Laws Can Help Schools Fight Drugs, Expert Says

Laws Can Help Schools Fight Drugs, Expert Says
Posted by FoM on November 19, 1999 at 07:58:56 PT
By John Greiner, Capitol Bureau
Source: Oklahoman Online
A national leader for drug-free schools recommended Thursday that Oklahoma legislators pass laws that empower administrators to battle drugs. 
Anything you can do to help school administrators, you should do it," David G. Evans said when asked about what kind of laws are needed for schools to conduct drug testing. Evans, executive director of the Drug- Free Schools Coalition in Flemington, N.J., met Thursday with a House-Senate committee that is studying drug testing of students in schools. Oklahoma has no specific law on drug testing of students. Some schools have a drug-testing policy, but no one is sure how many, Jo Pettigrew, executive director of United Suburban Schools Association, said earlier this month. Evans told the committee Thursday that the testing cost is minimal. "We spend more money on a football face mask than a drug test," Evans said. A face mask for one football player costs about $700, while a drug test for one student costs between $3 and $10, Evans said. Besides drug testing, a school should have a program for educating students, parents and teachers on drugs and a program to provide help for students with drug problems, Evans said. "There's no sense in having drug testing, coming up with a positive result and doing nothing with it. You've got to help the kid," Evans said. The New Jersey school where his daughter attends has been conducting random testing of athletes, he said. That school's governing board voted recently to expand drug testing to students in other extracurricular activities and to test students who have parking permits. Studies have shown that New Jersey has a heroin problem among teen-agers, particularly girls, he said. Marijuana is stronger than it was years ago, he said, adding that 3 million people smoke marijuana daily in the United States. "The risk of drug abuse doubles on teens who aren't in drug-free schools," Evans said. Studies have shown that a key factor in getting a young person to avoid drugs "is the belief it will harm them," he said. Last session, the Oklahoma Legislature considered legislation to set standards for drug and alcohol testing of students in extracurricular activities in public schools. The legislation died. Evans said he didn't know if there are any particular policies regarding testing of school employees. Some states do require a pre- employment drug test, he said. Josh O'Brien, spokesman for the Oklahoma Education Association, said some school districts require teachers to be tested before they are hired. Published: November 19, 19991999 The Oklahoma Publishing Co.Related Articles:Drug Testing Policies a Tool for Public Schools - 11/18/99 News Drug Testing Articles:
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Comment #7 posted by kaptinemo on November 20, 1999 at 18:59:07 PT
"Teach up a child in the way he is to go..."
and when he is old he will not stray from that way" I'm no Bible-thumper, but that's the gist of this. We are teaching children that rights are fictions, invented only for the powerful, not the 'hoi polloi'; that might is *indeed* right, or as Cicero said, "Law stands mute under threat of arms." And what do you think will happen when they themselves are in power? If you teach a child that they have no rights, that rights mean nothing, and can be overturned with a politicians whim or a school board's vote, can you expect them to respect yours? (If you are middle-aged as I am, and can't see where this is leading, try this: "Here iss ze zoap, und here iss ein towel. Zis vay to de showers, Judenscheit!")Hitler said it best: "We don't need you; we already have your children." Yep, the Drug Warriors know exactly what they're doing. Sieg heil, ya-all!
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Comment #6 posted by greenfox on November 19, 1999 at 20:17:12 PT
AND.... again ever still
Tonight, tonight, the stars are big and brightThe drug crusaders fly on winds tonight!And try, and might, they'll never take the biteOF peaceful reasonings and right...So on they'll try, they'll steel and cheat and lie..And stand back as millions of people dieFor a purpose so chaut, and so for all to seeIt's the purpose of a drug war fantasy! So the big bad companies eat up all this stuffAnd they sell their products, (power mums can't get 'nough)And the kiddies are forced, by bastards brought in gleeTo live (for the sake of money,) in a man's world o' missery!So what can you do, or what can you say? In the end it doesn't matter anyway...(But the important part is that you strive for a brighter day)Never, o sad world, but hope still the clouds will go away
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Comment #5 posted by DEAlander on November 19, 1999 at 19:04:19 PT
Financial Ties - Conflict of Interest?
It the Drug-Free Schools Coalition financially tied to the drug-testing industry? Inquiring minds want to know!
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Comment #4 posted by Alexandre Oeming on November 19, 1999 at 11:18:12 PT:
Even if it ain't true...
>Studies have shown that a key factor in getting a young person to avoid drugs "is the belief it will harm them," he said.Oh, so that's why we glorify booze on tv NON-FREAKING-STOP, cigs in magazines and keep any anti-drug messages from touching the two most dangerous and abused substances in this country, RIGHT?!? These people should be freaking hung by their thumbs until they rot. Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth, but what good is the truth if it doesn't fit their agenda???
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Comment #3 posted by greenfox on November 19, 1999 at 10:50:34 PT
This is funny
stoned again...
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Comment #2 posted by Chris Campbell on November 19, 1999 at 10:05:41 PT:
USA Uber Alles!
I guess if they want to turn every Principal into a potential mini-Hitler that's their own business.It is important to note that football is an important physical and social activity in most north american schools, while sending students urine away to be analysed so they can be granted trivial things like a place to park their car smells like something out of Gattaca.Listen:If you turn your schools into totalitarian regimes, you'll raise kids that won't know freedom if it hits them in the face. Maybe that's what your government wants eh?
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Comment #1 posted by Vivek on November 19, 1999 at 08:04:00 PT:
damn them to hellweed is a natural herb by mother natureinstead of fighting mother earththey should take their time to fight real criminalsand real problems like rapists, murderers, AND PEOPLEWHO ABUSE ANIMALS! Why is it animal beaters run freewhile drug users don't? Sure have great priorities in thiscountry. This country sux a big fat COCK I say.
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