Drug Testing Policies a Tool for Public Schools

Drug Testing Policies a Tool for Public Schools
Posted by FoM on November 18, 1999 at 08:10:41 PT
Source: Amarillo Globe
The Lockney Independent School District has appropriately addressed the needs and concerns of parents, teachers and administrators by adopting a drug- testing policy.
The LISD school board voted unanimously to enact a policy that will tentatively include all students in junior high and high school.The vote was a switch from a previous vote a few years ago in which drug testing of students failed.Unfortunately, the need for drug- testing policies in public schools is becoming a societal norm.Fortunately, more school officials are recognizing this need and implementing a policy to eradicate drugs from school campuses.LISD Superintendent Raymond Lusk said the district is responding to the wishes of parents and administrators."This actually began about three years ago. We had a large turnout at a community meeting about drug awareness where we asked about the interest and support of implementing a policy," Lusk said.Lusk said more than 300 people attended the meeting, and the overwhelming majority were in favor of a drug-testing policy."This is one of those things where we had parent and teacher input. Maybe we can help some kids by doing this, and that is really our motive," Lusk said. "The desire is not to punish kids. There will be consequences for drug use, but it will be minor compared to the effect of helping kids."LISD officials have submitted a tentative policy to attorneys for review and possible recommendations. A final policy could be implemented by February.School officials also plan on conducting more community meetings including representatives from the potential drug-testing company once a decision on a company is finalized.If more school districts follow the LISD's lead by responding to community and district concerns, school drug-testing policies will be a valuable tool.Wednesday, November 17, 19991999 Amarillo Globe-News Related Articles:Group Supplies Free Drug-Test Kits - 11/17/99 Drug Testing School District's Decision - 11/09/99 To Sue Over Student Drug Testing - 8/18/99 
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Comment #2 posted by kaptinemo on November 18, 1999 at 15:09:05 PT
I wish it were that easy...
But short of him suffering the sort of convenient calamity that happened to Ron Brown, we're stuck with him. And even if the guy managed to gracefully exit, we'd be saddled with another fool. There is no dearth of them, here.
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Comment #1 posted by Chris Campbell on November 18, 1999 at 13:51:48 PT:
Americans are crazy..
"societal norm..."" drug-testing policies will be a valuable tool."I'm sorry about this, but what kind of society do you live in? It is a valuable tool to bring children up with no sense of personal integrity? I think you should learn to be more responsible for your own actions and not rely on your goverment for all the answers.Also, I must say that Barry McCaffrey is a complete moron.I wouldn't trust that man to fire a howitzer let alone represent your goverment on an international level. I find it completely unacceptable for him to call for the resignation of our Canadian (Dick Pound) in charge of the IOC's drug testing agency. So the guy also works to market the olympics to advertisers. Isn't it in everyones best interest to have a drug free and fair Olympics? I think it is quite appropriate for him to be involved with both aspects. Neither advertisers or sports fans want to see an unfair competition do they? I hope McCaffrey continues to stay out of Canada because if he showed up anywhere in my country I think he'd get an earfull. I'm sure Health Canada would be moving much faster to provide patients with their medical marijuana if it wasn't for the insane ultra-prohibitionist policies of our closest neighbour and trading partner. Nobody here is interested in sending people to jail for smoking weed. A few weeks ago I was sitting on a trail behind the university smoking a j with some friends and for some reason local police walked down the path. They smelled the air and looked at each other but all the told us was that it was private property and we'd have to leave because we were making too much noise. It was probably bullshit but the town does have a noise bylaw and at least I didn't get strip searched like I would have in the USA.My personal belief is that America can no longer call itself a role model for a free, democratic would until you end this madness. Personally I'd start with the whole concept of a "Drug Tsar", McCaffery definatly has to go.- Chris Campbell, NS CA
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