Members of Governors Drug Enforcement Council Quit

Members of Governors Drug Enforcement Council Quit
Posted by FoM on October 12, 1999 at 18:31:38 PT
Source: MSNBC
The Drug Enforcement Advisory Council remains in complete opposition to Governor Johnsonís call for legalizing drugs such as heroin. Some members have quit in protest, jeopardizing federal law enforcement money for fighting drugs. 
The governorís council of drug enforcement officers and prosecutor is now short-handed and the state could get short-changed.Statements about legalizing heroin and cocaine have infuriated law enforcement officials, including those on his drug advisory council.  ďThe governor is very passionate about his beliefs. Iím very passionate in mine that legalization and decriminalization is not the answer or solution to our drug problems,Ē said Public Safety Secretary Darren White.  Three members have quit the panel in recent days, including the New Mexico FBI and DEA chief agents, and members say that could mean the loss of approximately $6 million in federal drug enforcement money.  ďThatís one of the dangers of those three members resigning is that we are not meeting the criteria set by the funding agency, the Department of Justice, and so before the next funding cycle, we have to be at full strength,Ē said Sandoval County Sheriff Ray Rivera.  ďItís foreseeable that if Congress and the Senate view this state as someone thatís not going to fight the drug problem that they might perceive it, they might have a perception of why fund us,Ē said San Miguel County District Attorney Matt Sandoval.  Johnson administration officials say they donít expect the Justice Department to withhold the money because that would only help the drug dealers the federal government is trying to put behind bars.  The drug advisory council plans to ask the FBI and the DEA to appoint new representatives to sit on the panel, but insiders say thatís not likely to happen.  The three council members who have resigned are David Kitchen of the FBI, William Hanson of the DEA, and Otero County Sheriff John Lee. October 12, 1999Members of Governorís Drug Enforcement Council Quit More Officials Quit Drug Council - 10/08/99
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Comment #3 posted by kaptinemo on October 13, 1999 at 17:54:39 PT
For once, they were honest...It's all about money.
There it is, for all the world to see.The Drug Warriors have cowardly hid behind a number of philosophical human shields to justify their excesses and keep their precious War on (Some) Drugs going: the cost to society if drugs were legalized being the most common one. A related bit of sophistry is their fear of sending the wrong message to "the children" and their fervent desire to protect them from drugs (how about alcohol? tobacco? Oh, but I'm sorry; these aren't DRUGS, they're... something else.).But now the gloves are finally off. Because now they are finally talking turkey here. They're talking M-O-N-E-Y. Mainly, their salaries. All the pontifications, all the facetiousness, all the lies have now fallen away... they are really only worried about getting 'their' money. Which was appropriated from us to begin with, and spent on an insane War. And now they might face the prospect of having to find a real job after destroying the lives and ruining the careers of hundreds if not thousands of people who never did them any harm. As one such victim of their crusade, I say... why should Johnson wait for the rest of these clowns to split? FIRE THEM and let them see how hard it is to make a living starting from scratch in middle age. Let them have a taste of what they've done top so many with the smug assurance of the willfully ignorant.Go, Guv, go! 
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Comment #2 posted by BigAb on October 13, 1999 at 09:05:14 PT:
Resign !!!!!!!!!!
 Hell yeah !!! All you Porky Pig Bas      go home ,yeah !!!Go Home yankee devil hahaha....................Go Gov. Johnson !!!!!
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Comment #1 posted by Dankhank on October 12, 1999 at 19:17:56 PT:
Excellent ..............
Let them ALL resign .......... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!Send them ALL home to their respective anti-American units .....Tell the resigning sherrif that he may no longer be able to put his piggish nose in the "contraband?" taken from otherwise law-abiding drug users ...Send an e-mail asking for a job as an advisor on drug policy in NM. I have already and will send another one ...We can start an organization to fill the DEA slots ... to whit: Drugs Enjoyed by Americans.Do all you can do to inform your representatives of your thoughts on the drug war ...Go to my links page for the e-mail links ...Fight the Fight ....Peace ........
Lots o Links
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