White House Drug Czar Announces New Web Site 

White House Drug Czar Announces New Web Site 
Posted by FoM on November 02, 1999 at 08:23:21 PT
By Associated Press
Source: Boston Globe
Barry R. McCaffrey, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) introduced a new Web site devoted exclusively to parents who want to learn how to communicate with their kids about illicit drugs. 
This new Web site: expands upon ONDCP's National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign's new advertising themes that focus on love, trust, honesty and communication. highlights the four key themes with front screen icons and flash animation. Clicking on an icon gives parents the opportunity to study topics such as ''how do you answer the question 'did you ever do drugs?''' or ''how to build an ongoing dialogue with kids about difficult subjects.'' Response information is linked to eleven key parenting tips featured on the site, including how to: -- Make clear and consistent family rules -- Make your position (on dangerous substances) clear -- Praise and reward positive behavior -- Help your child deal with peer pressure -- Be a good role model ''Parents today face many challenges when raising children,'' Director McCaffrey said. ''ONDCP has worked with behavioral science experts to develop tips and suggestions to help guide parents in the best ways to help their child maintain a healthy lifestyle free of dangerous substances like drugs, alcohol and tobacco.'' ''This new Web site is part of a multifaceted communications effort which brings together scientific fact in a form parents can understand and easily use. is one place where parents can go to get preventative information at home or at work -- right there on their desktop,'' said McCaffrey. The site also allows parents to download or order a brochure in English or Spanish called, ''Parenting Skills: 21 Tips & Ideas to Help You Make a Difference.'' A companion Spanish language web site will be introduced later this year. Other facets of theantidrug communications campaign can be found in more than 140 media markets nationwide in magazine, newspaper and outdoor ads. In 1997, with bipartisan support of the Congress and the President, ONDCP created the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, an effort designed to educate and empower all youth to reject illicit drugs. The Campaign relies on ads developed by the Partnership for a Drug Free America. In less than two years, the Campaign's messages have become ubiquitous in the lives of America's youth and their parents. From network television advertisements to school-based educational materials, from youth basketball backboards to Internet Web sites, and from cultural community festivals to sitcom story lines, the Campaign's messages reach Americans wherever they are -- at work, at play, at school and at home. Additional information can also be found at: Associated Press, 11/02/99 U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770Related Article:General McCaffrey's History of Misinformation - 10/15/99
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Comment #7 posted by DontArrestMe on November 02, 1999 at 19:38:23 PT
The 12th Key to Parenting: How to be a good liar
If the truth doesn't work, hell, tell a few lies. When your kids see thru them, tell a few more. Before you know it, your kids won't believe you if you tell them that it is cold outside. Should parents compromise morality and their credibility to further the czar's agenda for a better America? Should we lie to our 15 year old teenagers about sex? Or should we present them with the facts and hopefully they will have learned responsibility through the course of their childhood? It is not our decision as to what they do, it is their decision, and their only support is the facts.
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Comment #6 posted by Wabo on November 02, 1999 at 14:32:27 PT
General Bizzaro Strikes Again
I need this man's advice on how to raise my children like a need the advice of a fish on footware. Of all the incompetent gaul!!God save us all from this obstreperous butthead.Wabo
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Comment #5 posted by Ulysses on November 02, 1999 at 12:56:28 PT:
ongoing bullshit by a SOAB!
Oh! Come on Mr. Pigheaded Barry , you can do better than that! But I'm afraid it's too late , my children don't even bother to read Your Bullshit that only deteriorates people's head.
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Comment #4 posted by Jeaneous on November 02, 1999 at 10:53:12 PT:
I was very pleased to see a comments area on this page and I will always take the time. These were my comments:You are most certainly correct. Truth is the only way to teach children. But until your office stops telling them lies that they eventually find out, we parents need to speak truth. Kids are taught that marijuana is a "killing" drug then they hear or see from their friends that it doesn't appear that way, then why would they not believe you have lied about the other drugs. I am a parent of 3 teenagers and I speak truth about drugs. I do not approve of them touching any of them. But I do tell them that pot is not going to kill you, but if you smoke when your brain is forming you will damage yourself. I do tell them that you can die from alcohol on one binge drinking. That you can die with just one try of cocaine or heroin. You teach children that medicinal marijuana is a hoax. It is not for I personally know it helps my condition. I am not able to use it now because of you dictating what is medication. But it is a healing agent. I will also not lie about that.You need to take your own advice and be 100% truthful with these children. They are not here to be brainwashed, they are here for us to love and raise into confident, strong, free Americans. They can not do that if they are taught lies. Rely on your scientists for they do know what they speak of. Learn to show love and compassion for all the citizens that you believe are using marijuana as a hoax. Educate and communicate, yes. But always with truth first.Thank you,They need to hear from everyone just how much truth is the key. Not their lies to enforce compliance. 
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Comment #3 posted by Doug A on November 02, 1999 at 10:20:17 PT:
How are we supposed to believe the McCzar?
McCzar's web site prominently displays 4 words:TRUTH.McCzar continually spews mistruths about drugs, the most outrageous being his corrupting of data about Dutch crime rates. Then, when he is shown to be wrong, he (with the help of the media) weasels out of the whole thing!McCzar to U.S.: "The truth? You can't handle the truth!"HONESTY.McCzar lies again and again about drugs, especially marijuana. How are we supposed to trust him?LOVE.Locking up millions of responsible pot smokers (and hard-core drug addicts who really need help), and denying AIDS patients one of their best medicines, is NOT love, Mr. McCzar.An old-fart general who brags about massacring people in battle isn't a good role model for love, or drug policy for that matter, IMHO.COMMUNICATION.McCzar's idea of communication:"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."
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Comment #2 posted by Rainbow on November 02, 1999 at 10:15:11 PT:
WellNow I am throughly insulted by our government. I think I know a whole lot better how to convey honesty, truth and love to my children than some army general and his lying psychologists.This is truly a waste of my tax dollars and an encroachment into my ability to bring up my children as I see it. Who are these bumbling idiots anyhow. Why do they have to tell us what is moral and ethical when they themselves are the source of lies and immorality.Jeez this is sick Rainbow
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Comment #1 posted by observer on November 02, 1999 at 09:05:21 PT
Drug Czar Lies (more)
   Drug Czar Lies Again About the Dutch   Is Truth a Casualty of the Drug War? , etc . 
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