Random Drug Testing School District's Decision 

Random Drug Testing School District's Decision 
Posted by FoM on November 09, 1999 at 22:18:59 PT
Source: Amarillo Globe
Jenks, Okla. High School Superintendent Kirby Lehman has a good idea, but could be carrying it a step too far. Lehman, addressing a legislative committee this past week, called for random drug testing of all public high school students in Oklahoma.
Random drug testing of high school students, a policy adopted in various forms in Texas, is an effective way to combat the flow of illegal drugs into schools. A mandatory policy that encompasses every public high school student in the state is a bit too extensive and prohibitive.School districts should have the right to institute a random drug testing policy, but this option should be the decision of each individual school district rather than a state mandate."Any school has some problem. Any school that said they didn't probably has their head in the sand," said Boise City, Okla. High School principal Bill Ramsey. "At the same time I don't know that testing all your kids is the answer. A mandate would cause me to question this."Boise City currently does not have a random drug testing policy and does not have a similar policy under consideration. Hooker, Okla. High School also does not conduct random drug testing of students, but a policy has been mentioned in the past, principal James Hogg said."I think you have to look at every aspect of it," Hogg said. "You have to look at the cost-effectiveness of it for one thing."It could be an additional financial burden for smaller school districts such as Boise City (114 students) and Hooker (180) to institute a random drug testing policy, not to mention the possible legal ramifications if such a policy is disputed.Lehman suggests using $35 million Oklahoma receives in federal funds for drug programs to offset the potential costs of such a policy.Random drug tests of public high school students should be permitted.However, the most appropriate way to institute such a policy is for each school district to determine what is best for its students.Published: Tuesday, November 9, 1999Related Articles:Drug Testing Takes a Hit - 11/05/99 Czar Nullifies Need For Drug Test - 11/04/99 ACLU Report Debunks Workplace Urine Testing - 9/14/99 To Sue Over Student Drug Testing - 8/18/99
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Comment #2 posted by Rachel on February 16, 2000 at 11:31:39 PT:
Drug testing my ass
yeah... drug testing shouldnt be allowed by the schools... that is taking away the right of the parents to parent their own kids.. I know families that allow thier kids to smoke up.. if the parents dont think their kids should be drug tested so be it... it isnt the school's responsiblity to keep the children in good health... but to teach them... so they have the voice to tell them not to but not the correct authority to.. get the damn pigs to do something instead of the schools....
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Comment #1 posted by Alexandre Oeming on November 10, 1999 at 09:20:29 PT:
...they know not what they do
>Random drug tests of public high school students should be permitted.Whatever you say, Mein Herr. This is ludicrous! Go ahead and try it and you'll be so bogged down in law suits it'll make your head spin! What'll they do with the positives? Kick them out? Yea, that will bring up our education scores! Tho i'm not surprised that it's eminating from that "bastion of freedom" ... oklahoma. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
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