Washington Adds Crohn's Disease To Med. Marijuana

Washington Adds Crohn's Disease To Med. Marijuana
Posted by FoM on November 11, 1999 at 09:36:50 PT
NORML's Weekly Update News
Source: NORML
Nov. 10, 1999, Seattle, WA: Washington's Medical Quality Assurance Commission has approved a petition to add Crohn's Disease to the list of qualifying illnesses legally treatable by using marijuana. 
  Crohn's Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, characterized by severe abdominal pain, nausea, and weight loss. The state law, adopted by a state-wide voter initiative in 1998, previously allowed marijuana use for patients suffering from AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and intractable pain.   Dr. Rob Killian, the primary sponsor of Washington's initiative in 1998, supported the petition to add Crohn's Disease to the list of diseases treatable with marijuana.   "Crohn's Disease is a particularly debilitating illness, and patients have long espoused the use of marijuana to ease some of its more severe symptoms," said Killian. "By adding this illness to the list, we are further safeguarding a group of patients who need protection from criminal prosecution for using a medicine that works."   "When we drafted this initiative, we knew that there needed to be a mechanism to allow for the addition of medical conditions if information became available to show that its symptoms can be relieved by marijuana," said Killian. "We are happy to see that the system worked."   For more information, please contact: Tim Killian of Washington Citizens for Medical Rights at (206) 679-4779.NORML's News Bulletin: Articles & Web Site:Washington Citizens For Medical Rights Crohn's On List For Medical Marijuana - 11/09/99 Marijuana Law Expanded to Add Crohn's Disease News NORML Related Articles:
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Comment #1 posted by ketch65 on July 04, 2004 at 23:11:27 PT:
My 26yrold wife is dying of Crohn's disease.......
My wife has Crohn's disease; I am watching her slowly die before my eyes, as the years dwindle on.I watched my wife lay and groan herself to sleep for over 4 years, then I introduced her to some very strong marijuana. I told her to take two puffs each night before bedtime.I do not use marijuana myself, as it's against the law, but I am a lawbreaker because I love my wife, she shouldn't have to suffer like this or should she?She tried the marijuana and has been able to get to sleep quietly now for a long time. The only thing//problem now is, now I am illegally purchasing marijuana so she can rest, and she's a user of an illegal substance.I am afraid to purchase any great amounts at a time, so I purchase small amounts to keep her for a few months at a time.Her current self prescribed amount is one to three puffs per night, just prior to laying down to go to sleep. It's been the same for quite some time now.In her words, "I take one puff if it's just cramps like I have bad gas, two or three if it's so bad I can't lay down at all!"She been to many doctors for many years, and nothing has ever worked like Marijuana, nothing! She told several people in the medical field about this, and they just said, "But it's against the law, so you shouldn't do it!"I have watched people ruin their lives and everyone's around them from alcohol abuse, and I have also watched nicotine addiction kill, but I have never been so humiliated by the current legislation in practice, outlawing cannabis use, as I am now.I am humiliated because I cannot grow the "herbal" tonic to soothe my own spouses chronic pain that marks the diseased phase of her dying body.Shame on you America, shame on you for allowing nicotine abuse to profit the rich, but making the sick and downcast suffer, shame on you until you repent and make this wrong right!Shame covers you America, disgrace and lawlessness mark your streets, because you favor the rich and despise the poor!
Washington Adds Crohn's Disease To Med. Marijuana
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