at 15:11:32 PT
Companies are stupid enough to require drug testing, pay for it, enforce it(paying for the enforcement a.k.a "Human Resources"), and then report that the applicants are the ones loosing out? Virtually every otherwise qualified hard working employee is now an un-employed, smoke puffing, rejected applicant? The potential growth profit, combined with eliminating the costs of drug testing and enforcement, should be more than enough to lure large business to stray from testing. But only if someone can figure out how to eliminate the GIGANTIC tax break the federal government gives to businesses that drug test their entry level applicants. ;)
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Comment #4 posted by RockStar on April 24, 2001 at 18:18:25 PT:
Probation officers suck!
Those dirty ape probation officer scum bagsaaren't nothin but scank whores for the G. How dare theminsert their raping little fingers into mypubic area! HOW DARE THEM!!!!!!ALL GOVERNMENT AGENTS MUST DIE!!!!HAIL TIMOTHY McVEIGH!!!!!
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Comment #3 posted by --------- on January 31, 1999 at 14:20:34 PT
Piss test are bullshit
I've been on probation for about 7 months now. At first I quit smoking for two months before my first test, I passed it. I then took another a week later and I still had not smoked, I failed it. Then I said fuck it and I just smoked hella weed. Passed all tests even though I was smoking weed, opium and cocaine laced joints days and sometimes hours before a test.
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on January 31, 1999 at 13:55:25 PT
This must stop!
My husband just told me the other day that an old friend from many years ago works for a company that was drug testing. What happened is he lost all his good employess because of testing positive for Marijuana so he said he wouldn't do it anymore. We have a local Doctor that won't consider doing drug testing in his office because he said he feels that is an invasion of privacy! Here are two good examples of people Just Saying NO! but to the right thing!
FoM's Freedom Page
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Comment #1 posted by tess on January 31, 1999 at 12:31:02 PT
piss tests
yes it so sad that emplorers feel the need to piss test ..if they only knew just how many of those fine people werejust the kind of employees that they are looking for..i have smoked weed for many years now an have had no problemsholdin or keeping a thanks to those understanding few..
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