British Back U.S. Drug Proposal

British Back U.S. Drug Proposal
Posted by FoM on October 26, 1999 at 15:40:28 PT
By Stephen Wilson, AP Sports Writer
Source: Star Tribune
Britain will back the U.S. proposal for a drug agency that is not controlled by the International Olympic Committee. Barry McCaffrey, head of the White House drug policy office, is touring Europe to build support for an independent international agency to lead the fight against performance-enhancing drugs. 
McCaffrey opposes the IOC' s plans for such an agency, contending it would lack independence and accountability. But the IOC said Tuesday it plans to set up its agency next month and have it operating by the end of the year. In a joint statement after a two-day meeting in London with British anti-drugs coordinator Keith Hellawell, Britain endorsed McCaffrey' s five principles: an independent and accountable anti-drug agency. testing on a year-round, no-notice basis. no statute of limitations for drug offenses. preservation of samples so they can be tested years later when new detection techniques are developed. advanced research. McCaffrey will present his plan in Belgium on Wednesday to the European Commission. On Thursday, he will meet in Portugal with drug policy officials of the 15 European Union countries. In an interview, McCaffrey said he hopes to enlist European opposition to the IOC plan. " If we don' t act, we' re going to have a Swiss corporation, the International Olympic Committee, assert that they can unilaterally decide on a drug-testing agency that won' t in fact be independent and probably won' t achieve the results and won' t have credibility with the world' s athletes, " he said. McCaffrey said the agency will only be independent if it has " the ability to act without being a wholly owned subsidiary to the IOC." He said he expects support from Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia at a 26-nation drug summit in Australia next month " We' re not looking for a fight, " he said, " but clearly we have a heavy responsibility. ... I can' t imagine we' re going to continue to ignore a situation that we think is untenable." McCaffrey said he would be happy to meet with IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch. And despite the standoff, he said he expects the sides can work together and reach some sort of consensus. " At the end of the day, I have a feeling that rational thought will win out, " McCaffrey said. " I can' t imagine there isn' t going to be a sensible outcome." IOC spokesman Franklin Servan-Schreiber said Tuesday the IOC was going forward with its agency with or without McCaffrey' s approval. He said the agency, set up as a Swiss foundation, will start Nov. 10 with the appointment of a board of directors. Servan-Schreiber said European sports ministers had responded favorably to the IOC project, and the EU' s new sports commissioner, Viviane Reding, will meet with Samaranch in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Nov. 2. The spokesman said the IOC could not control the agency because the 24-member board would include only three representatives from the IOC. " There has never been any question of the IOC controlling the agency, " Servan-Schreiber said. " And the claim that the IOC should not be involved at all seems to us a little unfair considering we were the ones who stepped up to the plate." The agency will initially be located in Lausanne. Other cities expressing interest in serving as headquarters include Athens, Greece; Lille, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Luxembourg; Madrid, Spain; and Vienna, Austria. Published Tuesday, October 26, 1999 Copyright 1999 Associated PressRelated Articles:IOC Drug Policy Criticized in D.C. - 10/20/99 Executive Assails White House Drug Chief - 9/25/99 
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Comment #6 posted by Tom Paine on October 27, 1999 at 04:47:21 PT
Generalissimo McCaffrey's World.
Click -- McCaffrey said, "a drug-testing agency that won't in fact be independent andprobably won't achieve the results and won't have credibility with the world's athletes ..."---____ This is really funny coming from a general who was once the general in charge of US Southern Command, the US military department in virtual charge of Latin America, and the death squad central command. He is only trying expand U.S. police-intelligence-military involvement into the whole world. As for his results so far after taking over the US drug war are linked to below:*USA versus HOLLAND. CHARTS to expose lies of U.S. Drug Czar---
HUGE list of Drug-War, Death-Squad links exposing the CIA, DEA, FBI worldwide.
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Comment #5 posted by The Judge on October 26, 1999 at 20:58:22 PT:
Drug War Criminals
I intend to preside over a Drug War tribunal, and I would seek indictments against, among others, Barry McCaffrey, Bill Bennett, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Dan Lundgren, and Darryl Gates. In addition, DEA agents and local drug task force officers would be stripped of their commissions and imprisoned for the remainder of their lives with no visitation rights, no mail, and no contact with the outside world. Those who maintained good behavior would be allowed to use proper bathroom facilities (once per week) and to bath once per month (with exactly one pint of cold water).I would immediately seize all of their property, auction it, and imprison these demons without bail.I would disallow all motions made by their defenders and would demand a verdict after the charges had been read.My sentences for the war lords would be either slow death at the hands of fire ants or death by burning at the stake. although public stoning (and I'm not talking getting high) might be nice. I would then order their remains (whatever remained) to be dumped in a landfill.All drug war informants would be shot in the back of the head upon apprehension and dumped in a shallow mass grave.Although death is far too good for these people, ridding the world of their terrible countenances indeed would be justice.Let justice rule. Death to the tyrrants! It's for all the children who would be imprisoned under their fascist regimes should they continue to taint human existence with their scourge.Until then, they can all eat my feces!!!!
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Comment #4 posted by DontArrestMe on October 26, 1999 at 19:27:11 PT
I didn't bother reading the article; I knew what it was about. One line jumped out at me as I scrolled down to the comments."At the end of the day, I have a feeling that rational thought will win out."Way to go Barry. Now only if you would apply this kind of reasoning to the u.s. drug policy. Isn't it ironic that if "rational thought" were to prevail, there would not be a need for cannabis news? By the way Barry, have you ever thought of becoming a philosopher? Maybe a cross between ancient Greek cynicism and skepticism. After all, you don't really care about people in general, and you would continue to preach the evils of drugs even though you knew that you were wrong.
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Comment #3 posted by Chris Knestrick on October 26, 1999 at 18:12:17 PT:
Lacking Independence
"lacking independence and accountability - like the ONDCP? Or the DEA, Customs, CIA, the US military, or most law enforcement agencies?
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Comment #2 posted by observer on October 26, 1999 at 17:18:04 PT
great article
Yes, great article ...
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Comment #1 posted by Chris Knestrick on October 26, 1999 at 16:18:29 PT:
Saving Samples?!?!?!
They want to save samples so they can continue to test them?!?!?!? What has this world come to?!?!?! They want to pump money into researching new f%$#ing ways to detect minute amount of drugs 10 years after the fact, but won't spend a penny on real prevention (needle exchange) or treatment programs! And, let's face it, this is the Olympics, this is not life and death. In the grand scope of the drug problem, sports and performance enhancing drugs is pathetically small.
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