Grams Denies Influencing Treatment Of Son

Grams Denies Influencing Treatment Of Son
Posted by FoM on November 24, 1999 at 07:58:50 PT
Source: Channel 4000
U.S. Sen. Rod Grams denied Tuesday that he exerted any special influence with law enforcement on behalf of his son. Grams said he didn't love what his son did, but said he loves his son. 
The Minnesota Republican said when he called Anoka County authorities to look for his 21-year-old son, Morgan, in July he didn't ask for any favors and he never will. Morgan Grams was stopped while driving a borrowed car while he was on probation and was without a license. Ten bags of marijuana were found in the car, and one juvenile in the car was arrested. Grams' son was not arrested and was driven home. "Did I ask for any special treatment? No, I never have," Grams told WCCO-TV. "I mean my son has spent time in jail for this in the past. He's been arrested a number of times in the past. And I've never tried to get between him and the law before and I won't do it now. And I've told him that anything he had done, he has to be accountable for." The senator wouldn't comment on what should have been done, noting that the matter is under review. He took questions from reporters on the topic for the first time since the story broke Nov. 14. Published: November 23, 1999Copyright 1999 by Channel 4000Related Articles:Sons Troubles Give Perspective on Drugs, Justice - 11/23/99 The Law - 11/22/99 Looks How Incident Was Handled - 11/16/99 Question Police Treatment Of Grams' Son - 11/14/99's Son Had Drugs In Car But Wasn't Charged-11/14/99 
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on November 25, 1999 at 09:32:50 PT
"Ask" for special treatment?
Gram didn't have to. Every cop knows how deleterious to your career it can be to step on the wrong toes, no matter how justified.As had been pointed out earlier, Grams' son had been more-or-less let go, while his travelling companion took the hit, and was charged with owning the nine out of ten bags of pot, and is whisked off to the gaol to begin his unfortunate descent into the belly of the judicial beast. Whereas, Grams' son gets a nice ride home courtesy of the friendly (and, probably a DARE instructor) policeman.The cop didn't have to pick up the phone and call the Senator. The kid had priors, no doubt. According to the earliest reports, the car he was driving in was considered stolen by the agency it had been rented from. (Or, as the earliest reports put it, he had 'forgotten' to return it. "Forgotten"? )The kid was also driving on an suspended license. One look at the driver's license told the cop all he needed to know. He knew whose son this was. He also knew which side of the political bread the butter was on.This stinks of favoritism, and shows exactly how the defenders of the WoSD believe themselves, as someone here quoting from Orwell put it, to be 'more equal than others'.
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