Goss Blasts Clinton for Mixed Message on Drug Use 

Goss Blasts Clinton for Mixed Message on Drug Use 
Posted by FoM on October 22, 1999 at 22:24:06 PT
By Jennifer Maddox, Washington Correspondent 
Source: Naples Daily News
At the same time the House Intelligence Committee is trying to pass a bill that would seize the U.S. assets of drug smugglers, its chairman lambasted the president for vetoeing the annual spending bill for the District of Columbia because of its drug restrictions. 
The bill specifically bans the use of marijuana for medical purposes. It also forbids the distribution of free needles to drug users for the prevention of AIDS. Both are issues that are popular among D.C. residents. "Once again, I am surprised and dismayed that the president of the United States wants to send our kids a mixed message on drug use," said Rep. Porter Goss, R-Sanibel. "Instead of reinforcing Congress' strong message of 'just say no,' the Clinton-Gore administration prefers a diluted message of 'just say maybe.'" Goss' response came after he held a town-hall meeting to discuss drugs in his Southwest Florida district on Monday with Gov. Jeb Bush. About 1,000 residents showed up. "This overwhelming community support and participation demonstrates the degree of concern the drug epidemic has created in our country." For more than a year, Goss has helped lead a congressional drug task force assigned to develop ideas for legislation that will not only curb drug use in the United States, but stem the supply coming out of other countries, such as Columbia. D.C. residents, meanwhile, bristle at being told what to do by members of Congress who live in other parts of the country. A federal judge recently overruled an act of Congress by letting the city reveal the results of a referendum a few years ago, in which residents approved the use of medical marijuana. Congress had passed a bill forbidding the city to publicize the results. The referendum notwithstanding, such things should not be condoned, Goss said. "In a real drug war, if you equivocate, you lose. Even the president's own drug czar, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, has said, 'smoked marijuana isn't medicine. It has no curative impact at all.'" Saturday, October 23, 1999 1999 Naples Daily NewsRelated Article:Bush Vows New Assault on Drugs - 9/02/99
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Comment #1 posted by Doc-Hawk on October 24, 1999 at 08:15:53 PT:
Is this a parrot or a man? BOTH Of course he (and McCzar) would never admit they were full of crap. Unfortunately for both (and fortunately for the truth), the latest study commissioned by our friends at ONDCP (anti-drug propaganda central) found that marijuana does indeed have stong medicinal uses. Squawk Squawk  ( I hear the drug McCzar again?)
Institute of Medicine Report
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