DEA Assumes Their Position On Industrial Hemp

DEA Assumes Their Position On Industrial Hemp
Posted by FoM on October 09, 1999 at 07:24:34 PT
DEA Position Plus Drug Sense Focus Alert!
Source: Levellers
Better stash your bird seed, your dollar bills, and your teenage children, cuz if they even have a trace of THC, they are illegal!!!For the first time in over 10,000 years of human use, a government agency has declared that hemp seed is illegal.
DEA's Official Statement:October 6, 1999FacsimileTransmitted to Brian HansenOrganization: Colorado Daily 303-443-6272 x 111Fax: 303-443-9357Department of JusticeDrug Enforcement AdministrationOffice of Congressional and Public AffairsName: Rogene WaiteOrganization: DEA Public AffairsTelephone: 202-307-7977Fax: 202-307-7965Comments:Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana, a schedule I controlled substance, is defined to be the cannabis sativa plant, except for certain specific parts of the plant such as seeds which have been sterilized and rendered incapable of germination. Because of this exception, sterilized cannabis seed traditionally has been imported into the United States for use as bird seed, without requiring registration with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Recently, DEA and other federal agencies have become aware that sterilized cannabis seed has been imported into the United States for use in food products for human consumption. Furthermore, some of that seed, and products made from the seed, may be contaminated with THC. Under federal law, THC is a schedule I controlled substance. Therefore, any product containing any amount of THC can only be imported into the United States by a company that is appropriately registered with DEA.IS THIS LEGAL?DEA vs Hemp: Save Our Seeds!!! Tries To Kill North American Hemp IndustryDrugSense FOCUS Alert, #130, Fri, 08 Oct 1999
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Comment #1 posted by kaptinemo on October 10, 1999 at 19:19:42 PT
Another nail in Democracy's coffin...
This is what comes of not having a sufficient grasp on a bureaucracy's reins. Because the seeds 'may' have THC in them, the DEA rushes in to save America from itself. Psychoactive birdseed? Not on their watch.Notice that they don't dare state how much THC is acceptable to them. This way they can say *all* hemp seeds. Never mind the amount of THC in those seeds were so negligible a bird couldn't get a buzz, let alone a human. Nope, this is just another move by bureaucrats to kill an industry before it can pose a real threat to the people who really run things. Just as they did in 1938, The powers that be are shaking at the prospect of their power base (petrochemicals) being undermined, by a plant of all things.Because if more people knew the truth, the bureaucrats would be facing the very same prison walls that they are so eager to show others.
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