McCaffrey Hails Mexican Drug Fight 

McCaffrey Hails Mexican Drug Fight 
Posted by FoM on November 10, 1999 at 12:00:21 PT
Source: Atlanta-Journal
White House drug control chief Barry McCaffrey credited Mexico today with a ``spectacular'' counter-narcotics effort but he acknowledged that budget problems are delaying promised U.S. support for Colombia's program to curb drug chieftains. 
McCaffrey commented at a news conference following two days of talks with senior Mexican officials on drug issues. Mexican Attorney General Jorge Madrazo said 25.5 tons of cocaine have been seized over the past year in Mexico, one of the highest totals in recent years, and he listed marijuana seizures at 1,235 tons. Mexican Foreign Secretary Rosario Green said the level of anti-drug cooperation between the two countries is far better than just a few years ago. ``We have abandoned the old approach where we used to blame each other,'' Green said. McCaffrey, also praising the improved cooperation, highlighted the seizure by the Mexican navy in recent months of two ships, one carrying seven tons of cocaine and the other 81,000 pounds of marijuana. At the same time, McCaffrey said budget caps prevented Congress from approving funds to assist Colombia in its efforts to deal with drug trafficking, civil war and economic decline. Colombia is seeking $3.5 billion in outside support over three years for the program, much of it from international lending institutions. U.S. officials said the American contribution over the period is expected to be around $1.5 billion, and McCaffrey said the fight to help Colombia will continue. ``We will not walk away from our regional partners on this issue,'' he said. He added that the administration is fully behind the effort and that he also senses a common purpose in Congress. AP-NY-11-10-99 1314ESTCopyright 1999, The Associated Press. Related Articles & Web Site:Embassy of Mexico202-728-1650Web site: High-Level Contact Group on Drug Control Meets - 11/10/99 Leaders Praise Cooperation - 11/06/99 Nations To Coordinate Drug War - 11/05/99
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Comment #4 posted by Mex on December 14, 2000 at 12:48:08 PT
Supply and demand. The U.S. demands drugs, and the rest of the word supplies them. Hipocrits!!!
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on November 10, 1999 at 16:54:59 PT
The Certification Follies
So, they have 'abandoned the old approach where we used to blame each other'. How sweet. Perhaps this was because of the rancor and embaressment that the matter of 'certification' of Latin American countries always stirs. For example a few years ago, MISTER McCaffrey had been praising one General Robollo as being one of the reasons that Mexico should be certified as worthy of Drug War funding. Several months afterwards, Robollo is sentenced in a Mexican court for colluding with los narcos. MISTER McCaffrey wound up with egg on his face... and brazened it out, hoping the American people would suffer amnesia.Sorry, McC, we aren't the knuckleheaded privates you wish we were. Cannabis has not affected my memory at all. You haven't had any, and yet you suffer from massive gaps in your short term memory. Or perhaps, MISTER McCaffrey suffers from a kind of dyslexia of the soul; the man has presided over the destruction of civil liberties and calls it 'defending freedom'; his agents and allies have sought to overturn laws decided by referendum and calls it 'saving democracy'. In order to establish peace in faraway lands he arms thugs to terrorize their neighbors.Maybe 'dyslexia' is too mild a word - how about 'insanity'?
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Comment #2 posted by greenfox on November 10, 1999 at 14:52:59 PT:
I'm high....
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Comment #1 posted by Scott on November 10, 1999 at 14:46:06 PT:
You confiscated 25.5 tons! So?
>Mexican Attorney General Jorge Madrazo said 25.5 tons of >cocaine have been seized over the past year in Mexico, one >of the highest totals in>recent years, and he listed marijuana seizures at 1,235 >tons.It's entertaining how the only thing the anti-drug counties can use in their favor is to tell how many pounds of something have been confiscated. Woopdie-doo, you seized 25.5 tons of cocaine, yet it's still easy for a lot of people to obtain.  It takes around a dozen truckloads of cocaine to make America happy and I am positive that more then a dozen get in, a lot more.
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